Morgan Thomas

Morgan Thomas, president of the Lima Creamery and Cold
Storage Company, has been a resident of Lima, for a period of 23 years
and is one of those hustling energetic citizens who form the backbone of
commerce and incite others to a spirit of progressive emulation. He was
born in New York City, September 19, 1839, and was there reared and
educated. For 18 years he was engaged in the shoe business in his
native city, but in 1871 removed to Sidney, Ohio, where he embarked in
the butter and egg business. Meeting with success there, he extended
the business to Lima, to which city he moved in 1882. Here the company
was M. Thomas & son and they added dealing in poultry to their
operations. The business is conducted on an extensive scale and is
exclusively wholesale, with branch stores at Sidney, Bluffton, and
Leipsic, Ohio. The amount of butter, eggs, dressed and live poultry
that pass through their hands amounts to from $250, 000 to 300,000
annually, and requires from 25 to 35 in summer. Mr. Thomas is also
interested in the produce business in Boston, Massachusetts, being a
member of the wholesale commission house of Griffin, Thomas, Paine &
Morgan Thomas was a member of the New York militia during the Civil
War, and was called out with his command to quell the riots in New York
City, and also when Lee invaded Pennsylvania. He is a member of the G.
A. R. He was a member of the School Board of Sidney during his
residence there, and was in the City Council of Lima for two years. He
is a deacon of the First Baptist Church. He has been twice married
first to Diana Unkenholz, who died in 1866, leaving two sons, Charles E.
and Joseph M., the latter of whom is engaged in the wholesale commission
business in Boston. His second union was with a sister of his first
wife Joanna Unkenholz, who died in July, 1905, leaving three children,
namely: Benjamin F., president of the Lima Pork Packing Company; Frank
A., who travels for the same company; and Elizabeth E., wife of Rev.
William J. Fitzgerald, of Philadelphia.
Charles E. Thomas treasurer and general manager of The Lima
Creamery & Cold Storage Company is the eldest son of Morgan and Diana
(Unkenholz) Thomas, and was born in the city of New York in 1863. He was
a lad of eight years when his parents located in Sidney, and there he
received his education, after which he entered his father's commission
house as a clerk. Two of three years later he was made manager of the
business, and remained in this capacity four years. When the family
removed to Lima, he became bookkeeper in the business which his father
had established here the year previous. In 1885 or 1886 he was again
sent to Sidney to take charge of the branch office as general manager,
remaining here three years, when he returned to Lima where he has since
resided. In 1901 The Lima Creamery & Cold Storage Company was
incorporated, with a capital stock of $60,000, and the following
officers elected: President, Morgan Thomas; vice-president and
secretary, S. Miller; treasurer and general manager, Charles E. Thomas.
Charles E. Thomas was married in 1885 to Harriett G. Dann, daughter
of Jonathan Dann, now deceased, who was for many years prominently
identified with the manufacturing interests of Sidney. Their children
are: Paul M., attending school at Mount Hermon, Massachusetts; Mary D.,
and Lois. Mr. Thomas is a member of the First Baptist Church, of Lima,
and is serving on its official board.