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William J. Wemmer

William J. Wemmer, vice- president of The Deisel-Wemmer
Company, one of the largest cigar manufacturing concerns in the country
and one of the most important industries of Lima, is a native of
Germany, where he was born September 10, 1862.
Mr. Wemmer attended school in his native land and developed into
early manhood at home, being one of a large family. When 19 years of
age, he decided to emigrate to America in search of better industrial
conditions than prevailed in his own section of Germany. After reaching
he United States he lived for eight months in the city of New York, and
then removed to Delaware, Ohio. There he was engaged in a cigar
business for nearly five years, which he continued later at Toledo,
coming to Lima, in 1890. He first entered the employ of Henry Deisel and
later formed a business association with the latter and, after the
incorporation of the business in 1902, became vice-president of The
Deisel- Wemmer Company. This important office he has since filled. The
unusual expansion of the business made necessary the recently completed
additions to their former large factory, which make it one of the
prominent landmarks of this manufacturing city.
Mr. Wemmer, with Mr. Deisel and his brother, Henry G. Wemmer,
deserve the high esteem in which they are held, for by their energy and
enterprise they have developed a business, within the short space of 14
years, which overshadows almost every one of its kind in the country.
In addition to his extensive interests here, Mr. Wemmer is connected
with other successful Lima enterprises, and is also one of the city's
public-spirited, broad-minded and liberal citizens.
Mr. Wemmer was married January 2, 1884, to Helen Rickert, who was
also bor in Germany and came to America in girlhood. They have three
children Pauline, Helen and William Henry. The family is connected with
the German Reformed church, in which Mr. Wemmer is a trustee.
Individually Mr. Wemmer has always been noted for his persistency,
his energy and carefulness. He has many personal, as well as business,
friends, and he is fraternally associated with the Elks, the Red Men,
the Odd Fellows and the Traveling Men's Protective Association.