1820 Ashtabula Federal Census Index
Ashtabula County, OH

Extracted and Transcribed by Carol Page Tilson

Enumerators of the 1820 census were asked to include the following categories in the census: name of head of household, number of free white males and females in age categories: 0 to 10, 10 to 16, 16 to 26, 26 to 45, 45 and older; number of other free persons except Indians not taxed; number of slaves; and town or district and county of residence. Additionally, the 1820 census for the first time asked the number of free white males 16 to 18; number of persons to be naturalized; number engaged in agriculture, commercial, or manufacture; number of "colored" persons (sometimes in age categories); and number of other persons except Indians. The categories allowed Congress to determine persons residing in the United States for collection of taxes and the appropriation of seats in the House of Representatives. Most entries are arranged in the order of visitation, but some have been rearranged to appear in alphabetical order by initial letter of the surname. Manufacturing schedules are scattered among the 1820 population schedules.


NamePage #NamePage #NamePage #
Allen, Josiah9/7Hall, Moses8/6Smith, Russell A.9/7
Amsden, Asa10/7Hall, Valerius11/8Smith, Thos.11/8
Amsden, Levi9/7Harman, Aaron11/8Smith, Truman10/7
Armstrong, Edward11/8Harman, Anan11/8Snow, Betsey10/7
Badger, Joseph12/8Hoadly, Dennis8/6Spencer, Daniel M.10/7
Batchelor, Bazil9/7Holcomb, Eli11/8Stanford, George11/8
Beckwith, Gurdon11/8Hubbard, Buckley11/8Stevens, Enoch10/7
Beckwith, Reynolds9/7Hubbard, Chloe8/6Stevens, Wm.10/7
Benham, Adna9/7Hubbard, Matthew12/8Strong, Jabez12/8
Benham, Thos.9/7Hubbard, Oliver8/6Strong, Nathan12/8
Bennet, Joseph9/7Jennings, Wm.9/7Strong, Nathan, Jr.12/8
Benton, Ezekiel10/7Jones, Wm.12/8Strong, Saml.12/8
Bigelow, Elijah9/7Kenedy, Stephen11/8Sweet, Isaac11/8
Bishop, John11/8Klice, David11/8Sweet, Lewis11/8
Blackmore, Elijah8/6Labounty, Francis12/8Sweet, Peleg, Jr.11/8
Blakeslie, Asher9/7Lockwood, James11/8Sweet, Peleg10/7
Blakeslie, John G.8/6Loveland, Gad10/7Taggart, James9/7
Blakeslie, Lala?12/8Malsbury, Nathan8/6Taggart, John9/7
Blood, Edmond10/7Manley, Jabez11/8Terrel, Lawson12/8
Blood, Nathan12/8Mann, Joseph9/7Thompson, Jona.12/8
Booth, Philo12/8Mann, Warner8/6Titus, James, Jr.10/7
Brown, Derick9/7Mann, Zadock8/6Tower, Dewey12/8
Brown, Ebenezer11/8Martin, Robert11/8Tower, Henry11/8
Brown, Ephm.12/8Mathews, John8/6Turner, Stephen12/8
Brown, John F.11/8McAdams, Andrew10/7Warner, David8/6
Buffum, Jonathan8/6McKelvey, James G.11/8Warner, Noah10/7
Buffum, Stephen8/6McDaniel, James12/8Warner, Norman11/8
Burnet, David9/7McFarland, George F.10/7Watrous, Rossanna9/7
Burrill, Aaron12/8McSwain, Moses12/8Watrous, Winthrop11/8
Burrill, John11/8Meachum, David11/8Watrous, Wm.11/8
Burrill, Zachariah11/8Metcalf, John10/7Weaver, Christopher9/7
Burrows, David10/7Miller, Benjm.11/8Welton, Allen10/7
Butterfield, Wm.9/7Miller, Wm.9/7Welton, Chandler10/7
Castle, Amasa8/6Murry, John9/7Welton, Jason10/7
Castle, Amasa, Jr.8/6Nettleton, Joshua10/7Welton, Mark8/6
Castle, Daniel9/7Newell, Lot10/7West, Ebenezer8/6
Cheney, Henry10/7Packer, Calvin S.12/8Wetmore, Collins8/6
Cheney, Thos.10/7Patterson, Lewis10/7Wetmore, Jesse12/8
Coleman, Elijah10/7Pickett, Joseph11/8Wetmore, Wm.9/7
Cone, Joshua11/8Potter, Chester8/6Whelpley, Samuel8/6
Cook, Erastus10/7Reed, John R.10/7Whelply, Elam8/6
Curtis, David W.10/7Rich, Rufus11/8Whelply, Henry8/6
Dodge, Samuel S.12/8Richmond, Walker8/6Whelply, Henry, Jr.8/6
Fargo, Jason11/8Riley, Thomas11/8Whelply, Philo8/6
Fenning, James11/8Ringland, Wm.11/8White, David9/7
Fisk, Amos12/8Roberts, Chauncy9/7White, Josiah8/6
Foster, Wm.9/7Rockwell, Caleb9/7Whitman, William11/8
Fox, Sally12/8Rockwell, Joshua8/6Willey, Andrew9/7
Fuller, Enoch12/8Rogers, George10/7Williams, Benj.11/8
Gage, Joshua L.10/7Rogers, James W.10/7Wood, Chester10/7
Gates, Seth9/7Sawins, Purchase10/7Wood, Martin10/7
Giddings, Calvin9/7Scovil, Adna12/8Woodbury, Andrew10/7
Gilbert, Jona9/7Seymour, Liber9/7Woodbury, Hiram10/7
Gillet, David8/6Seymour, Robert9/7Woodbury, Nehemiah10/7
Gilpen, Jabez12/8Seymour, Titus9/7Woodbury, Wm.10/7
Gordon, James9/7Shaw, John9/7Woodbury, Zachariah10/7
Gordon, Thos.9/7Shepherd, Peletiah11/8Wright, Jonathan8/6
Graham, Henry9/7Smith, Ezra8/6Wright, Rachel11/8
Graham, John12/8Smith, Hall11/8
Hall, Charles8/6Smith, Hazadiah10/7
Hall, John12/8Smith, Isaac9/7
Hall, Linus9/7Smith, James11/8