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Resource Material Volunteer Email address

Allen county, Ohio births vol 1, bk 1: 1867-1879
Allen county, Ohio births vol 2, bk 1: 1880-1889
Allen county, Ohio births vol 1, bk 1: 1890-1900
Allen county, Ohio births vol 2, bk 2: 1901-1930
Allen county, Ohio marriages: 1831-1869
Maria Mastin maria.karabinas@yahoo.com
Cemeteries - Richland Twp., Allen Co Ken Graham gram9876@hotmail.com
1922 yearbook for Bluffton College Rene Sheppard renshep@peoplepc.com
Lima or Quilna Shawnee High School Yearbooks
  • 1913 Lima High School - The Annual Mirror -  The only class photos are of the Senior class of 1913.  Each senior has their class photo of 1913 and beside it is a baby photo of them.
  • 1927 Quilna Shawnee High School - Single class photos but also has the Junior, Sophomore and Freshman class photos
  • 1929 Quilna Shawnee High School - Same as above but also has the 8th and 7th grade Jr. High
  • 1930 Quilna Shawnee High School - Has individual photos of 9th-12th grades and class photos of 7th and 8th grade Jr. High
  • 1931 Quilna Shawnee High School - Has only senior individual photos, 11th - 7th are class photos
  • 1932 Quilna Shawnee High School - Has only senior individual photos, 11th - 7th are class photos
  • 1933 Quilna Shawnee High School - The only class individual photos are of the Seniors of 1933.
Kelly Shaw kelly647@yahoo.com
  • History of Allen County 1885
  • A History of Bath Township from it's Beginning by Frank Hackman, 1926.  It covers the history from 1824. 
Sharon More MSharRico@aol.com

Note:  Please request  a specific surname lookup only.  Requests that are too general can not be accommodated.
  • Monroe Township cemetery book
Loretta Dunham Lorettadunham@aol.com
  • Lima City Directory from 1964
Nancy Chamberlain NChamb6207@aol.com
  • Allen County, Ohio Births Vol. 1 1867-1879
  • Allen County, Ohio Births Vol. 2 1880-1889
  • Allen County marriages 1831-1869
Maria Mastin Note:  The volunteer that handles these items is currently not able to fulfill requests. 
  • Bluffton Telephone Company Directory for Bluffton Ohio - August 1947 (includes listings for Bluffton and Beaverdam)
Christine Freeman kvikklunsj@comcast.net
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  • School roster from the Ironclad School, Bath Township, Allen County for the 1907 - 1908
Maria Straight


  • Information relating to the MILLER surname from the Michael Miller Record Book. This book traces allot of the Miller Families who lived in Allen County Ohio.
Carol Albrecht


  • "McClure Families of Allen, Paulding and Van Wert Counties of Ohio", written by Ruth Woten Rumbaugh,and Published by the Anundsen Publishing Co., in 1985. The book is indexed, and I would be happy to do look-ups for any interested researchers.
Dean Hildreth mildean@webnology.com


  • "A Standard History of Allen County, Ohio" by William Rusler published in 1921. Volume two is all biographies.
Sara Holderfield


  •  "ALL Leatherman Kin", which has a lot of info on Allen County BAKER and LEATHERMAN surnames.

    First Baker-Leatherman reunion minutes from 1902, held at Harrod, Ohio. This document has many of the related families listed to the above two families.
Larry Clum lclum@gtmidwest.com


  • "Keith collected genealogies of Keith, Keath & Keeth families of North America".
Joyce Godfrey


  • Orignal Land Entries of Allen County
  • Has information on Eighty-First Regiment, Ohio Infantry
    Volunteers - War of the Rebellion. Can do roster lookups.


Jill Parry winger@iquest.net




Sue Sonntag sonntag@wcoil.com 


  • A Genealogical Register of the McComb Family in America, by P.H.K. McComb and Virginia M. McComb, printed 1942.
  • History of Truro now Columbus Grove First Presbyterian Church, Columbus Grove, Ohio printed 1902.


Jill May Ja62@aol.com


Will provide look-ups for the following surnames relating to Allen County:
  • Line
  • Delong
  • Kiracofe
Greg Line gline@adelphia.net


1936 centennial book of St. Matthews Church in Shawnee Twp. It includes a history of the church and its founders starting in PA and then to southern Ohio and on up to Allen County. It also has quite a few photos.


Trace Archer

"Descendants of Moses and Isabell (Clark) Crawford of Bucks County, Pennsylvania" by Allen W. Scholl, Heritage Books, published 1993

Susan Husted shusted@woh.rr.com