Frederick G. Stueber

Frederick G. Stueber, M. D., oculist and aurist, at
Lima, is a native of Germany, a country which has contributed largely to
the ranks of scientists in the United States, and particularly to the
medical profession. He was born May 18, 1860, being one of the two sons
born to his parents, Andrew J. and Catherine (Marx) Stueber. His only
brother, Louis J. Stueber, also an eminent physician of Lima, died
December 8, 1904.
Frederick G. Stueber was seven years old when he came to America and
he was reared and mainly educated in American institutions. His home
has been at Lima since 1867. After preliminary preparation he entered
Rush Medical College, Chicago, where he was graduated in 1882.
Subsequently he took post- graduate courses in Chicago and New York and
in various cities of Germany, spending a year in his native land. Dr.
Stueber is a man of high attainments in his profession and keeps
thoroughly informed through attendance on the sessions of the various
leading medical societies, having membership in Allen County Medical
Society, the Ohio State Medical Society, the Northwestern Ohio Medical
Association, the American Medical Association and the American
Ophtholmic- Oto- Larynological Society, meeting and exchanging views and
experiences with the most notable men of medical science in the country.
Dr. Stueber was united in marriage with Emma Moser, a sketch of
whose father will be found in this volume. Dr. and Mrs. Stueber have
two children, namely: Paul, who is taking a collegiate course at Oberlin
College; and Ruth, who is attending the Lima High School. They have a
beautiful home at No. 502 West North Street and Dr. Stueber has well
appointed offices in the Metropolitan Block. He limits has practice to
diseases of the eye and ear. Politically he is identified with the
Repubican party. Fraternally he is a Knight of Pythias. He and his
family belong to the German Reformed Church, of Lima.