J. H. Wahmhoff

J. H. Wahmhoff, one of the well-known citizens and
the oldest druggist at Delphos, was born March 11, 1851, at Buffalo, New
York, and is a son of Y. Stephen and Frederika (Reuter) Wahmhoff. 
         The parents of our subject were born on the other side of the
Atlantic Ocean, the father in Hanover, Germany, and the mother is
Prussia.  They came to America proir to marriage and were united in Erie
County, New York.  There the father served an apprenticeship to the
boiler-making trade and learned draughting, and for many years
subsequently was a master mechanic in the employ of the Erie Central
Railroad.  He lost his life on the road, through accident, on December
9, 1858.  His widow, three sons and two daughters survived him.  In 1861
Mrs. Wahmhoff and her family moved to Van Wert County, Ohio, where they
owned farming land about two miles from Delphos.  Here she resided four
years and then removed to Delphos.
           John H. Wahmhoff, was the eldest of his parents' children and
he accompanied his widowed mother in her removals and always carefully
looked to her comfort.  He attended the parochial schools in Buffalo and
the country schools in Van Wert County and after locating at Delphos, he
attended night school.  When 15 years old he entered upon an
apprenticeship to the drug business with Hunt & Walsh, and continued
with the firm after the retirement of Mr. Walsh.  He then became manager
for Mr. Hunt, continuing as such until 1878, when Mr. Hunt retired, Mr
Wahmhoff purchasing the business.  For 40 consecutive years he has
continued in the drug business and is the oldest in this line here.
           Mr. Wahmhoff is one of the city's prominent and useful men,
and he has always shown the public spirit and enterprise needed in
citizens to bring about general prosperity.  In 1872 he became a member
of the volunteer fire department with which he continued for 18 years,
filling every office from private to chief, and holding the latter
office some years.  In 1885 he was elected to the Delphos City Council
from the Second Ward and in 1888 he was re-elected, serving until 1890.
In 1894 he was again returned to the Council.  During his administration
and mainly through his efforts the city secured many improvements and
the placing of a number of its utilities.  For three years he served
with the Board of Health and the Board of Education.  Since 1880 he has
been a member of the Ohio State Pharmaceutical Association.   He was one
of the five pharmacists who drafted the old Ohio State pharmacy laws.  He
is also connected with the pharmaceutical associations of the United
States and of Canada.
          In 1881 Mr. Wahmhoff was married to Christina C. Eich, a
native of Indiana.  They have six children: Elizabeth, Henrietta, Agnes,
John, Anna and Celestine.  The family belongs to St. John's Catholic
         For years our subject has been a contributor of various
literary publications and might almost be called the historian of
Delphos. He is a very prominent member of the Delphos branch of the
Catholic Knights of America, a society organized for beneficial,
educational and social purposes.  He has been a delegate to its supreme
council and State president.  Its finely equipped hall in Delphos is
located in the Wahmhoff Building on North Main Street.  Here our subject
has delivered many lectures on live topics and has read many papers of
more than passing interest.  His ideas are clear and decided, whether in
address or debate, and he has given a great impetus to the interests in
literature and discussion in this society.  He has liberally contributed
to fitting up its club-room, making it an inviting place in which young
men may pass their evenings.