Belmont County Bible Records

Original Family Bibles are an excellent source of information for researchers. Share your family bible records with other researchers submit yours today to Belmont Co Bible - all submitted bible records will be included on this page.
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Bible Index
NameSubmitted byOther References
BOYD-MARCEAR Family BibleWadene
DOSTER Family BibleMarti
FISHER Family BibleBev Smith
FRAZIER Family BibleLois Johnson Gibboney
MARTIN, LINGO BibleGlenda Frank MoserLINGO, Selkirk S - Bio
MARTIN, James W - Bio
MORRIS, Mordicai Family Bible Pamela Klemm
Evan & Jane PHILLIPS
Family Bible
David PhillipsPHILLIPS, Evan and Jane - Bio
PHILLIPS, Evan and Jane - Will
- includes Estate records
WAGNER Family BibleJim Hawes

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