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Images of America, Brunswick the new pictorial history book done by Brunswick Area Historical Society will head into publication next week and will be available Summer 2005.  The last year has been spent scanning more than 800 pictures dating back into the 1800s.  The book will contain over 200 images. 

All proceeds from the book will benefit the Brunswick Area Historical
Society.  We are accepting prepaid orders now.  The cost of the book, if prepaid, is $19.99.  After April 1st the cost will be $21.29 which includes $1.30 for sales tax.  To get an idea of what this special book will be like you can visit our publisher's web site.  

We are hoping to get as many prepaid orders as possible so that we will be able to place a larger order and maximize our profits from the sale of the books. 
If you are ever in town, give me a call and bring your pictures.  We plan on continuing to scan pictures even after the book is published and they will all be available at the historical society as part of our archives.

Amber Dalakas

Images of America, Brunswick

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No. of copies:_______________________ @ $19.99 = $________________


If you would like it mailed to you, please include $2.00 for the first book plus $1.00/book for each additional book to cover the shipping cost. 


Send your check to:
Brunswick Area Historical Society
P.O. Box 714
Brunswick, OH  44212