The following cemetery data was contributed by J. Larry Helton, Jr..
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recorded by J. Larry Helton, Jr., Madison Twp., October 26, 2005

I was able to visit the Huff / Dine Cemetery a few days ago. Here is the information I recorded there.

Located at rear of property (13 acres), in a wooded and brushy area, presently owned by Steve Cook, 4626 Mosiman Rd., Madison Twp., Butler County, Ohio.

- complete, white, sandstone marker, leaning on tree: Catherine, wife of Issac Huff, died Feb. 19, 1823, aged 59 yrs. 1 mos. 29 ds.
- incomplete, broken, white, sandstone marker, lying flat: Rachel, wife of John Dine, died ??, 12, 186?
- stone marker next to one above, primitive carving, upright: Rachel Dine.
- broken, white, sandstone marker, faced down: unreadable.
- small, white, sandstone marker, resembling a foot stone, leaning on tree: no markings.
- several field stones, some upright, some scattered.
. several sunken areas.

There was no readable stone for Issac Huff. Past references give information taken from his stone.