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Dr. Robert Pennel LAMB, s/o Thomas LAMB & Sarah (PENNEL) LAMB was born in Brownsville, PA, Nov 14, 1822. The family were all physicians. His father & grandfather both practiced medicine in Brownsville. His parents died when he was very young, & he was adopted at eight years of age by an aunt, & taken to Springfield, IL, where he was educated. He attended lectures in the University of PA, & in Cleveland, & graduated at the Rush Medical College at Chicago, under Dr. Brainard DAVIS, Feb 7, 1850. He began the practice of medicine in Springfield,, IL, but after his marriage there in 1855, he removed to Venice, where he engaged in the practice of his profession, which he continued till his death, which occurred Feb 27, 1867. He was extensively known throughout the county as a faithful, patient, & steadfast friend, & by his death the community suffered a severe loss. He was married on the 20th of Oct 1852 to Mary H. JOHNSON, dau/o Anthony Ludlow HEDGES & Hannah A. JOHNSON. Her father died when she was young, & she was adopted by her uncle, Andrew JOHNSON, & took the name of JOHNSON. The JOHNSON & HEDGES families came from NJ at a very early date, settling in Cincinnati, & have long been identified with both Hamilton & Butler Counties. She was born in Hamilton Co., OH, Jan 26, 1828, & at present resides in Venice.

T. B. MORRIS was born in Ross Twp., Butler Co., Mar 4, 1838. His father, William C. MORRIS, was born in this county, in 1800, & is still living. He had seven children, six of whom survive, the one who died being 40 years old. T. B. MORRIS was married in Cincinnati, on the 16th of Oct 1862 to Angelina H. HARROD. She is the youngest dau/o a family of nine children, of whom four are living. She was born in Hamilton Co., (OH), Sep 10, 1842, her parents being John Harrod & Margaret CONWAY. Mr. HARROD died Aug 14, 1872; he was born in 1800. Mr. & Mrs. MORRIS have had nine children. Rosamond E. is the eldest; she was born Jul 22, 1863; Harry M. was born Feb 9, 1865; Julia W., Dec 22, 1867; Arthur B. & Walter S., Oct 3, 1869; Luella, Sep 29, 1871; Gertrude, Jun 23, 1873; Samuel J. & Mary A., Dec 16, 1876. Mr. MORRIS is a school director, & has been for the last two years, & has also been supervisor. He has from boyhood followed farming as his vocation, as his father did before him. He has held various offices of trust, & is also vice-president of the temperance society called the Millville Christian Union Temperance Society. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, together with his wife. They exert all their energies in behalf of temperance & the cause of Christianity. Mr. MORRIS's mother is not living. Her maiden name was Esther TULLIS, & she died April 10, 1881, aged 79 years. His grandfather, William MORRIS, was in the War of 1812.

Andrew J. LEWIS, s/o James LEWIS & Maria MARSHALL, was born in Hanover Twp., Feb 11, 1833. His parents came to the county in 1808. The father died Jul 3, 1864, but the mother is still living in Hamilton. His grandfather was in St. Clair's defeat. Andrew J. LEWIS was married Jan 22, 1834 to Martha J. DICK, dau/o James DICK & Martha T. GILLESPIE, who was born Jan 22, 1834. Mr. DICK was born in 1809, in Ross Twp., & his wife in the same year. The latter died Aug 4, 1841, & the former, Dec 4, 1867. Mr. & Mrs. LEWIS have had seven children. Harry was born May 10, 1857; James D., Mar 3, 1859; Rosa, Oct 10, 1864; Martha E., May 10, 1865; Anna M., May 25, 1869; Charles G., Oct 8, 1872; David E., Jan 5, 1874. Rosa died Jun 4, 1865. Mr. LEWIS was captain of Company I, 35th OH Volunteer Infantry, serving nearly three years, then being honorably discharged on account of wounds received in the battle at Chattanooga, TN. He is now a pensioner. His brother, Robert, was a member of the 9th OH Cavalry, & served about one year at the close of the war. Mr. LEWIS has generally followed the occupation of a farmer, but has controlling interests in the Blanche mine in CO, & owns and controls four other mines, the Don Pedro, Silver Lake, Divide, & Premier, and spends a portion of his time in that country.

Jacob NIEDERMAN is a native of Bavaria, Germany where he was born on the 11th of Aug 1811. His parents were John NIEDERMAN, who died Aug 12, 1877, & Barbara LYDNER, who died Jan 31, 1881. He settled in this county in 1837, & four years after, or on the 30th of Dec 1841, he was married to Mary M. SCHALK, dau/o John SCHALK & Anna Dora SHORE, born Nov 30, 1820. He has been blessed with 12 children. John was born Sep 26, 1842; Jacob S., Jan 6, 1844; Abraham, Oct 6, 1845; David, May 5, 1847; Mary E., Feb 5, 1849; Lydia B., Jan 13, 1851; Michael, Feb 28, 1853; Isaac, Feb 5, 1855; Wilhelmina Carolina, Oct 7, 1856; William H., Jan 17, 1859; Samuel, Sep 27, 1860; Philippina Catharina, Jan 7, 1864. Of these only Isaac is dead. This happened on the 14th of Aug 1856.

John married Rickey COWELL Feb 1876; Jacob married Elizabeth RUOFF in 1867; Abraham married Martha Jane SMITH in 1870; David married Mary LYNDNER in 1875; Mary E. married J. F. SWAIN, Apr 1867; Lydia B. married Michael ZOLLER in 1869; & Michael married Elizabeth F. C. RUOFF, Dec 1878. Mr. NIEDERMAN has now living 21 grandchildren. He is a distiller by trade, as well as a butcher. The latter he worked at prior to his coming to this country. He engaged in distilling for 8 years after he first came to the U.S., but now gives all his attention to his farm.

X. LOCKER is a native of Germany. He is the son of Benedict & Barbara LOCKER. By occupation he is now a farmer, but claims that he can wield the ax equal to anyone. He was born in Mar 1824, & came to this country in 1854. Shortly after coming here in Mar 1857, he was married at Hamilton, (Butler Co., OH) to Barbara REIK, a native of Germany, & dau/o H. & Catherine BANDOLER. Jan 8, 1858, they had a child born to them, Mary, who is married to Henry FISHER. The date of their union was Jun 11, 1875. She has three children, Frankie, Frances, & Katy, all lively & helathy.

RILEY, YIRCUS, FOX, ANDERSON (Ross Twp., p. 469)
James RILEY is a native of Jefferson Co., Va, where he was born on the 20th of Apr 1794. He is the s/o James RILEY & Temperance YIRCUS. His father was in the Revolutionary War, & was a pensioner; he was also in the War of 1812. One of his sons was in the War of 1812. The present Mr. James RILEY came to this county in 1821, & settled in Ross Twp. He was married Dec 17, 1818, in Warren Co. (OH) to Christina FOX, dau/o Bonham FOX. She was a native of PA. One of their children, Eliza Ann, was born Dec 6, 1819, before they left Warren Co., (OH). The next two are dead. Levia was born May 8, 1822, & died Jun 20, 1879, & Mary was born Oct 13, 1824, & died Oct 29, 1824. Bonham F., who was born Jul 25, 1826, is still living. Temperance was born Jan 2, 1829, & died Oct 10, 1830. The next three are all living. Ruth was born Mar 6, 1831; Martha J., Oct 21, 1833; & Ophelia E., May 17, 1836. All of his children that are living are married. He has 12 grandchildren & two great-grandchildren. His wife died in Mar 1860. Mr. RILEY has been a farmer all his life, but has now retired. His son-in-law, J. W. ANDERSON, carries on the farm.

Benjamin HAWK was born Jun 16, 1824. His parents came to this county in 1802, & are now both dead. They were Philip HAWK & Catherine STONEBREAKER. Mr. HAWK was twice married. His first wife was Clarissa Ann TURNER, who bore him three children, James, Alfred T., & Noah H. James was born May 30, 1846, & married Catherine GARNER in 1870. Alfred was born Apr 10, 1848, & married Mary REGAN in 1868. Noah H. was born Oct 17, 1850, & died Feb 5, 1851. His second marriage was to Mahala WETSEL, the dau/o Jacob WETSEL & Magdalena GEIDNER, Apr 15, 1852. They came to this county in 1836, & are now both dead. She was born in Milford, Lehigh Co., PA, Jan 20, 1832. By this wife he had 8 children. Lewis C. was born Apr 20, 1853, & was married to Tillie BARKLET in 1880. Edith L. was born Aug 22, 1854, & was married in 1876 to James LONGFELLOW. Charles H. was born Aug 26, 1858; he lives in Richmond, IN. George E. was born Aug 28, 1860. Mary V. was born May 26, 1856, & died Sep 25, 1858. Franklin A. was born Dec 31, 1863. Harry M. was born Nov 18, 1867, & died Jun 28, 1868. Joseph C. was born Aug 14, 1868. Two of Mr. HAWK's sons were in the War of the Rebellion. James was in for 18 months, & Alfred T. in the hundred days' service. Mr. HAWK was a school director for two terms, & clerk of the board. Mrs. HAWK had several uncles in the Revolutionary War. He died Apr 10, 1880.

John L. SCHALK, s/o John SCHALK & Anna Dora SHORE, was born in Germany, Nov 26, 1826. He came to this country with his parents in 1835, while still a small boy, & has ever since lived on the farm he now owns & controls. He has never lived away from the place, & all his children were born in the same house, a building erected by his father in 1852. He has had 11 children. John L. was born Sep 8, 1859; Mary Ann, Oct 12, 1863; Elizabeth B., Apr 6, 1866; Lydia Ann, Mar 20, 1867; Catherine, Oct 18, 1868; David G., Oct 19, 1870; Phebe, Nov 21, 1871; Jacob L. , Sep 4, 1874; Anna L., Jul 15, 1876; William S., Sep 15, 1877; & Arthur F., Jun 20, 1880. His wife was Anna Barbara EICHLER. She was born Jun 6, 1837, & was the dau/o Michael EICHLER & Cormy HINLEIN, both natives of Germany, as was their daughter. They were married Jun 20, 1857, in Hamilton (Butler Co., OH). The father of Mr. SCHALK, John SCHALK, died Aug 12, 1877, & his mother died Jan 31, 1881.

Melancthon S. WADE, s/o General Melancthon WADE & Eliza (ARMSTRONG) WADE, was born in Cincinnati (Hamilton Co., OH), Apr 4, 1833, & was married Oct 2, 1858, to Julia H. STEWART, dau/o Alexander STEWART & Eliza P. SHAEFFER. She was born in Cincinnati, Mar 22, 1838. Mr. & Mrs. WADE had three children. Melancthon Smith Wade was born May 5, 1860, & died Jul 1, 1864. Eliza was born Mar 27, 1863, & Melancthon Armstrong was born Oct 10, 1865. Mr. WADE first came to Butler Co. in 1856, & settled in Ross Twp. on 221 acres of land deeded him by his father. He was a man of prominence during his brief stay in this county. He died from the effects of an accident caused in felling a tree. The tree crushed his hand, & he died of lockjaw in Cincinnati, Jan 15, 1866.

The Rev. George P. WARVEL, a farmer & retired minister, was born in Warren Co., OH, Nov 23, 1825. His father, Christopher WARVEL, was born in VA, as also was Charlotte LILLY, his mother. He settled in this county in 1856. He was first married to Margaret Ann OLIVER. They were united May 16, 1849, & she died Nov 15, 1851. They had one child, Margaret E., who was born Jul 12, 1851. He was married Sep 9, 1853, Hamilton Co., (OH), to Eliza Ann POTTENGER, born in that county, Nov 14, 1826. Her father was John POTTENGER, & her mother, Sarah CORMICK. Mr. & Mrs. WARVEL have had five children. John C. was born Jul 20, 1854; Oren C., Sep 5, 1855; Sarah E., Feb 18, 1857; Lizzie M., Jan 3, 1862; & Eddie P., Aug 21, 1867. John C. died Oct 28, 1854; Sarah E., Mar 7, 1861; & Lizzie M., Jan 3, 1862.