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SHAW, GRIFFIN, FINLEY (Morgan Twp., p. 433)
Elder Knowles SHAW--a name familiar in may western households--was born near New London, in Morgan Twp., on the 13th of Oct 1834. His mother's maiden name was Huldah GRIFFIN, & by both of his parents he was of Scotch extraction. His early life was spent in Rush Co., IN, where he first began to play the violin, furnishing the music for many a dance. While the ball was going on he was converted, ceasing to play in the middle of the piece he was performing. Very soon afterward he entered the ministry of the Christian Church. On the 11th of Jan 1855, he married Miss Martha FINLEY. Most of his time after entering the ministry was spent in the West & South, and on account of his wonderful vocal powers he was called the "singing evanglist." As a singer he was considered, in some respects, equal to SANKEY & BLISS. Reporters of the press all spoke of his singing as something wonderful. Soon after beginning to preach, he began to compose & to write music. His first song was "The Shining Ones," still popular. He published at different times five singing-books: "Shining Pearls," "Golden Gate," "Sparkling Jewels," "The Gospel Trumpet," & the "Morning Star." "Bringing in the Sheaves" was one of the last songs from his hands. His last meeting was held in Dallas, TX in May 1878. He was killed by a railroad accident, going from Dallas to McKinney, on the 7th of Jun 1878. During his ministry he baptized over 11,000 persons.

SEFTON, JONES, BEBB, BEVIS, BAUGHMAN (Morgan Twp., p. 433) Henry SEFTON, the father of a large posterity, was born in Hamilton Co., OH, Feb 19, 1812. On the 22nd of Mar 1838, he married Margaret JONES, dau/o Morris & Ann (BEBB) JONES. His wife was born in Ross Twp., Butler Co., OH, Jan 11, 1814. This union produced 11 children, seven of whom are living, two dying in their youth, & one at the age of 27 years, killed in a well. Milton, the oldest of the family, was born on 12 Apr 1839. He is married & lives in Preble Co., OH. Elizabeth, who is single, was born on the 13th of May 1840. Martha Ann was born Feb 21, 1842. She is the wife of John R. BEVIS of Reily Twp., one-half miles west of Ogleton. Everett was born on the 14 of Jan 1844 & was killed in 1871. Louisa was born Feb 22, 1846. Euphemia was born Jul 21, 1847, & died young. Cornelia was born Aug 17, 1849. She is the wife of William BAUGHMAN, of Harrison Twp., Hamilton Co., OH. Emma S. was born Apr 13, 1851; she is unmarried. Helen was born Mar 19, 1854, dying early in life. Gilbert was born Feb 15, 1856. After his marriage Mr. SEFTON farmed in Hamilton Co. for a few years on his father's place, & about 1845 moved to Morgan Twp., on Paddy's Run, where he purchased one quarter section of land, on which he resided until his death, Aug 15, 1856. Mr. SEFTON was a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity, & in all the enterprises of a public nature took an active & consistent part. His son, Milton, was drafted for the war, but secured a substitute. Everett enlisted in the Fall of 1861 in the 5th OH Volunteer Cavalry, Co. H. He served 3 years, was discharged, & then taken prisoner. Mrs. SEFTON, with the family, a portion of which is yet at home, carries on the farm successfully. They are among the solid people of the county, having accumulated a handsome competency.

John P. JONES was born in Montgomeryshire, North Wales, Apr 20, 1810. On the 9th of Jun 1834, he married Mary (JONES), widow of John SWANCOTT, of this township, who was born in Montgomery, North Wales, Oct 16, 1794. This marriage produced two children Elliott, born May 24, 1835, & who died May 5, 1867; & Michael, who was born Aug 13, 1838. He is married and lives in New London. Mr. JONES came to America in the Fall of 1832, settling in Morgan Twp. on Paddy's Run. When first taking up his residence here he was poor man. He at once went to work by the month on a farm until his marriage. He then purchased 121 acres of land, part on time. Since his arrival from the mother-country he has, by careful management, accumulated a large property, ranking at present as one of the wealthiest citizens of the township. Of the minor offices of the township he has held several. He is also a faithful member of the Congregational Church. In politics he was a Whig till about 1856, from which time he has ranked as a Republican. His first vote was cast for General HARRISON. Michael, the 2nd son, married Miss Parthenia WILKINS, Jun 2, 1881, who was born in Hamilton Co., OH, Sep 22, 1848. He was a member of the 5th OH Volunteer Cavalry, Co. B, being stationed in the Kanawha Valley, WV. He was also a member of the "one hundred day" company; took part in Morgan's raid; & has been a school-teacher for 3 years each, in Morgan & Ross Twps.

DE ARMOND, BROWN, BEBB (Morgan Twp., p. 434)
A well-known man in Morgan Twp. is William Augustus DE ARMOND, who was born Aug 17, 1846, & married Ada BROWN, dau/o H. W. BROWN of Okeana, Nov 28, 1878, who was born Feb 3, 1860. Mr. DE ARMOND is one of the present township trustees, which office he has held for 3 terms. He has been assessor for 2 years; he is also a member of Harrison Encampment Odd Fellow's Lodge. Mr. DE ARMOND resides at the old BEBB homestead, Section 27.

SHROYER (Morgan Twp., p. 434)
John SHROYER was an undertaker for 40 years in this section of the country, during which time he buried over 1,000 persons. The first hearse in this township was a common one-horse farm-wagon. After several years it was replaced by a one-horse spring-wagon. In 1855 another took its place with window glass eight by ten inches on each side. It did service until Jan 13, 1864, when Mr. SHROYER died, aged 66. He was buried at his request in a coffin made by himself, as really he was his own workman. His prices ranged from $2.00 to $8.00 per coffin & attendance. There have been 8 children, the eldest dying in infancy. The others are: Nelson; Delilah; John, who died May 26, 1868, aged 25; Catherine; Thomas; Lydia; & George, who died in his youth.

SHROYER (Morgan Twp., p. 434)
Thomas SHROYER is well known in both Hamilton & Butler Counties. He is of a literary disposition; has filled the office of Sunda-school superintendent, organist in the United Brethrendisposition; has filled the office of Sunda-school superintendent, organist in the United Breth

Hugh WILLIAMS was born in Anglesea, Wales, Mar 1806, & married Eliza GWILYM, widow of Abner FRANCIS, Sr., in 1833. Mrs. WILLIAMS was born Feb 5, 1809 Morgan Twp. This union produced 8 children, three of whom are living: Mark born Oct 28, 1834, married, & serving as a missionary in China; Jane, born Jun 17, 1844, the wife of D. Gaston BOYD, of Newtown, OH; Hannah, born May 2, 1848, the widow of Professor James A. CLARK, now of New London. Mr. WILLIAMS came to America in 1829, stopping in PA for one year, then coming to Paddy's Run & beginning business as a blacksmith, which trade he followed until 1845. In 1847 he pruchased a farm of 100 acres, on which he lived until his death in Mar 1870. He was one of the prominent men of Morgan Twp.; was identified with all public improvements; & was a prominent member of the New London Congregational Church, of which he was deacon for more than 40 years. Mark WILLIAMS married Isabella RIGGS, dau/o Rev. S. R. RIGGS, the distinguished missionary. He graduated at Oxford in 1858, went to Lane Seminary in the Fall of the same year, where he remained for 3 years, joining the ministry in 1861. After his theological course he preached for a short time in IL & WI, & in 1866 was sent to China by the American Board of Missions, where he has since resided.

Abner FRANCIS, Jr. was born Feb 18, 1829, in Ross Twp., & is the s/o Abner FRANCIS, Sr., & Mrs. WILLIAMS, who was a widow at that time. ( She was Eliza [GWILYM] FRANCIS WILLIAMS, wife/o Hugh WILLIAMS.) Mr. FRANCIS married Martha A. VAUGHN, which marriage has given birth to 8 children. William was born Feb 7, 1858; David, Jul 8 1859; John, Feb 15, 1862; Mark, Mar 19, 1863; Eliza, Dec 30, 1865; Mary, Nov 12, 1868; Edward, Mar 27, 1872; Annie, Oct 6, 1875. Mr. FRANCIS has been active in all the industrial & educational pursuits of his township and county. He is one of the directors of the Cincinnati & Brookville Turnpike, along with James A. BEVIS & Amzi McGILL; is a member & deacon of the Paddy's Run Church, & for a number of years has been chorister of the Sunday-school.

GWILYM, EVANS (Morgan Twp., p. 434)
The GWILYMs, of whom Morgan (GWILYM) is the progenitor on this side of the Atlantic, came to America in 1768, & married Elizabeth EVANS in Butler Co. His brother William came to America in 1795, & stopped on the Red Stone River in PA, for a few months, where he aided in making the first iron west of the Alleghanies. In 1798 he came down the OH & took up residence as a squatter on Blue Rock, in Colerain Twp., Hamilton Co., OH, & in 1802 settled on Paddy's Run in Morgan Twp. He died in 1845, & his wife in 1862. The marriage produced 5 children, all of whom were daughters.

The VAUGHNs came to America in 1801, & in 1802 removed from PA to Morgan Twp. Mr. VAUGHN married for his 2nd wife, Ruth (CROSBY) COMSTOCK, of Yankee extraction, in 1807. She was born in CT, 1766, & d Aug 5, 1825, leaving no family. He married the 3rd time to Mary WARDELL, Jun 14, 1828, widow of William BRIGHTWELL. Mrs. Mary (WARDELL) BRIGHTWELL VAUGHN was born Mar 17, 1765, & died Jun 24, 1853, without issue. By his second wife he had no children. Mr. VAUGHN died Sep 4, 1848. His son, William, was born Aug 16, 1803 in Morgan Twp. He married Mary BEBB, Nov 4, 1825, who was born Jan 12, 1806 in this township. This marriage resulted in five children, one dying in infancy; four of whom grew to maturity. John Green VAUGHN was born Jan 21, 1827, & is married & lives in Marion Co., IL; Martha Ann, born Nov 12, 1832, is now the wife of Abner FRANCIS, of Ross Twp.; William Crosby, born Feb 25, 1835, is unmarried, & lives with his mother in New London; Mary Bebb, born Oct 28, 1846, is the wife of Rees H. EVANS, of this township. William VAUGHN received from his father about 90 acres of land, on which he commenced life for himself, rising constantly in the estimation of his fellow-citizens. He was chosen captain of the State militia, & served as the first postmaster of Paddy's Run, which office he held until about 1847. At the time of his death, Nov 22, 1851, he owned 220 acres of land.

Another of the leading citizens of Morgan Twp. is Andrew J. JONES, s/o John C. JONES, who was born in Ross Twp., Nov 27, 1826, & married, for his first wife, Jane MORRIS, Jan 1851, dau/o Evan MORRIS. Mrs. JONES died Jul 3, 1853, leaving one son, Gilbert M., who was born Jun 5, 1853, who is unmarried, living in the Twp. of Ross. For his 2nd wife, Mr. JONES, married Patience MOOREHOUSE, Feb 5, 1861, dau/o Eliphalet MOOREHOUSE; the latter born Feb 6, 1835. Mr. JONES is a member of the Congregational Church, & has been a trustee of the township. He was in Col. MOORE's 100 day regiment. He began life with 130 acres which his father gave him, & from time to time has added to them until at present he owns 400 acres of tillable ground.

ATHERTON, WILLEY, CLARK, SCOTT (Morgan Twp., p. 435)
Among the most prominent of the old pioneers was William ATHERTON, born May 21, 1808 in Boston, MA, & married in 1830 to Elizabeth WILLEY, who was born in Hamilton Co., Colerain Twp., (OH), Jun 24, 1810. This marriage brought forth 9 children, as follows: George, born Oct 30, 1831, married, & lives in Terre Haute, IN; Henry, born Oct 21, 1833 & died Feb 28, 1839; Amos, born Dec 27, 1835, married, & lives in MO; Olive, born Sep 21, 1837, the wife of B. F. CLARK, of Venice; Naomi, born Mar 1, 1840, unmarried, at home; Mary, born Jun 21, 1842, now dead; Belinda, born Jan 5, 1845, died Mar 12, 1876; William, born May 26, 1847, met his death by accident Nov 9, 1861; Jane, born Feb 22, 1850, wife of Austin SCOTT, the s/o William H. SCOTT, of Crosby Twp., both men of many excellent parts. These last named live near Harrison, OH. Mr. ATHERTON was brought when a child of ten years of age to Hamilton Co., & in 1836 purchased 200 acres of land in this township, on which he took up residence. He met his death from cholera, Jun 21, 1858. His widow still resides on the old farm. William ATHERTON was a hard-working farmer; & in all his undertakings was amon of probity & ultimate success.

Amos ATHERTON, born in 1793, married Mary FRANCIS, born in 1797, dau/o David FRANCIS. The result of this marriage was a family of ten children, four of whom were twins: David F., born 1817, a resident of Morgan; Phoebe, born 1819, widow of Andrew McCoy WAKEFIELD, of New Haven, Hamilton Co., OH; Elijah, born 1821--dead; Abner, born 1823, married & lives in IA; Francis, born in 1823--dead; Mary, born 1827--dead; Elizabeth, born 1830, wife of David POTTENGER, of New Haven, OH; Amos W.., born in 1832--dead; Mary, born in 1835--dead; Rachel, wife of Joseph McHENRY, of New Haven, OH. Amos ATHERTON came to Hamilton Co., OH about 1808, where he acquired a large body of land near the Shaker village, living there at the time of his death. He was a man of deep religious convictions, & distinguished for his liberality in Church matters.

David F. ATHERTON married for his first wife, Jane GWILYM, dau/o Morgan GWILYM, of this township. Mrs. ATHERTON was born in 1819, & died Feb 5, 1867. This marriage resulted in two children, both of whom are dead. For his second wife, Mr. ATHERTON married Jane, dau/o Hugh PRICE, born in Franklin Co., OH, 1840. The fruits of this union were two children, one of whom still lives. Mr. ATHERTON came to Morgan Twp. in 1844, & settled on the MORGAN-GWILYM estate, in sight of New London, where he still resides, respected by everybody.

Griffith MORRIS, s/o Evan MORRIS, was born in Morgan Twp., Sep 7, 1820, & married Mary Jane WAPON, widow of Benjamin HUMPHREYS, Apr 17, 1856. Mrs. MORRIS was born Dec 22, 1830 in Delaware Co., OH. There have been four children: Minter C., born Feb 19, 1857, who married a dau/o the Rev. B. W. CHIDLAW, & now resides near home as a farmer; Walter, born Jan 7, 1860; Minor, born Aug 23, 1863; Armer, born Aug 9, 1868.

MORRIS (Morgan Twp., p. 435)
Evan MORRIS, Sr., was born in Montgomeryshire, North Wales, where he married Jane MORRIS, by whom he had 8 children, two dying in infancy: Evan, born Mar 15, 1816; Griffith, born in Morgan Twp.; John, born in Morgan Twp.--dead; Mary & Ann--dead; Mary Ann, born in this township but living in Ross; Jane, born in Morgan Twp., now dead; Hannah, born in Morgan but living in Ross. Mr. MORRIS came to America in 1818, & from Pittsburg to Cincinnati made his way on a flat-boat. He purchased 80 acres of land on Paddy's Run, where he resided until his death, but in the meantime adding to the first purchase very considerably.

Abel APPLETON, a pioneer of this valley, came from NJ to Morgan Twp., with his wife & family, about 1807. His wife's maiden name was Betsey REEVES. She died about 1880, & her husband about 1832. This union produced 5 children, now all dead: Jane, wife of George KING; Elizabeth, wife of Dr. OTTO; Pearson; Catharine, wife of Enoch LARISON; & John. Pearson APPLETON was born in NJ about 1803; he married Margaret MAHAFFEY of this county. They had 8 children: Nancy, wife of David MORRIS of Hamilton Co., OH; John, now a resident of Okeana; Elizabeth Ann, wife of John MORGAN--dead; Isabelle, wife of John ARKENBYER, now of Kansas; Sarah, wife of Josiah DEEN, of Marion Co., IN; Mary, widow of Michael MILHOLLAND, of Hamilton Co., OH; Abel, married & lives in IA; Phoebe, wife of Amos CANN, lives in KS.

John L. APPLETON was born Nov 12, 1824, & married Esther Ann McHENRY on Dec 16, 1846. His wife was born in Delhi Twp., Hamilton Co., OH, Jun 11, 1826. This marriage resulted in 10 children: Pearson, born Nov 6, 1847, died Jul 6, 1848; Lindsay, born Jul 10, 1849, married & residing in this township; Rhoda, born Sep 12, 1852, wife of Amos VAN LOO, of Preble Co., OH; Pearson E., born Jul 31, 1855, married & a citizen of Morgan; Margaret A., born Aug 7, 1857, & wife of James FREILING, of this township; William W., born Apr 1, 1859; Wallace W., born May 2, 1862; Charlotte R., born May 22, 1866; Canowels, born Sep 14, 1868; & Enoch McHenry, born Jul 23, 1871. Mr. APPLETON is one of the representative men of Butler Co. His family moves in the best circles of society.

MILHOLLAND, MERRING, SPEIAH, ARNOLD (Morgan Twp., p. 436) Correction
George MILHOLLAND was born in Franklin Co., IN, Dec 16, 1811, & married Mary Ann, dau/o John MERRING, Mar 24 1842. Their children are: John, born Mar 6, 1843, who lives in IA, & is a practicing physician; Charlotte, born Sep 24, 1845, the wife of Tobias SPEIAH, resides in NE; Thomas, born Jan 30, 1848, is married, & in NE; William, born Jul 10, 1850, is a practicing physician in Shelby Co., OH; Anna, born Sep 8, 1852, lives in Mt. Carmel, IN, & is the wife of Edwin M. ARNOLD; David M., born Mar 5, 1858, is unmarried, & is a student of medicine in Shelby Co., OH; George E., born Jun 23, 1861. John enlisted in the army in the Fall of 1861, in Company H, 5th OH Volunteer Cavalry, & served until 1864. At the expiration of his time he contracted sickness, from which he suffered for some time after his discharge. Mr. MILHOLLAND came to Morgan Twp. in 1832. He began work by the month, & rented until 1842, when he and his wife purchased 100 acres of the MERRING homestead. Mr. MILHOLLAND was a member of the Congregational Church, & in may other matters took a lively interest. He died in Mar 1878, leaving a wife and 7 children.

John MERRING was born in Frederick Co., MD, & married in Morgan Twp., in 1819. His wife was Mary E. BOTTENBURG, of the same county & state. This marriage resulted in 8 children, two dying in infancy, the remaining six reaching maturity. George was born in 1820, & died in the late war; Mary Ann was born Jul 22, 1821, & is now the widow of George MILHOLLAND; Anna, born Aug 11, 1824, the wife of Evan EVANS; Catharine is the wife of Cornelius B. SURFACE, of Warren Co., OH; David M. is married & resides in Warren Co., OH; Eliza M., married, is now of Terre Haute, IN. George MERRING, the father of John, & John M. BOTTENBURG, had each purchased one-quarter section of land in Morgan Twp. at an early day. Mr. MERRING, Sr., never coming to this county, deeded his quarter section to his son. John MERRING died from injuries received by a kick of a horse, Oct 26, 1849. He was a captain in the State militia, & a prominent deacon & member of the Paddy's Run Congregational Church. His wife died Oct 29, 1878.

Ephraim HALL was born in PA about 1785. He married for his first wife, in PA, Hannah WYNN, who died in 1819, leaving two children. Benjamin was born about 1815, is married, & lives in Mercer Co., OH; Jonathan, born Feb 18, 1818, is married & lives in Morgan Twp. For his second wife, Ephraim HALL married Dorcas CALLAHAN. She bore him three children: Jeremiah, whose whereabouts is unknown; Matthew, who is dead; Nancy, who is supposed to be alive, but whose residence is uncertain. Mr. HALL was a resident of this township before 1812, taking up his residence on Paddy's Run. He died about 1853. Jonathan HALL married Catherine BRANDENBURG, who was born Nov 10, 1823, dau/o Jacob BRANDENBURG. He is the father of eight children, as follows: Hannah, wife of Nelson SHROYER, now of KS; Jacob, a resident of KS; Mary, wife of David BURNETT, of Morgan; William, married & at home; another (daughter), wife of Leander SELYER, now of KS; Charles & Albert, both single & at home; & Hiram, who also is the eldest. Mr. HALL is a self-made man. He began work as a farm-hand, & has continued to prosper, until now. He owns 163 acres of land. He is surrounded by many of the comforts of life.

WILLIAMSON, PAYNE, SLEET, NEEDHAM (Morgan Twp., pp. 436-437)
James Harrison WILLIAMSON, M.D., father of Dr. Henry Allen WILLIAMSON, was born in Scott Co., KY about 1824. Caroline PAYNE, his wife, was born in Frankfort Co., KY about 1821. This marriage resulted in three children, one dying in infancy: Henry Allen, born Oct 10, 1845, married, & is a resident of New London; Preston Emmett, born Mar 4, 1848, married, & is a dentist at Frankfort, KY. Dr. WILLIAMSON, Sr., was one of the pioneer settlers of Scott Co., KY, & was ranked as one of the foremost citizens. He gave both of his children a liberal education, and, though not a man of large means, at one time lost all his property. His son, Henry Allen, was born in Boone Co., KY, married Mary Belle SLEET, of the same place, Oct 10, 1867. His wife was born May 28, 1851. The results are four children, two of whom live: Lula Belle, born Jun 29, 1876; Weedie A., born Jan 1876 (?). Dr. WILLIAMSON, Jr., studied medicine for one year under Dr. John NEEDHAM, of Newcastle, IN, & in 1867 began his studies at one of the medical colleges of Cincinnati (OH), where he graduated in 1870. He has since practiced in Paris, KY, for one year, & now follows his profession in the country of Paddy's Run. All the WILLIAMSONs are Baptists, religiously. The father of James H. was a Virginian by birth. He came down the OH at an early day on a flat-boat, fighting his way through the Indian nations. William PAYNE, the grandfather of Dr. H. A. WILLIAMSON on his mother's side, was also a Virginian, a captain in the War of 1812, & a great hunter, keeping a pack of hounds to the day of this death. Dr. WILLIAMSON, Sr., died Sep 4, 1848.