Franklin Roush

Franklin Roush, owner and proprietor of the " Clover
Leaf Farm," which is situated in section 28, Bath township, was born in
Juniata County, Pennsylvania, October 1, 1838, and is a son of Henry and
Elizabeth (Morehead) Roush.
The Roush family originated in Germany. George Roush, the
grandfather of our subject, was born in Union County, Pennsylvania.
There his son Henry was born, December 25, 1803. He died here at the
age of 78 years. During a few years of his early manhood he followed
the trade of blacksmith, but the remainder of his life was spent in
agricultural pursuits. He was at one time captain of a company of State
militia. Politically he was a Democrat; in religion, a Lutheran. He
was a hard-working man, honest and upright, and left 100 acres of good
land to his family. He married Elizabeth Morehead, who belongs to a
Pennsylvania-Dutch community. She died when our subject was only four
years old, the mother of these children: George, of Michigan; John, of
Lima; Joseph, of Macon Georgia; Katherine (Copeland) of Lima; William,
who died in Kansas; Henry, of Iowa; Franklin, of this sketch; Philip, of
Allen County; and Jacob, of Illinois. The father married again and the
children of his second union were: Theodore, of Lima; Jane (Boose),
deceased; Emma (Roberts), of Bath township; and Ephraim, of Bath
Franklin Roush remained in Pennsylvania until his father moved to
a farm in Bath Township, about 1851. Being 13 years old at that time,
he was able to give considerable assistance about the farm, where he
remained until he was 17 years old. He then went to Iowa where he
stayed one year. At that time a large part of the present populous
State was nothing but a wilderness and where he stayed while in Iowa was
so secluded that it could only be reached by ox teams. It took him a
month to make the trip over the 1,000 miles of road. He worked in the
wilderness for one year and then turned eastward and proceeded as far as
Illinois, where he took the cars and came home. Two years he spent here
and then went back to Illinois and spent a summer, and in the following
spring, when the Civil War broke out, he was one of the first in his
neighborhood to offer his services to his country.
Mr. Roush enlisted in April, 1861, from Greenville, Darke County,
Ohio, entering Company K, 11th Reg., Ohio Vol. Inf., under Captain
Newkirk. During his four months of service he was not out of the State,
but before he was discharged he assisted in the building of Camp
Dennison. He was then taken sick and for a whole year he was in poor
health, or he would have immediately re-entered the army. He farmed for
a time but in the spring of 1865 he again enlisted, this time in Company
D, 192nd Reg., Ohio Vol. Inf., under Captain Lybrand, and was sent with
is regiment to guard Harper's Ferry. He was mustered out on September
1, 1865. For the following 12 years Mr. Roush lived at Lima, working at
first for others; but late reestablishing a business of his own in the
manufacture of wood stirrups and saddle trees. For three years he was in
partnership with Messrs, King and Day, and the business was prosperous,
furnishing employment for 29 hands, 1876 being the banner year.
Subsequently Mr. Roush bought out his partners and continued the
business alone for a number of years.
After disposing of his interests at Lima, he removed to the
homestead farm which he operated or two and a half years. In 1880 he
bought his present farm of 142 1/2 acres in section 28, Bath Township.
He named his farm "Clover Leaf" and for six years he ran the " Clover
Leaf Dairy," building up a great reputation for his products. His land
is very valuable for all purposes. Oil has been found here, and of the
10 wells that have been sunk six are active operation. He is engaged in
general farming and stock-raising, but also enjoys an income from a fine
stone quarry on the place and runs a crusher to prepare stone for road
purposes. He is a man of a great deal of energy and understands how to
turn all his advantages to excellent account.
In 1862 Mr. Roush was married to Mahala Harvey, of Allen County, who
is a daughter of George and Nancy Harvey, and they have a fine family of
children named as follows: Willis, living at home; John F., of
California, who has one son; Bertha Ellen, who married Charles Mumaugh,
of Bath township and has six children; Araminta, living at home;
William, a traveling salesman, who has one child; Mary, living at home;
Alanson George, of Cleveland; Oliver S., of Lima, who has one child;
James Delbert, of Cleveland, who has two children; Ina Pearl, who
married Harry Lewis and has one son; and Grace May, living at home.
The last named, the 11th member of the family, shares this distinction
with both her mother and grandmother.
Mr. Roush has always been a Democrat, and on numerous occasions he
has been elected to office. he has been township trustee for six years
and has been assessor, councilman and a school official in Lima and in
Bath township. He is one of the comrades of Mart Armstrong Post, No.
202, G. A. R., at Lima. For a number of years he has been a member of
the Christian Church, of which he is one of the deacons.
Mr. Roush is a man of sterling character and is truly representative
of the best type of Allen County Farmers and first class citizens.