Hon. James Latimer Price

The roster of distinguished jurists who have
brought honor to the bench and bar of Ohio contains no better known name
than that of James Latimer Price, formerly judge of the Third Judicial
Circuit, and now judge of the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio. Judge
Price was born at New Hagerstown, Carroll County, Ohio, March 27,1840,
and is a son of Benjamin and Nancy  (Douglas) Price.
The family came to Ohio from Pennsylvania in 1810, and the children were
reared on the home farm, which, in our subject's boyhood, still offered
many hard struggles before Nature was finally subjugated. Although his
mind was set on other things and his ambitions reached far beyond the
tilling of the soil. Judge Price has always recognized the value of that
early training. During the winter months he attended the country
schools, and later took a full course at the New Hagerstown Academy,
where he was graduated in 1859. He entered immediately upon the study of
the law under Gen. E.R. Eckley, at Carrolton, where he remained until
April 1865, removing then to Van Wert. There he entered into law
partnership with Judge Ira D. Clark, which continued for three years.
Ira P. Shissler then became a member of the firm and the business was
thereafter continued for some 10 years.               
          In 1883 Judge Price came to Lima and entered into partnership with Judge George
W. Overmeyer, which continued until 1887. Since that time Judge Price,
when not on the bench, has practiced alone. His first official position
was that of prosecuting attorney for Carroll County, in 1862; after
removing to Van Wert County, he was elected to the office of prosecuting
attorney three consecutive terms, serving in all six years --from 1868
to 1874. In November 1894, he was elected judge of the Third Judicial
Circuit for a term of six years, being elected in one of the greatest
Democratic strongholds of the State. his election was not in the nature
of a Republican triumph, of which party he has long been an active
member,but was essentially a tribute to the man.
            Judge Price was married on January 1, 1862, to Martha
Guiney, of New Hagerstown, Ohio, who died in August 1866. He was married
second, on March 8,1868, to Elizabeth Marshall, of Van Wert, Ohio, a
member of a well-known family in the State. His one son, Charles F., is
a journalist, who was formerly city editr of the Lima Daily Times and
correspondent of the Cincinnati Enquirer, and has also been connected
with the Lima Gazette. Judge Price is a member of the Presbyterian
Church. Fraternally he is a Mason and a member of Shawnee Commandery,
No. 14, Knights Templar.
             Judge price was elected a member of the Supreme Court Bench
in the fall of 1901 and entered upon the duties of his office in
February 1902.  As a lawyer he early took a place among the leading
practioners at the local bar, his gifts as an orator and his capacity
for close and logical reasoning making him an effective advocate. When
called from private practice to assume more onerous duties, his course
was marked by the sound judgment required in a jurist, and during the
long period in which he has presided as judge he has proven himself to
be one of the ablest men who ever administered justice in a State, which
points with justifiable pride to its untarnished bench. The people have
testified to their confidence by frequent reelections; he has been
honored in every possible way by the bench and bar, and no man stands
higher in personal integrity.