Hanover Township: Pages 449 - 450
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SETTLE, BERRY (Hanover Twp., p. 449)
Henry C. SETTLE, farmer & stock-raiser, was born in NC, May 5, 1838. His parents, Josiah SETTLE & Nancy A. SETTLE, were natives of that State, where they were born, the former in Nov 1799, & the latter in Jul 1819. They came to OH from MS in 1856, arriving here on the 20th of Mar. Henry C. SETTLE was married in Hamilton, (OH) on the 26th of Mar 1868 to Molly O. BERRY, who was born in MS, Nov 15, 1850. They have four children. Arta A. was born May 26, 1869; Charles H., Aug 1, 1872; James T., Aug 9, 1874; & John C., Nov 22, 1877. Mr. SETTLE was a carpenter's mate on board the General Bragg, of the gulf squadron, for two years, & was engaged in a good many battles of the war. Thomas BERRY was the colonel of a Mexican regiment in the Mexican War. Mr. SETTLE owns 108 acres of land on Section 13.

SETTLE, WEAVER, DAY (Hanover Twp., p. 449)
Robert P. SETTLE was born in SC on the 29th of Jul 1834, & came to this county in 1856, from Mississippi. His wife, Lizzie WEAVER, was born Feb 29, 1838, in NC, & was married to him Dec 28, 1864. They have one child, Nancy, born Sep 29, 1867. Mrs. SETTLE's parents were Bird WEAVER & Sarah DAY. Mr. SETTLE was for two years supervisor, & is a farmer & stock-raiser.

STEWART (Hanover Twp., p. 449)
William E. STEWART, farmer, was born in Harrison, PA in 1860. He is the s/o John & Lucy STEWART. He settled in this county in 1868.

Henry STAHLHEBER was born in Bavaria, Germany, Jun 10, 1820, his parents being Henry & Elizabeth STAHLHEBER. He came to this country in 1850, having previously been married to Elizabeth KEEPENBACKEN, dau/o of Philip & Philippine KEEPENBACKEN. They came to this county in 1874, & both are now living. She was born Sep 1825, & their marriage was in Mar 1846. They have had 8 children. Philip was born Sep 18, 1849; Michael, Sep 1851; Henry, Aug 11, 1853; John, Sep 1, 1855; Elizabeth, Jun 18, 1858; Philippine, Jun 11, 1860; Charles, Dec 1863; & Jacob, Apr 16, 1866. Mr. STAHLHEBER has now lived in the county 31 years, & has by his own industry accumulated considerable property. He owns two good farms, one containing 163 acres, & the other 160 acres. One of these is situated about a quarter of a mile from Hamilton, (OH), & the other about 3 miles. He carries on the dairy business in connection with his farms very extensively, now milking 40 cows, & finding ready sale for all he makes.

VITZEDOM, SOHN, DAVISON (Hanover Twp., pp. 449-450)
Jacob VITZEDOM, s/o Daniel, was a native of Germany, being born there on the 26th of Oct 1801. He came to this county in 1845, & on the 19th of Jul 1846 was married, in Hamilton, OH, to Catherine SOHN, also born in Germany. Her parents were John Lewis SOHN & Catherine DAVISON, & she was born Feb 15, 1821. Mr. & Mrs. VITZEDOM had 8 children. Barbara was born Jun 18, 1847, & died the next Oct. John J. was born Mar 20, 1849, & died in 1851; Elizabeth B. was born Aug 19, 1851; John William, Dec 12, 1853; John Jacob, Feb 7, 1855; George William, Sep 3, 1857; John Lewis, Jan 17, 1859; & William Martin, Nov 10, 1862. The last named died in 1867. Mr. VITZEDOM died on the 2nd of Nov 1875, leaving a good farm for his widow & surviving children.

Leonhard WASSERMAN was born in Germany, Feb 18, 1820. His parents were John Conrad WASSERMAN & Barbara WOLFERD. Mr. WASSERMAN settled in this county in 1847, & was married 2 years after, or in Aug 1849 at Hamilton, (OH), to Maria GAILEY, dau/o Balser GAILEY & Mary YEAKLE. They were early settlers, & are now both dead. Mrs. WASSERMAN was born in Fairfield Twp., Apr 12, 1832. They have had 10 children. Mary was born Apr 29, 1850; Elizabeth Apr 19, 1852; Jacob, May 5, 1854; Henry, Mar 26, 1856; Sarah, Jul 18, 1858; Joseph, Mar 6, 1860; Clara, Oct 9, 1862; Julia, Mar 3, 1864; Susan, Jun 24, 1866, & Ida, Nov 2, 1868. Mr. WASSERMAN is a farmer. He has been supervisor & school director for several years.

YEREIN, McCAIN (Hanover Twp., p. 450)
William YEREIN was born in Fairfield Twp., Butler Co., (OH), Feb 14, 1825. He was the s/o Frederick YEREIN & Matilda McCAIN. His father came here in 1814, & is still living. William YEREIN ws married in May 1855 to Hannah YEREIN, & has had 8 children: James M. was born Feb 9, 1856; Miller, in the Fall of 1858; Harriet, in 1860; Anna, in 1862; William, May 16, 1864; Ira Bell, Jul 1866; Elizabeth D., in the Fall of 1868; & Flora in the Winter of 1873. Miller, Harriet, & Anna are dead. Mr. YEREIN is a farmer. One of his uncles was in the Revolutionary War.