T. A. McLaughlin

T. A. McLaughlin, oil purchasing agent, representing
Joseph Seep, and one of the thoroughly experienced oil men of the
country, has been a resident of Lima since 1886. He was born in 1840 ,
in Pittsburg Pennsylvania.
Mr. McLaughlin was reared in Pittsburg and attended the schools
of that city. Before he had acquired business experience, he enlisted
in the service of his country, in August, 1861, entering Company I, 13th
Reg. U. S. Vol. Inf., in which he served one year. The Governor of
Pennsylvania then claimed the regiment as a part of the Pennsylvania
contingent and consequently it was transformed into the 12nd Regiment,
Pennsylvania Vol. Inf. His regiment participated in all the great
battles of the Army of the Potomac and at the battle of Williamsburg,
Mr. McLaughlin had the experience of being struck by five bullets
without being seriously wounded. He was not always so fortunate,
however, for at the battle of the Wilderness he was shot through the
thigh. From the field hospital he was conveyed to the hospital at
Fredericksburg and later to the one at Georgetown, and while still under
treatment his term of enlistment expired. Entering the army as
sergeant, his personal bravery rapidly won him promotion and at the time
of his honorable discharge he was wearing a captain's epaulets.
After his return from the army, Captain McLaughlin became first
a clerk on a steamer on the Allegheny River, running between Oil City
and Warren, Pennsylvania, for a few months and then he embarked in a
hotel business at Oil City. He soon became interested in oil himself,
and after running his hotel for three years he engaged in the oil
business as a broker with Owston & Sowers, and continued with that firm
from 1867 until 1873. He next became agent for the Devoe Manufacturing
Company and later was buyer for J. A. Bostwick & Company from 1878 to
1882. From the latter year until 1886 Mr. McLaughlin again was an oil
broker at Oil City until 1886. Since then he has been oil purchasing
agent at Lima for Joseph Seep.
Mr. McLaughlin helped to organize the first oil exchanges in the
oil country at Titusville, Oil City and Parker, Pennsylvania. He was
president of the Parker Oil Exchange, and afterward president of the Oil
City Oil Exchange when it was the leading one in the United States. He
was elected to the Select Council of Oil City and was president of that
body for three years; by virtue of his office he was the presiding
officer of the select and common councils when in joint session.
In 1878 Mr. McLaughlin was married to Ella Gray, then of
Philadelphia, formerly of New York City, and they have three children,
viz: Warren J., Thomas D. and Laura G. The eldest son is a graduate of
Columbia Law School of New York City and is now in the practice of his
profession at Lima. Thomas D. is also a graduate of Columbia College
and is an architect. The only daughter is a student at Rye Seminary,
New York. The family belongs to the Catholic Church.
Mr. McLaughlin is a Mason of high degree, belonging to the
Blue Lodge, Council, Chapter and Commandery at Lima and to the Shrine
and Consistory at Pittsburg.