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History of Butler County: The Rebellion

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Company A

Captains- Joseph L BUDD, promoted to major July 9, 1863. Lewis F DAUGHERTY, promoted from first lieutenant August 9, 1863; killed in action at Peachtree Creek, Georgia, July 20, 1864.
First Lieutenants- James H BONE, promoted from second lieutenant August 9, 1863; promoted to captain March 30, 1864, and assigned to Company D. James SABIN, promoted from sergeant to first sergeant July 1, 1862; second lieutenant, August 9, 1863; first lieutenant, March 30, 1864.
First Sergeants- Selby WILEY, promoted from ranks September 21, 1863; died from wounds received in action at Pine Ridge, Georgia, June 16, 1864. George W KEEVER, killed at battle of Chickamauga, September 20, 1863.
Sergeants- Thomas STARRY, promoted from corporal September 3, 1863. Albert S MERCER, promoted from the ranks July 1, 1862. Samuel A SPURGEON. Archelus D STRICKLER, from corporal, August 20, 1862. John LINBER, discharged August 9, 1862, for disability. Oliver H PARSHALL, promoted to captain, and transferred to Company F, September, 1861. Perry GREGG, promoted to first lieutenant, and transferred to the Mississippi marine service.
Corporals- John W BOGAR, October 1, 1862. James L MCLAIN, January 1, 1862. Thomas GILLESPIE, July 1, 1862. Albert S BOOTH, July 1, 1862. Ira LACKEY, August 30, 1862. John B SHAY, May 1, 1863. Thomas G STRICKLER, killed at battle of Chickamauga. John D SMITH, discharged April 1, 1862. John ADAMS, promoted to sergeant-major. Lemuel R STUMP, assigned to Company K.

Company B

Captains- Thomas STONE, resigned June 6, 1862. Ransford SMITH, from first lieutenant June 6, 1862; resigned February 28, 1863. Jonathan HENNINGER, first lieutenant February 24, 1863; captain May 12, 1863.
First Lieutenant- Samuel L HOUSER, corporal, October 16, 1861. sergeant, October 16, 1862; second lieutenant, February 24, 1863; first lieutenant, May 12, 1863.
Second Lieutenants- William H EACOTT, resigned January 30, 1863; Robert B DAVIDSON, promoted from corporal to sergeant October 2, 1861; first sergeant, February 24, 1863; second lieutenant, May 12, 1863; first lieutenant, Company I, April 1, 1864.
First Sergeant- Alonzo FISK, May 12, 1863, wounded at Chickamauga. Sergeants- George W KIMBLE, from corporal, February 24, 1863. George W LEITCH, commissary sergeant, August 20, 1861. Robert C NICHOLAS, assigned to Company K; promoted to lieutenant September 2, 1861. Robert J LIVINGSTON, corporal, October 2, 1861; promoted February 24, 1863; assigned to Company K. James D RATCLIFF, corporal, November 12, 1861; sergeant, March 12, 1863; assigned to Company K.
Corporals- John WEST, January 20, 1862. David W. BRADY, reduced to ranks from sergeant; made corporal February 28, 1863; wounded at Chickamauga. Enos WILSON, September 24, 1862; wounded at Chickamauga. George BAUR, May 12, 1863. Jacob W. HOUSER, July 16, 1863. William G MASS, February 28, 1864. Solomon W. SMITH, died in hospital at Nashville, Tennessee, November 14, 1863. Abraham S. BELL, discharged for disability September 16, 1861. James W. COPPAGE, discharged for disability April 5, 1863, at Nashville, Tennessee. George N. LEWIS, transferred to invalid corps March 15, 1864; wounded at Chickamauga. Alonzo RUNYAN, transferred to invalid corps April 30, 1864; wounded at Chickamauga.

Company C

Mustered into service August 20, 1861 and entered Kentucky September 26, 1861. This company entered the field 102 strong- commissioned and non-commissioned officers and privates- and received four recruits during term of service. The losses were 16 discharged for disabilities; 2 discharged to accept promotions; 13 died of diseases; 2 died of wounds received in action; 6 killed in action. Sixty-seven commissioned and non-commissioned officers and privates were mustered out at expiration of service at Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1864. It was at the battles of Mill Spring, Shiloh, Siege of Corinth, Perryville, Chapel Hill, Hooverís Gap, Tullahoma, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Buzzardís Roost, Tunnel Hill, Resaca, Pine Mountain, Kenesaw Mountain, Peachtree Creek, and Siege of Atlanta. Captains- John S. EARHART, detached as topographical engineer on General Steadmanís staff; died at Dechart, Tennessee, August, 1863. John VAN DERVEER, never with the company; detailed as quartermaster of regiment. Fred W. KEIL, first lieutenant; promoted to be captain June, 1864.
First Lieutenant- Benj. F. MILLER, second lieutenant; promoted to be first lieutenant February, 1864.
Sergeants- Leonard ALLEN, first sergeant, discharged. Jos. S. CLAYPOOL, sergeant; promoted to be second lieutenant. Jas. F. HAINS, sergeant; promoted to be first lieutenant and adjutant of regiment. Jas. A. HUGININ, sergeant, discharged. Saml. M. HIPPARD, sergeant; promoted to first sergeant. Mark B. PRICE, color sergeant.
Corporals- Wm. BEACHLER. Jno. VAN DINE, discharged for disability. W. C. STOKES, promoted to sergeant; killed at Missionary Ridge. John M. DAVIS, promoted to sergeant. Francis BARNETT, discharged for disability. Jno. HALLER, promoted to sergeant. Jos. ZELLER, discharged to enter regimental band. Benj. F. KEIL, promoted to sergeant; killed at Chickamauga.
Regimental Appointments- Lucius B. POTTER, promoted to sergeant-major. Frank A. LIGHTER, regimental postmaster Jno. M. BRADSTREET, commissary sergeant.
Discharged for Disabilities- Alfred H. BURR, October 28, 1861, Cynthiana, Ky. Isaac H. DAVIS, May 3, 1862, Nashville, Tenn. Alex P. RICHARDSON, May 18, 1862, near Corinth, Miss. Jno. S. DAVIS, July 24, 1862, Tuscumbia, Tenn. Benj, F. ARNOLD, July 24, 1862; Tuscumbia, Tenn. Fred. D. MCKASSON, October 1, 1862, Camp Dennison. Hezekiah CARL, October 6, 1862, Louisville, Ky. Jno. W. ENBODY, October 6, 1862, Camp Dennison. Benj. F. FOX, October 11, 1862, Camp Dennison. Hayward WOODHURST, February 18, 1863, Camp Dennison. Jno. R. EMONS, February 20, 1863, Camp Dennison. W.B. MILLIKER, March 9, 1863, Triune, Tenn. Leonard ALLEN, March 11, 1863, St Louis, Mo. Chas. E. BICKMORE. Daniel COOPER, for wounds received at Chickamauga.
Died of Disease while in Service.- Jonah DICKEY- November 19, 1861, Paris, Ky. James DICKEY, March 10, 1862, Somerset, Ky. Isaac R. HENRY, March 16, 16, 1862, Nashville, Tenn. Jos. ROBINSON, April 14, 1862, Indian Creek Hospital, Tenn. Geo. HINE, April 23, 1862, Pittsburg Landing, Tenn. Saml. PARKER, May 17, 1862, Seven-Mile, Ohio. Jas. A. HUGININ, February 13, 1863, Winchester, Ohio. Jno. HALLER, November 23, 1863, Nashville, Tenn. Jesse G. MATTHEWS, January 12, 1864, Louisville, Ky. John WOLVERTON, January, 1864, Jacksonburg, Ohio. Squire H. VANATTA, 1864, on his way home from rebel prison. John S. EARHART, captain, August, 1863, Decherd, Tenn.
Killed in Action.- Benj. A. REED, Chickamauga. Henry C. RAY, Chickamauga. B. F. KEIL, Chickamauga. Wm. C. STOKES, Missionary Ridge. Simon KUMLER, Missionary Ridge. Peter KAPP, Missionary Ridge.Company A
Died of Wounds received in Action.- Jos. H. VANNATTA, in field hospital, Chickamauga. Cassius C. BROWN, Nashville, Tenn., wounded at Chickamauga.

Company D

Captains- Nathaniel REEDER, dismissed the service by general court-martial, August 24, 1863, for absence without leave; afterwards reinstated. James H. BONE, first lieutenant Company A, July 19, 1863; adjutant, September 24, 1863; captain, March 19, 1864, and assigned to Company D, April 12, 1864.
First Lieutenants.- William C. DINE, resigned February, 1863. Julian H. FITCH, September 4, 1863. J. ADAMS, second lieutenant, October 16, 1862; first lieutenant, March 19, 1864. J.F. SAUNDERS, second lieutenant, November 19. 1862; first lieutenant, March 19, 1864.
Sergeants.- Albert S. MORGAN, discharged for disability, March 28, 1862. Tipton W. CLARY, discharged for disability, December, 1863. Clark S. THOMPSON, discharged , September 23, 1864, on expiration term of service. John S. SHEDD, died March 14, 1864, at Hamilton. Joseph W. MYERS, promoted to first sergeant. Hiram SHEDD, April 1, 1863.
Corporals.- William WALTERS, deserted. David S. PEGAN, seriously wounded at Chickamauga. Hezekiah CAMPBELL, discharged for disability, March 28, 1862. William B. LONG. Charley S. WILSON. John SPENCER, seriously wounded at Chickamauga, September 20, 1863. Samuel RUSSELL.
Died.- Corporal D. S. PEGAN, at Ringgold, May 7, 1864. C WILSON.

Company E

Captains.- William H. C. STEELE, mustered as captain of Company E, May 16, 1864; in command Company G, from May 16, 1864. David M. GANS, died at Eaton, Ohio, November 25, 1863.
First Lieutenant.- Edward COTTINGHAM, captured at Chickamauga, September 20, 1863.
Second Lieutenant.- Levi P. THOMPSON, wounded September 19, 1863, and taken prisoner; paroled October 4th.
First Sergeant.- William B. MIKESELL.
Sergeants.- Moses THOMPSON. Benjamin F. KEMP. William S. WARE. John W. DUNKINS, died of wounds received at Chickamauga, October 10, 1863.
Corporals.- Andrew I. STAKBAKE, wounded at Mission Ridge. Philip BLADNER. Charles C. GAVIN. William WILSON, captured September 17, 1863. John W. COTTINGH, killed at Chickamauga. William H. BOWLES, died of wounds received at Chickamauga, October 24, 1863. Charles H. THOMPSON, died at Chattanooga, September 27, 1863, of wounds received at battle of Chattanooga. Joseph LARRISON.

Company F.

Captain.- Oliver H. PARSHALL, promoted from first sergeant of Company A, September 5, 1861; killed at Chickamauga.
First Lieutenants.- Joseph C. THOMAS, resigned November 3, 1862. Thomas M. HARLAN, January 1, 1863; killed at Chickamauga.
Second Lieutenant.- Joseph H. TAYLOR, January 1, 1863.
Sergeants.- James JACKSON, June 19, 1863, wounded at Chickamauga. James H. FROST. Joseph HARRIS, wounded at Chickamauga. Morris GRATZ, reduced; wounded at Chickamauga. Samuel M. DENNY, February 3, 1862; discharged November 9, 1862. John D. VINSON.
Corporals.- Thomas W. ROSE, wounded and taken prisoner at Chickamauga. Benjamin F. BOATMAN, died October 30, 1863, from wounds received at Chickamauga. Sock HARLAN. William HAMILTON, promoted to sergeant November 1, 1862. John D. CORNELIUS. Jesse K. RANDALL, died in hospital, December 3, 1861. Henry RICHSTER, deserted from hospital. John W. KEMP. Wesley RANDALL. Franklin DRAKE. Andrew J. GRIFFIN.

Company G

Captains.- Samuel LíHOMMEDIEU. William H. C. STEELE, promoted to captain May 16, 1864, and assigned to Company E.
First Lieutenant.- Levi P. THOMPSON, promoted from second lieutenant, Company E, June 8, 1864.
Second Lieutenants.- George T. EARHART, resigned October 17, 1862, by reason of disability. John ADAMS, promoted from sergeant-major, September 26, 1861.
Sergeants.- John H. HUBER, November 30, 1863. James CLONEY, January 20, 1862.
Corporals.- Lester SHAW, September 25, 1861, wounded at Chickamauga. Calvin LEVINGOOD, October, 1861; taken prisoner at Chickamauga. Thomas CONKLIN, June 9, 1864.
Killed.- Peter A. BYERS, corporal, killed at Chickamauga, September 20, 1863. William NEWSOCK, corporal, killed at Mission Ridge, November 25, 1863.
Died.- Ephraim A. DAY, sergeant, at Chattanooga, September 26, 1861. William O. PAINE, corporal, at Louisville, Ky., January 5, 1864. James M. WYRICK, sergeant, at Nashville, Tenn., November 30, 1863.
Discharged.- Nelson THOMPSON, corporal, for disability, March 19, 1862. Lorenzo BROWN, transferred. George W. GOVER, transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps.

Company H.

Captains.- Michael S. GUNCKEL, resigned on account of disability, October 24, 1862; afterwards paymaster. Samuel MARTINDALE, October 24, 1863; dismissed by general court-martial, August 21, 1863. Theodore D. MATHER, first lieutenant, October 24, 1864; captain, March 19, 1864.
First Lieutenant.- David W SCHAEFFER, second lieutenant, October 24, 1862; first lieutenant, March 19, 1864.
First Sergeant.- John GILLER, October 24, 1862.
Sergeants.- William B. CAMPBELL, killed at Chickamauga. Charles HAMILTON, reduced to ranks; killed by a shell at Bridgeport, Ala., September 30, 1863. John A. LADD, February 9, 1863. Edward S. WEAKLEY, July 1, 1862. Richard MILLER, October 12, 1862. Andrew BALL, November 1, 1863.
Corporals.- Charles T. SHIPMAN, reduced November 4, 1861; deserted, November 1, 1862. William BRITTON, transferred to invalid corps. William EARHART, reduced June 1, 1862; deserted June 10, 1862. Barney COVENS, reduced December 1, 1862. David HUBER. Martin MILLER. Abia Z. HOFFMAN. John G. SCHMELTZER. James GUNCKEL. Andrew J. HETZLER.

Company I.

Captains.- Henry MALLORY, resigned February 17, 1862. Andrew J. LEWIS, promoted from first lieutenant to captain February 17, 1862; resigned January 2, 1864, on account of disability; wounded at Chickamauga. Phil. ROTHENBUSH, promoted from first sergeant to first lieutenant February 17, 1862; captain, March 30, 1864; wounded at Chickamauga.
First Lieutenant.- Robert B. DAVIDSON, promoted from first sergeant Company B to second lieutenant Company B, May 12, 1863; first lieutenant, March 30, 1864, assigned to Company I.
Second Lieutenant- William ANDREW, resigned March 23, 1863.
First Sergeants.- W.H.H. KIMBLE, reduced to ranks November 4, 1862; died February 20, 1864, at Hamilton, Ohio. Isaac L. FISHER, November 6, 1862; transferred to invalid corps, August 25, 1863. William K. VAN HORN, August 25, 1863; wounded November 25, 1863, at Mission Ridge, Tennessee.
Sergeants.- John A. WHITAKER, reduced to ranks August 9, 1862; transferred to invalid corps, December 1, 1863. George JENKINS, reduced to ranks November 6, 1862; deserted November 6, 1862, at Bowling Green, Ky. John S. GIFFEN, August 9, 1862; died November 6, 1862, at Hamilton, Ohio. John M. FENTON, May 25, 1863, taken prisoner at Chickamauga, September 20th, dying in prison. Aaron MOORE, May 25, 1863. Louis D. HERMAN, May 25, 1863. Daniel CASTATOR, May 25, 1863. George BOURRELL, November 6, 1862.
Corporals.-William ELARSON, transferred to invalid corps November 1, 1863. Moses J. WETZEL. John HULL, died at Nashville, Tenn., March 20, 1862. John P. BROOKS, wounded , captured at Chickamauga. Robert BLAIR. John SEITS. John MILLER. Charles BITNER. Jeremiah BOATMAN.
Wounded.- Captain A. J. LEWIS, at Chickamauga. First Lieutenant Phil. ROTHENBUSH, at Chickamauga. First Sergeant John M. FENTON, captured at Chickamauga. John KAPP, at Chickamauga. Archey MCLEOD, captured at Chickamauga. Alexander STERRET, at Chickamauga. Richard HERMAN, at Chickamauga. William MCLAUGHLIN, at Chickamauga. Michael D. GARVER, at Kenesaw Mountain. John P. BROOKS, corporal, taken prisoner at Chickamauga, September 19, 1863. John BROOKS, private, taken prisoner at Chickamauga, September 19, 1863. Daniel CASTATOR, at Chickamauga, September 19, 1863. Charles DAUGHERTY, at Chickamauga, September 19, 1863. Robert DINE, taken prisoner at Chickamauga, September 20, 1863. Emanuel GRATZ, died at Stevenson, Ala., October 19, 1863, of wounds received at Chickamauga. Frank W. HILLMAN, died at Chattanooga, Tenn., October 11, 1863, of wounds received at Chickamauga, September 20, 1863. Thompson LEGGET, killed at Chickamauga, September 20, 1863. John MILLER, taken prisoner at Chickamauga. David RICHARDSON, taken prisoner at Chickamauga; died at Belle Island. Abraham MARTINDALE, taken prisoner at Chickamauga; died at Belle Island.
Deaths.- John HULL, March 20, 1862, at Nashville, Tenn. James K. P. GARVER, July 15, 1862, at Hamilton, Ohio. Isaac SHELLHOUSE, January 30, 1863, at Gallatin, Tenn. Jackson HARLMACK, February 8, 1862, at Somerset, Ky. Sanford P. STITZELL, June 30, 1863, at Gallatin, Tenn. James H. STRODE, January 2, 1863, at Hamilton, Ohio. W.H.H. KIMBLE, February 20, 1864, at Hamilton, Ohio.
Deserted.- Thomas H. PRICE, November 4, 1862; sentenced by court-martial to be shot to death; the President mitigated his sentence to imprisonment during the war at Dry Tortugas, Florida. Willison CUMONS, September 20, 1862; sentenced by court-martial to be confined at Jefferson, Ind., penitentiary during the war. Patrick DOIL, Cynthiana, Ky., September 29, 1861. George W. JENKINS, Bowling Green, Ky., November 6, 1862. Wm. LEWELLEN, Bowling Green, KY., November 4, 1862. Solomon MANDELBAUM, Bowling Green, Ky., November 6, 1862. Wakefield MARTINDILL, Bowling Green, Ky., November 6, 1862. Charles SCHEID, Bowling Green, Ky., November 6, 1862. Jacob HOUSER, absent without leave, April 20, 1862.

Company K.

Captain.- Joel K. DEARDOFF, died October 8, 1863, of wounds received at Chickamauga.
First Lieutenant.- Lewis LAMBRIGHT, wounded at the storming of Mission Ridge.
Second Lieutenant.- David STILES, brigade quartermaster after July 3, 1862.
First Sergeant.- Richard H. FORD, wounded and paroled at the battle of Chickamauga.
Sergeants.- Thomas C. PEARSON, wounded at Chickamauga; died in hospital of small-pox at Nashville, December 11, 1863. James M. DENNY. Jacob LEIBES, reduced to ranks May 28, 1862, at his own request; discharged for disability June 18, 1862. James BLAIR, taken prisoner at Somerset, Ky., December 8, 1861; returned to duty February 22, 1862. Miles M. HALE, January 10, 1862; deserted August 31, 1863. Harvey ELLIOTT, May 24, 1862; killed at Chickamauga. Henry B. STELLER, May 28, 1862.
Corporals.- George W. GILLMORE, killed at Chickamauga. Charles R. HOWARD, discharged for disability May 18, 1862. William C. MULLINIX, died in hospital at Corinth, June 22, 1862.

During the Summer of 1861 a number of other organizations were begun, but no other regiment than the Thirty-fifth went out from this county that season. Captain Peter Murphy organized a company of some sixty rank and file for State service in Liberty Township. They were all provided with uniforms and performed their tactical operations with skill and accuracy. On the 16th of May the Butler Pioneers reached ninety men, who had enlisted for three years. They left on the seventeenth for Columbus, going to Camp Jackson. There proved to be a misunderstanding about the orders to move, and they returned to Camp Hamilton at midnight. On the 1st of June, Second Lieutenant F.M. LEFLAR was the recipient of a sword, given him by his friends in Hamilton. The presentation speech was made by Robert CHRISTY. Mr. LEFLAR responded briefly as follows:

Sir, this valuable present indicates a feeling of respect and affection for me of which I feel altogether unworthy. It creates within me a feeling of pleasure and gratitude which I am unable properly to express. Be assured that it will inspire me with renewed courage. In the defense of our country I shall endeavor to use this sword in a manner that will be no disgrace to its liberal and patriotic donors.

June 9th the Butler Pioneers went to Camp Jackson, Columbus. Previously they were entertained by M.C. RYAN and Dr. MCELWEE.

Mr E.G. DYER forwarded one hundred dollars to the Jackson Guards, stationed at Washington, to be divided among the men, which was done.

Company F, Second Regiment, were quartered on the 24th of June at Grafton, Virginia. On the way they were treated with great kindness. At one village the people turned out in crowds, and bountifully supplied the soldiers with bread and butter, cakes, pies, and other delicacies. On their way they met a company form Oxford. In West Virginia they had their first experience in a march of any length. They found the accouterments were heavy. It was pretty hard work to carry a knapsack as full as it would hold, and forty rounds of ammunition, with a belt for bayonet and caps, a haversack with two days' rations, a plate, knife, fork, cup, and spoon, and gun weighing ten pounds; this formed a good load for a strong man.

A company called Anderson Grays was organized and uniformed in Hamilton as a reserve company of Ohio Volunteers. It was under the command of Captain Stone, of the First Ward, and exhibited remarkable proficiency. On the 8th of August, 1861, the Butler Pioneers, or Company A, Twenty-sixth Ohio, were at Summersville, West Virginia. They had seen some service. The company had volunteered to break up a nest of rebels, some twenty miles from the regimental camp. They were gone three days, returning successfully and bringing back with them two prisoners of WISE's army, one a lieutenant. General GARRISON was getting up a battalion of infantry. His camp was established on the grounds of William BECKETT, south of the depot. The first company was nearly full. As fast as the companies were filled up they were to be sent to Camp Fremont, at St. Louis.

September 12th C. H. MURRAY had over fifty recruits for Captain WHITE's Cavalry Company, Second Regiment Ohio Cavalry. Wilkeson BEATTY and J. A. ZELLER had begun recruiting a company for the Fiftieth Regiment. Robert CULLEN had received authority to raise a company for the Fiftieth. A. J. LEWIS had also received the same authority.

Captain MARGEDANT, of the Engineering Corps, won the most favorable mention from the press for his enthusiasm, personal exposure, and admirable services in reconnoitering, at constant personal risk, the enemy's lines. Forty men were in the Ninth Regiment which left under Captain MARGEDANT, and about twenty-five men, under Lieutenant William H. MILLER, attached to the Twelfth. It also contributed about forty men to the regular army.

Companies were in process of formation, on the 19th of September, as follows:
Infantry.--Captain BEATTY, Captain HUBER, Captain A. J. LEWIS, Captain C. D. SMITH, Captain CULLEN.
Cavalry.--Captain WHITE, Captain William MOORE.

Charles MURRAY's company went to Camp Dick Corwine on the 26th of September with nearly a full company of cavalry. This was the fourteenth company from the county.

A national fast was observed on the 26th of September, 1861.

The company of cavalry which left Hamilton for Camp Corwine held an election on the 28th of September for officers, with the following result: Clement MURPHY, Captain; C. H. MURRAY, First Lieutenant; and Alexander C. ROSSMAN, Second Lieutenant.

From Hamilton several families sent more than one member to the army. Among them were four sons of James WHITTAKER; three sons of Mrs. CASTATOR; W. H. H. KIMBEL and two sons; J. HOUSER and two sons; L. W. MORRIS and two sons. Henry S. EARHART had two sons in the army.

Colonel L. D. CAMPBELL was appointed colonel of the Sixty-ninth Regiment, and a recruiting office was opened at Miami Hall.

Recruits were taken in Hamilton for the Martin Guards of the Fifty-eighth Regiment. N. C. McLEAN, Colonel; William H. MARTIN, of the Hamilton and Dayton Railroad, Lieutenant Colonel; and Robert REILY, of Cincinnati, Major. W. T. TIBBITTS was the authorized recruiting agent.

The recruiting for the Sixty-ninth progressed rapidly.

Louis Ferree BERRY, son of Philip and Rachel S. BERRY, died at Camp Gauley, West Virginia, of congestive fever. He was in the three months' service, and afterwards enlisted for the three years' service. He served in a number of skirmishes and displayed a gallantry and coolness wonderful in one so young. He was probably the youngest of the victims from this county in the civil war, lacking, at the time of his death, one month of sixteen years of age.

Captain MURPHY's company of cavalry visited Hamilton on the 6th of November, and were handsomely entertained by the Sixty-ninth.

Robert CULLEN, captain, was engaged in Hamilton in recruiting men for MEAGHER's ZOUAVES, Fiftieth Regiment, to be composed exclusively of Irishmen.

John FITCH, a member of Company D, Thirty-ninth Regiment, died in the hospital at Camp Foster, near Macon, Missouri, on the 29th of November, 1861, aged twenty-four. He was from Butler County. He was buried with honors. Colonel GROESBECK led the regiment to the graveyard, three volleys were fired over his grave, and the chaplain, Rev. B. W. CHIDLAW, made an eloquent address and offered up a fervent prayer.

Eleven hundred and forty-one men were enlisted in Butler County under the calls of the first year.

The civil war had many opponents in this county, and the first year had not passed without vigorous protests from them. The first burst of enthusiasm had silenced every voice, but in the course of two or three months objectors could again be heard in every part of the county. The Democratic party was divided into two camps, but the peace faction obtained the preponderating influence in the convention, which was duly held on the 2d of August, and they used their power. M. N. MAGINNIS was the leading spirit. He introduced a set of resolutions denouncing the war and reaffirming the principles of the resolutions of 1798, of the most ultra kind. They were warmly received, and were passed. But the sober sense of the party asserted itself afterwards, and the convention reassembled on the 21st, at which the previous resolutions were disavowed, and a more moderate series were passed. Many of those who had not been present previously were on hand, and the yeomanry were also in attendance, and it is safe to say that the latter meeting more thoroughly reflected the feelings of the Democracy than the former one did. There were then two newspapers published in Hamilton which were nominally Democratic, but they really differing as far as the poles. In the one controlled by Dr. McELWEE the most undisguised denunciations of the war, its leaders and the abolitionists, were to be found. To be a friend of the Union, as it was likely to be reconstructed, was bad enough; but to have a sympathy for a man with a colored skin was enough to cause a citizen's name to be written down among the most infamous of the human race. The Union Party, as the Republicans entitled themselves for the campaign, appealed to every patriotic sentiment of the country, and canvassed each township with great spirit, and came very near carrying the election. Two of the ticket were elected, the rest being defeated.

The Sixty-ninth Regiment was not wholly from this county. Besides Butler, it counts upon its lists the names of Darke, Montgomery, Preble, Harrison, and Fairfield. The first call for recruits was as follows:


"If any man hauls down the American flag, shoot him on the spot." John A. DIX.