The book, A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio,
was transcribed as it originally appeared.

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The entry ALLEN, HAZELTIN, SHOOK on page 528 of the History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler Co. Ohio is in error. The person in question is Ethan Allen Weston and his wife's maiden name was Nancy Hazeltine. The header should be WESTON, HAZELTINE, SHOOK. Unfortunately, I believe the error is in the original manuscript. - Bob Casady (, 12/10/2001)]
- the entry in Morgan Twp. pp. 435-436 has two errors. Abel Appleton was married to Betsey REED (not Reeves). She was the daughter of John and Catharine [Hutchinson] Reed of Trenton, New Jersey. This information can be verified in the book "Genealogy of Early Settlers in Trenton and Ewing (Old Hunterdon County) New Jersey" by Eli F. Cooley and William S. Cooley (1977). Page 203 has information on the Reed family and the marriage of Elizabeth Reed to Abel Appleton is mentioned on page 204. (I am told that Betsey's sister Theodocia married a James Grant and also settled in Butler County but I have not verified this). Abel and Betsey's daughter Isabelle APPLETON was married to John HARTENBOWER (not Arkenbyer). John was the son of Jeremiah and Mariah [Smith] HARTENBOWER of Kentucky. John and Isabelle moved from Butler Co., to Douglass, KS . Isabelle was John's second wife. John had 6 children with his first wife (Anna McCaleb) and 2 with his second wife (Isabelle [APPLETON] Hartenbower). - Kathryn Campbell, Washington, DC (kcampbel AT, 2 Nov 2004
Nicholas GORSUCH. On Union Township pages 582-587 under Nicholas Gorsuch, his 2nd wife is listed as "Catherine Trude". That is incorrect. She is Catherine Trout. This is my husbands great great grandparents, which we have documentation on. Also info on
Dawn Gorsuch
Peter GORSUCH. The child born 1867's first name was Lenna. Her friends called her "Lennie". She was my grandmother. (Liberty township, pp. 494 - 498) - Carol Hoff,, (8/15/2000)
GRIFFITH: I was pleased to discover the Butler Co., Ohio, 1882 History and Biographical Cyclopaedia on the Internet. I was looking for information on my GRIFFITH ancestors and encountered a story with which I was already familiar, the tragic drowning death of my g.g.g. grandfather and members of his family. I noticed, however, the date listed in the Cyclopaedia account is incorrect. It is listed as 1856 but should be (24 Feb) 1866. I have extensive documentation of this event from a book about Robert Griffiths by George R. Griffiths. According to George R. Griffiths's book, it was common in the early days to use the GRIFFITH and GRIFFITHS spellings somewhat interchangeably. In this particular case, the children of Robert Griffiths, who emigrated from Wales in the 1840's, also used the GRIFFITHS spelling. Subsequent generations dropped the "S".- Don W. Griffith; 4707 E Pollack Lane, Phoenx, AZ 85040; (10/31/2000)
HINES to HYNES (under "Roads and Mills")
I was thrilled to find my great grandfather's name mentioned in the transcribed history. Indeed, the old farmhouse still stands in Overpeck. However, his name (Richard HYNES) was misspelled as HINES. This is very common error. My research has occasionally been derailed because of it. - Kathleen (Hynes) Dewey, (11/29/1999)
John IRWIN Ref: Milford Township: pages 562-574

"John IRWIN, son of Martin IRWIN (should be MORTON IRWIN, [see his name in Justices of the Peace list]) and Anna IRWIN (Anna is Anna CRAWFORD), was born in Butler County, September 11, 1812. His father came west in 1798, settling in the neighborhood of the Big Pond, in Fairfield Township, and two years after moving to Milford Township, which then had no highways. He settled two miles and a half north of Darrtown, afterwards cutting the road from Darrtown to his farm, being a part of the same road known as the Hamilton and Richmond Pike. His father cut the first tree ever cut by a white man on Section 17, Milford Township. John IRWIN was married December 28, 1838, to Caroline HOMER (should be Caroline HORNER), daughter of Nathan and Deleon HOMER (Should be Delia HORNER) who had emigrated to this county in 1808. His children were Josephine VAN ENDLING (Should be Josephine WENDLING "Mrs. Christian Wendling), born March 12, 1840; Cornelius, born February 25, 1842; Deleon, September 1, 1844; William, May 14, 1846; Harriet J., 1849; Frank P., February 6, 1852; and Caroline KING, December 12, 1854. Deleon and Harriet J. are dead. Mr. IRWIN lost his wife in 1854, and since has lived single. He has a fine farm, situated on the Fair Haven and Hamilton Pike. He has been trustee of Milford Township for twenty years. His grandfather, John IRWIN, served in the Revolutionary War. "

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Wayne F. Seibert
3027 Warner Drive, Fairborn, OH 45324
June 9 2002

Was researching Milholland and came across your site "The History and Bio/Cyclopaedia of Butler, Co, Ohio". The Milholland, Merring, Speiah, Arnold group (pg 436) are my family through the daughter Charlotte. The person she married however was Tobias SPEICH not Speiah. They lived in Sutton, Nebr and had seven children. My grandfather was Tobias Speich, Jr. Charlotte's two brothers. Thomas and George (went by Ed?) were also in Nebr but later moved to California near Hemet (per my aunt.) I have a picture of the elder Milhollands George and Mary Ann (Merring.) My aunt stated that Mary was described as a very stern lady. Charlotte was a schoolteacher. Thanks so much for putting this book online. Judith Perry Mcguire, (5/2/2001)
Andrew P. YOUNG first married Rebecca KIRKPATRICK. She was born 3 Aug 1810 in Butler County Ohio to Samuel and Barbara [ELLIOTT] KIRKPATRICK. Andrew and Rebecca married 8 Sept 1829 Butler Co Ohio. They had Barbara E. Young b. 1833, Rebecca Young b. 1836, and Maria Young b. 1846 . Rebecca Kirkpatrick Young died 16 Feb 1851. Andrew remarried Julia H. HUTCHINSON as his second wife. Andrew and both of his wives are buried at Somerville Cemetery at Somerville,Ohio. - Doris O.Sink,, (10/1/2000; 11/4/2007 update)