Jacob Staley

Jacob Staley, an influential agriculturist of Allen
County, has resided on the farm of 150 acres in sections 19 and 20,
Jackson township, his entire life, having been ushered into the world on
homestead farm September 11, 1839. His parents were Jacob and Eunice
(Fisher) Staley, both of whom were natives of Virginia.
Jacob Staley, Sr., was born in 1800 and was married in his native
State before coming with his parents and family to Ohio. He was one of
a large family of children born to Peter Staley and his wife, all of
them came to Ohio. They were as follows: Wilkes who was a farmer and
conversed almost entirely in the German language; Peter; John; Sally
(Hall); Betsey (Mauch); Jacob; Eva (Suddith); and Katie (Fisher). Jacob
Staley was a man of tall, spare build, capable of accomplishing a large
amount of work. He entered 160 acres of land on Hog Creek and lived
there until his death at the age of 62 years. He voted with the Whig and
Republican parties and was a devout member of the Methodist Episcopal
Church. His wife passed away in 1887 at the age of 86 years. Their
children are as follows: Betty (Grant), deceased; Eva (Watt); John;
Jemima (Boyd); Eunice (Hall); Jacob and Hannah (Mrs. Thomas Watt).
Jacob Staley, the subject of this biography, has been a farmer and
for 25 years was engaged in quarrying stone, giving up that occupation
only about three years ago. He has been very successful as a
stock-raiser and general farmer and has put many of the improvements on
the farm. On December 5, 1861, he was married to Olive Hall, of Jackson
township, who was born May 10, 1842, and is a daughter of William M. and
Lydia G. (Walton) Hall, who came here from Pickaway County and were
among the first to take claim. Mr. and Mrs. Staley have no children.
Mr. Staley is a Democrat.