O. W. Smith

O. W. Smith, a member of the older body of
professional men of Lima, who has been engaged in the practice of the
law in this city since November 20, 1868, was born in Marion County,
Ohio, March 7, 1832.  His parents were John H. and Elizabeth (McNeal)
        Mr. Smith comes of Scotch-English ancestry, although the family
has been established in America for several generations.  His parents
were born in Pennsylvania; they removed to Marion County, Ohio, in 1831,
since which time the family has been identified with the affairs of one
of the most important States in the Union. The father settled in a rich
farming and grazing section and lived there for many years, a successful
agriculturist and stock-dealer.  In 1845 he moved to Hardin County.
Surrounded by good influences and in the midst of plenty produced by
industry and frugality, a family of 15 children were born, all of whom
reached maturity and the four who died first came to their deaths by
accident.  The parents of this virile family lived to a vigorous old
          O. W. Smith was educated in the local schools and was afforded
the best educational advantages possible in the locality at that time.
For five years he was a student at Hiram College, of which the late
President James A Garfield was the head.  He taught school in the West
for one year and in June, 1864, entered upon the reading of the law.
Completing his studies in 1867, he was admitted to the bar, and in the
following year established himself in Lima, where he is the oldest
attorney at the present time.  Here he has continued in practice for
almost 40 years and is one of the best known attorneys before the city
and county courts.  His knowledge and experience make him one of the
wisest counselors now in practice, and he has been markedly successful
in a number of notable cases of litigation.  He now occupies and office
conveniently located at No. 52 1/2 Public Square.  His residence is
located at No. 313 South Main street.
         On June 23, 1874, Mr. Smith was married to Josephine C.
Cunningham, only daughter of John and Emeline Cunningham, who were
early pioneers of Lima, Mr. Cunningham settling here in 1832.  The
Cunningham family has a family record going back 800 years, while the
Smith family trace their ancestry back prior to the Revolution, in which
four of the family served.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith have four daughters
Ethel, Helen W., Marian and Lenore.  Mrs. Smith was one of the three
first graduates of the Lima High School in 1864.  After graduating, she
was principal of the High School at Bellefontaine, Ohio, for seven years
previous to her marriage.