Jacob Piper

Jacob Piper, the leading retail grocer of Lima, and a
director of The Lima Trust Company, was born in 1855 in Sidney, Ohio.
He is a son of Jacob Piper, now deceased, who was for many years the
largest and most popular grocer of that city.  Our subject was educated
in Sidney and then entered his father's store, succeeding to the
business in 1880.  He remained there until 1901 when he disposed of his
stock and came to Lima where he opened his present large store.  He has
one of the best stores in the city and keeps a complete line of fancy
and staple goods to meet all the requirements of his extensive trade.
Some idea of the magnitude of his business may be gained when it is known
that is requires 20 employees to attend to the wants of the patrons and
keep the stock in order.
        Mr. Piper was married in 1885 to Aggie Line, daughter of David
Line of Sidney.  They are zealous members of Trinity Methodist Episcopal
Church, and are always ready to lend a helping hand in any good cause.
Mr. Piper was made a Mason at Sidney and has taken the 32nd degree in
that order.  Mr. Piper still continues to be a director of the Citizens'
National Bank of Sidney and is also, as stated above, a director of The
Lima Trust Company. He takes an active interest in all that pertains to
the welfare of the city.