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BAXTER, FRENCH (Hanover Twp., p. 446)
Reason R. BAXTER, the s/o Sill & Mary BAXTER, was born in Clark Co., KY, Nov 15, 1829. He settled in this county in 1877. He was married on the 22nd of Dec, 1860, at Winchester, KY, to Clara FRENCH, dau/o Chalres & Alice FRENCH, who was born in Montgomery Co., KY in 1840. They have had three children: Anna was born Mar 17, 1863; Carrie, Apr 26, 1868, & Lewis H., Mar 15, 1871. Mr. BAXTER was a member of the 5th U. S. Cavalry, serving two years. He is a farmer.

BELL, HALL, BUGG (Hanover Twp., p. 446)
James H. BELL was born in Hanover Twp., Oct 17, 1826. He is a retired farmer, and is the s/o James BELL & Nancy HALL. His father was in the War of 1812, coming to the county in 1811. He was born in Philadelphia, Dec 2, 1779, & died May 29, 1828. Mrs. BELL was born in SC, May 5, 1792, & died Aug 24, 1871. They raised a family of seven children, five daughters & 2 sons, of whom two sons & two daughters are still living. All but James H. BELL are married. He now controls & resides upon the farm where he was born. For the past five years he has been unable to get around much, owing to a stroke of paralysis. Mrs. Rhoda BUGG, who is and has been his housekeeper the 13 years last past, was born in Clayton, England, Nov 17, 1824. She was married Mar 4, 1848 to John Henry BUGG, who died in 1855. In the 1869 she embarked for this country & located in this county.

The BOATMANs were one of the earliest families in the county. Jeremiah W. BOATMAN, now living in this township, is a descendant of this family. He was born in Hamilton, (Butler Co., OH), Sep 7, 1840, & is the s/o Mark M. BOATMAN & Cynthia WARWICK. The great-great-grandfather BOATMAN was of French descent, enlisting as a soldier under LAFAYETTE, & taking part in many of the actions of the Revolutionary War. He remained in America at the close of the war where he had married & raised a small family, of which the members were nearly all massacred by the Indians in PA. James BOATMAN was born in Northumberland Co., PA about 1771, as nearly as can be told. On the 22nd of Aug 1799, he married Anna MILLS, dau/o Col. James MILLS, & emigrated to OH two years after. Col. MILLS was of Irish descent. He emigrated from Berks Co., PA, & settled in Hamilton. He had seven children: Reed, Mark, James, Anna, Abbie, Julia, & Eliza. When the colonel started from the East he had three fine-blooded horses. These he sent on in advance, in charge of a man who was going that way, but when he arrived, either owing to the Indians or to the duplicity of his agent, he found neither horses nor man, & was obliged to content himself with his loss. Col. MILLS came down by boat, as did Mr. BOATMAN, who carried his family in a canoe, landing in Cincinnati, where there were then only a few cabins. From there he went to Hamilton. It was at that time a common thing to mark a road by little sticks & stones, to indicate the route; they followed these for a long time, & then discovered that some person had maliciously changed the little end, which indicated the right way, so as to point out another & entirely wrong direction. This cost them several days' lost labor. As soon as the land was surveyed on the west side of the river, he located 160 acres four miles north of Hamilton, on Four-Mile Creek. Here he built a small cabin, in which he lived until he became easy in money matters, when he erected a commodious frame house, which is still standing. At the time he took up his settlement here there were only three families in his neighborhood--one opposite the FLENNER Mills, one on the farm now owned by Andrew FLENNER, & one on William BROOKS's present farm. The two former lived in block-houses.

BOATMAN (Hanover Twp., p. 447)
James BOATMAN resided on his farm till his death, at which time he was 80 years old. He reared a family of 13 children: Claudius, James M., Mark M., Sarah M., Mary A., Ann, Jane, Reed M., William, John M., Nathan C., & Jeremiah N., eight boys & 5 girls. Himself, wife, brothers, & sisters were great hunters. In PA they would go out hunting many miles from home & remain for weeks. The game was bears, raccoons, deer, & turkeys, besides small fry. They were often chased by the Indians, having many narrow escapes. On one occasion, while he & his sister were hunting, they were pursued by Indians, & his sister was caught, scalped, & left for dead. She escaped, recovered, & afterwards married & lived to a good old age, although without a forelock, which was artificially supplied. Being penniless at the time of his marriage, he and his wife apprenticed themselves to a farmer for one year to get the means necessary for housekeeping. His wife, besides faithfully attending to her household duties & enduring the hardships of frontier life, acted as an herb physician, in which she was very successful. She was fine horsewoman & a good marksman. One night they had a visitor. The meat was out, & there was no way of getting any more except by shooting it. So she rose early in the morning, built a fire, put on the pot, & went out. Guided by her knowledge of the habits of deer, she soon found one, brought her rifle to her shoulder, & fired. The animal fell, & she soon had a large piece of it in the pot. Her breakfast was soon got ready, & by the time the family was awake & dressed it was upon the table.

DOYLE, WEAVER, WARNER (Hanover Twp., p. 447)
John DOYLE was born in Morgan Twp., (Butler Co., OH), Aug 31, 1823. His parents were Thomas DOYLE & Catherine WEAVER. The former was a soldier in the War of 1812, & came here about 1819. He died in 1834 with cholera. Mrs. DOYLE, the mother, died Jan 9, 1879, aged 105 years. John DOYLE was married Oct 22, 1851, in Rush Co., IN to Euphemia WARNER, born in OH, Apr 16, 1833. They have had 8 children. Eliza Jane was born Oct 4, 1854; Angelette, Nov 10, 1856; Thomas Jefferson, Jul 22, 1860; Wilfred W., known as John, Sep 7, 1862; Elisha H., Oct 9, 1864; Sarah M., Nov 25, 1868; Lella I., Jun 28, 1872; Edna Anna, Mar 9, 1877. Mr. DOYLE served in the late war as a member of Company E, 69th OH Volunteer Infantry.

EGBY, CRAIG, HYERS, PEMBREW (Hanover Twp., p. 447)
John EGBY was born in Centerville, IN, Feb 3, 1855, being the s/o Armistead EGBY & Emily CRAIG. Mr. EGBY served 4 years in the late war, & died while in the army. John EGBY was married at Hamilton, (Butler Co., OH), Oct 4, 1879, to Ida HYERS, dau/o Moses HYERS & Rachel PEMBREW, who was born in Centerville, IN, Aug 14, 1861. Mr. EGBY is a farmer.

HALL, MORRIS (Hanover Twp., p. 447)
John M. HALL was born in Hanover Twp. in 1809. He is the s/o John HALL & Elizabeth MORRIS, who came here in March, 1806 from KY. He is a farmer, & has been supervisor & school director. His father was in the Revolutionary War as a private in a SC regiment, & received a pension a few years before he died. This was in the year 1836, his wife dying May 1838. They were both buried on their farm.

LAGETROST, HAFERTEPEN (Hanover Twp., p. 447)
John Theodore LAGETROST was born in Dec, 1832, in Germany. He was married to Mary HAFERTEPEN in 1852, & had 10 children. John was born May 2, 1853; Minnie, Dec 6, 1855; Henry, Jan 27, 1858; Lizzie, Jan 11, 1860; Caroline, Jun 24, 1862; Anthony, Sep 25, 1864; Benjamin, Oct 20, 1866; Annie, Dec 21, 1868; Rosa, Dec 30, 1870; Joseph, Jan 14, 1873. The oldest lives in Minster, Auglaize Co., (OH), & the rest in this county. Mr. LAGETROST was a farmer. He died Jan 15, 1873, & since that time the widow & her children have carried on the farm.

HUMMELL, RITTER (Hanover Twp., p. 447)
Adam HUMMELL, farmer & stock-raiser, was born in Bavaria, Oct 18, 1842, & is the s/o David & Elizabeth HUMMELL. The father died Jun 20, 1854, but the mother is still living in Germany. Mr. HUMMELL came to this country in 1865, & was married Feb 19th, of that year, to Elizabeth RITTER, dau/o Christian RITTER, who died Jan 24, 1864, in Germany, & of Pheby RITTER, who died Dec 4, 1874, at Hamilton. Mrs. Elizabeth HUMMELL was born Jan 11, 1844. Their children have been Katharine, born Jan 28, 1868; Adam, Feb 2, 1870; Michael, Jan 9, 1870; Francis S., Mar 8, 1874; Frita, Sep 1, 1876; Anna, Sep 24, 1878, & Hilda, Sep 23, 1880. Mr. HUMMELL has always been a farmer, & now owns a place of 142 acres. He was a school director of District No. 2 from 1876 to 1881.

IRWIN, THORN, MADISON, MONROE, CHENEY, HILL (Hanover Twp., pp. 447-448)
Azariah T. IRWIN was born in Butler Co., Jun 9, 1821, being the s/o John IRWIN & Mary THORN. The land on which he was born was entered by his grandfather, Azariah THORN, Dec 13, 1811,& his deed bears the names of James MADISON, President, & James MONROE, Secretary of State. Mr. THORN served in the War of 1812. Azariah T. IRWIN was married Apr 28, 1853, in Fairfield Co., IN, to Elizabeth CHENEY, dau/o Jacob CHENEY & Mahala HILL, who was born in that place Mar 29, 1834. They have had five children: Charles E. was born Feb 7, 1854; John, Jan 4, 1856; Washington, Sep 5, 1859; Edwin C., Sep 4, 1860; & Mary Virginia, Nov 12, 1864. John died Oct 5, 1856. Mrs. IRWIN had a brother, Edwin J. CHENEY, who participated in the late war. He was first sergeant of Co. G, 68th IN Volunteer Infantry, serving throughout the entire struggle. Mr. IRWIN died in IN on the 2nd of Aug 1873.

KUMLER, BEAM, GILLESPIE, BIGHAM (Hanover Twp., p. 448)
Gilca L. KUMLER was born in Hanover Twp., Jan 27, 1853. He is the s/o Michael KUMLER & Nancy BEAM. He was married Sep 27, 1879, to Hannah GILLESPIE, dau/o Robert GILLESPIE & Margaret BIGHAM, who came to this county about 1833. She was born on the 25th of Dec 1855. They have one child, Leola, born Apr 2, 1880. Mr. KUMLER is a farmer & stock-raiser, & lives on the farm on which he was born.

KELLY, BROOKS, GARDNER (Hanover Twp., p. 448)
John KELLY, s/o Jacob KELLY & Morris BROOKS, was born in Butler Co., OH, May 6, 1855. His parents had come here two years prior to this event. He was married Apr 7, 1880 to Elizabeth GARDNER, dau/o Peter GARDNER & Elizabeth GARDNER. Her parents came here in 1851, & she was born in 1861. Mr. KELLY is a farmer, & has served one term as supervisor.

KRUCKER, FRANKHOUSER (Hanover Twp., p. 448)
Frederick KRUCKER was born in Germany, coming to this county in 1865 from Hamilton Co., (OH). He was twice married. His second wife, whose maiden name was Louisa FRANKHOUSER, was born in Belmont Co., OH, Mar 29, 1838, & was married in Hamilton Co., Nov 24, 1855. Her parents were Daniel & Mary FRANKHOUSER, & they live in Belmont Co., (OH). She has had five children: William was born Mar 17, 1859; Mary, Mar 22, 1861; Frederick, Feb 13, 1863, Edward, Apr 23, 1866; John Frank, Jun 5, 1868; & Louisa, Oct 23, 1864. William died Jun 23, 1864; Frederick, Jan 15, 1864; & Louisa, Jan 13, 1866. Mr. KRUCKER was a wagonmaker by trade, but carried on a farm the last three years of his life. He died Apr 2, 1869.

MORRIS, HINKLE, CLARK, HOLMES (Hanover Twp., p. 448)
Oliver P. MORRIS is the s/o Isaac K. MORRIS & Sarah J. HINKLE. They came to this county about 1838. The father is now dead. Oliver P. MORRIS was born in Fairfield Twp., Apr 22, 1848, & was married Oct 20, 1870, Cincinnati, (OH) to Orlette J. CLARK, dau/o William V. CLARK, born Dec 4, 1827, & Elizabeth HOLMES, b Dec 30, 1832. Their daughter was born in Fairfield Twp, Oct 22, 1851. She & her husband have 4 living children. Albertine was born Jan 4, 1872; William Isaac, Sep 4, 1874; Ann Elizabeth, Nov 6, 1877; & Charles L., Nov 13, 1880. Two other children were born who were not named; one on the 17th of Jun 1876 & one Oct 30, 1879. Mr. MORRIS is a school-teacher by profession, following that occupation for several years prior to his marriage, & one term since then. Since 1871 he has paid all his attention to his farm & raising stock. He now has control of 500 acres, 300 of which is under a good state of cultivation, & the remainder is well adapted for pasture.

MEHL, REOP, WEHR, HITELINGER (Hanover Twp., p. 448)
Jacob MEHL was born in Strasbourg, now in Germany, on the 22nd of Sep 1828, & came to this county in 1841 with his parents, Michael MEHL & Catherine REOP. The father died in the year 1876, & the mother in 1861. Mr. Jacob MEHL was married on the 30th of Nov, 1854, to Lena WEHR, dau/o George WEHR & Barbara HITELINGER, who came here in 1844, & are both living. Mrs. MEHL was also born in Strasbourg, Feb 2, 1840. Their union has been blessed with 11 children: Elizabeth Barbara was born Sep 17, 1855; Anna Caroline, Oct 20, 1857; Simeon Charles, Aug 19, 1860; Louisa Matilda, May 23, 1862; Mary Ann, Sep 25, 1863; Jacob Benjamin, Mar 7, 1865; Lena Barbara, Feb 12, 1867; Clara Ellen, Feb 11, 1869; Sarah Lovina, Jun 8, 1870; William Andrew, Jul 22, 1870; & Frank Elmer, Jan 17, 1875. Mr. MEHL is a farmer.

MISTLER, HARRIS, LUSTYCK, MACON (Hanover Twp., p. 448)
Frederick MISTLER was born in Germany, Jan 14, 1834, being the s/o John MISTLER & Elizabeth HARRIS. He came to this county in 1859, & was married to Mary LUSTYCK, Feb 26, 1861, in this county. She is the dau/o John LUSTYCK & Elizabeth MACON, & was born in Jul, 1836. Their children have been nine. Mary Elizabeth was born Aug 29, 1861; Catherine, Apr 20, 1863; Lena, Oct 25, 1864; Frederick, Sep 24, 1866; Pitt, Mar 5, 1868; Andrew, Aug 30, 1870; George, Jun 9, 1873; Jacob, Jan 27, 1876; & Mary Catherine Josephine, Jul 16, 1879. Lena died Mar 19, 1868, & Frederick, Apr 17, 1868. Mr. MISTLER is a farmer.

NIXON, LONNER (Hanover Twp., p. 448)
John NIXON was born in this county, May 8, 1837. His parents were William & Margaret NIXON. He was married on the 31st of Dec 1861 to Margaret LONNER, dau/o David & Jane LONNER, who was born in this county, Jan 1, 1838. They have 4 children. Linda Nixon was born Nov 19, 1862, & is dead. William H. was born Apr 25, 1864; Charles D., Oct 29, 1868; & Mary Jane, Dec 9, 1870. He is a farmer. His father was in the War of 1812.

William NIXON was born in Aug, 1787, in Ireland, coming to America at nine years of age with his parents, James & Jane NIXON. They remained in PA for some time, & then emigrated to where Cincinnati, (OH) now stands. In 1809 they removed to Butler Co., (OH). James NIXON died on the 2nd of Aug 1825, & his wife Oct 17, 1840. William NIXON was married on the 11th of Jan, 1821, to Margaret DODDS, dau/o Andrew & Margaret DODDS, who moved to this county in 1808. Mrs. NIXON was born in PA, Mar 18, 1800. They had 9 children: Matilda, the eldest is dead. She was born Jan 27, 1822; Jane HUESTON was born May 8, 1824; Margaret TAYLOR, Jul 29, 1826; James, Mar 4, 1829; William, Mar 21, 1831; Anna, Jun 9, 1833; John, May 8, 1837, Elizabeth POCOCK, Jul 25, 1839; Martha Louise WEAVER, Feb 8, 1845. Mrs. HUESTON lives in Blooming Grove, Franklin Co., IN. Mr. NIXON ws always a farmer, but served one term in the War of 1812. He died Aug 2, 1861, his wife still surviving.

John F. RADER was born Jun 25, 1842, in Franklin Co., OH. He was the s/o Frederick RADER, born in 1803 in Germany, & Mary WELCH, born in 1817 in OH. They are now living in this county, having come here from Van Wert Co., (OH) in 1879. John F. RADER was married in Delaware Co., (OH), Dec 13, 1866, to Josephine LEWIS, dau/o Morgan S. LEWIS & Mary SHOEMAKER, the former born 1826 in NY State, & the latter in OH in 1828. Their daughter was born in Warren Co., (OH), Oct 12, 1848. Mr. & Mrs. RADER have had six children. Thomas J. was born Oct 4, 1867; Jenny L., Jul 7, 1869; Mary L., Sep 7, 1871, Frederick M., Sep 20, 1873; John William, Feb 5, 1876; & Jane Louisa, Jun 17, 1879. The first child was born in Delaware Co., & the last in Butler Co., the others in Van Wert Co. Mrs. RADER's parents have also moved to this county, coming here Oct, 1878. John F. RADER was a private in Capt. KIMBALL's Company G, 96th OH Volunteer Infantry. He enlisted Jun 12, 1862, & was engaged in the battles of Yazoo Swamp, Arkansas Post, Port Hudson, Island No. 10, siege of Vicksburg, Jackson, Mississippi, BANK's expedition to the Red River, & a great many others. He served until the end of the war, & was honorably discharged at Columbus, OH, Aug 20, 1865, then returning to his farm, where he still is.

RILEY, McGILBERRY, BECKETT, HILL (Hanover Twp., p. 449)
William H. RILEY, the s/o John RILEY & Numalennia McGILBERRY, was born in Hanover Twp., Jul 9, 1846. He was married on the 8th of Jun 1869 at Hamilton, (OH) to Hannah S. BECKETT, who was born Jun 1, 1850. Her parents, James BECKETT & Elizabeth HILL, came to this county at an early period, & are now both dead. Mr. & Mrs. RILEY have had five children. John Sheldon was born Apr 26, 1872; Minnie, Oct 30, 1873; Myrtle Gertrude, Jan 11, 1876; James Elmer, Sep 1, 1878; & William Henry, Mar 22, 1880. Minnie died on the 30th of Nov 1875. Mr. RILEY's uncle, Joshua, was in the War of 1812, & he had a brother in the War of the Rebellion. He was a member of the 3rd OH Volunteer Infantry, & served about 2 years, then being killed in the battle of Perrysville. Mr. RILEY is a farmer & stock raiser, & has made a specialty in the latter.