H.B. Willower

H.B. Willower, manager of the Bessemer Gas Engine
Company, of Lima, was born in Auglaize County, Ohio, in 1877, but has
resided in Lima since his fourth year, his father, C. A. Willower,
having located here at that time.  C.A. Willower is the efficient
manager of the Willower Grocery Company and is one of the influential
businessmen of Lima.
         The first employment in which our subject engaged was with the
grocery firm of Watson & Company, for whom he worked four years.  He
then accepted the position of foreman of the L. E. & W. freight house in
Lima and retained that position about eight years.  In June, 1901, he
accepted the office of assistant manager of The Bessemer Gas Engine
Company and when, in the fall of the same year, A. A. Little, the
manager, was transferred to Western territory, Mr. Willower was made
manager of the company and has shown that he is well qualified for the
place.  He is also interested in a number of the leading industries of
the city, being connected with the manufacture of gas pumps.
          Mr. Willower was married December 18, 1903, to Helen Eleanore
Whistler, daughter of Mrs. L.E. Whisler, of Lima, and a lady of pleasing
personality and a favorite in Lima society.  They are attendants of the
Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church, to which they are liberal
contributors both of their time and means.  Mr. Willower is a member of
the Knights of Pythias.