These tax lists were organized by township, and the names were in alphabetical order (approximately).  They listed all resident land owners in Belmont County, OH.  Some of the individuals also paid taxes on land located in other parts of Ohio, and information on the location of this land was given.  If land had been obtained as a result of service in the Revolutionary War, sufficient information was given to allow one to determine more about that service of the individual or their ancestor.  The tax lists were made early in the year; for 1811, the list was made in January 1811.  I used the spelling as it appeared on the list.  The rate of tax was given in dollars, cents and mills, but some of the microfilms did not show the last column giving the rate of 'mills'.  When I could read that information, I rounded off the column of 'cents' to reflect the mill amount.


The tax lists for Belmont Co., OH included individuals owning land that would eventually be in Monroe Co., OH.


This extract was made from a microfilm of tax records of Ohio, 1801-1814, and I read the information at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.  The films used were:


# 522843, Belmont Co., OH - 1811


# 514124, Belmont Co., OH - 1812 (future)


# 514126, Belmont Co., OH - 1813 (future)


# 514128, Belmont Co., OH - 1814 (future)



Pease Township, 1811

Colrain (Colerain) Township, 1811

Richland Township, 1811

Wheelen (Wheeling) Township, 1811

Union Township, 1811

Warren Township, 1811

Goshen Township, 1811

Kirkwood Township, 1811

Pultney Township, 1811

York Township, 1811

Salem Township, 1811



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