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Surname index for this page, by Michele Naylor

Joseph ALLEN was born in Hamilton County, OH, Sep 11, 1822. He was the son of Martin L. ALLEN and Susan FRASIE, both natives of NY. He attended the common school in Hamilton County, and received a liberal education. He was trained as a farmer. He remained in Hamilton County until he was 12 years old, then coming to Butler County, and settling near Princeton. He worked on a farm for 3 years, then going to Hamilton County, where he stayed until he was 24 years of age. He was married Dec 7, 1845, to Miss Mary THOMPSON, born in Hamilton County in 1827. Mr and Mrs. ALLEN are parents of 1 daughter and 4 sons. Lee F. was born Mar 4, 1847 and is now a resident of Xenia; Fanny J., now the wife of Luke WYLE, a resident of Liberty Township, was born Jun 28, 1850; Henry D. was born Jan 31, 1858; Joseph P., Feb 26, 1862 and Elwood C., Sep 8, 1869.

After marriage Mr. ALLEN conducted a farm 2 miles north of where he now lives, for 1 year. In 1847 he located at his present home, which was but partially improved. It was then a wild place. He cut off over 100 acres and otherwise made improvements. He occupied a log-house which was used until the present mansion was erected. The place is now fully improved. It consists of 100 acres. He received no assistance on beginning life, but is wholly self-made. He was township trustee about 1868, for 1 term and a director of the County agricultural society for 2 terms. Mr. and Mrs. ALLEN are members of the Methodist Episcopal church and he is superintendent of its Sunday-school. He took an active part in raising volunteers during the Rebellion, for Company I, 83rd Regiment. He was largely instrumental in raising the quota of the township.

Eliphalet BECKLEY was born in Franklin County, Indiana, in 1817, on the 16th of Jun, being the oldest son of Henry BECKLEY and Ann FERRIS, of CT. With his parents, he came to Hamilton County, in this state, in 1831, locating near Cincinnati. His father died when the boy was 13 years of age and he took charge of the family until he was 21. He began learning the carpenter's trade when he was 17 and after his majority worked for 7 years as a journeyman. Mr. BECKLEY was married Oct 5, 1841, to Jane MOORE who was born in Hamilton County, Dec 3, 1822.

Mr and Mrs. BECKLEY had 9 children of whom 7 are living. Amanda was born May 18, 1842 and is now dead; Henry, who is a resident of Hamilton, was born Feb 6, 1845. Cordelia was born Aug 9, 1846 and is now the widow of George MUCHMORE of Union Township; Ruth was born Apr 26, 1849 and is the wife of George NASH, a resident of Hamilton County; Charles was born Feb 6, 1851 and is a farmer of Union Township; Mary was born Mar 27, 1857; W. H., May 12, 1859; and Eliphalet, Jr., Oct 13, 1860. He continued to live in Hamilton County after contracting marriage, having been 21 years there, when he removed to this County, in Mar 1862. He first located upon the farm now owned by William TOWNSEND, staying there until the spring of 1875, when he purchased the place where he now lives, known as the McADAMS place. He owns 59 acres, under fine cultivation. Mrs. BECKLEY is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church.

Mrs. Mary L. BELCH was born in Mason, Warren County, Sep 1, 1811 being the daughter of Benjamin DODDS and Martha DRAKE, natives of PA and NJ. She went to school in the common log cabin. Oct 23, 1833, she was married to William BELCH, a native of MD, who was born Jul 2, 1801. He was of Scotch descent, coming with his parents to OH, Warren County, in 1813, and afterwards settling upon the farm now owned by Mrs. BELCH, in Union Township, Butler County. This they acquired in 1815, keeping a public house known as the Belch House for many years. The land was entirely wild when they settled upon it.

Mr. and Mrs. BELCH were the parents of 9 children, of whom 6 are now living. Plessy M. was born about 1834 and died about 1848. The second child died in infancy. Catherine was born in 1835 and is now the widow of Francis BURDSALL, living in Lebanon. Martha B., the widow of Samuel BURDSALL, was born in 1837. She is now living at Mt. Washington, Hamilton County. William Wallace was born Sep 6, 1840. He is a well-known farmer of Union Township. Edwin, born Nov 12, 1858 is at home. Mr. BELCH died in Mar 1863. He was a supporter of the Presbyterian church and a good farmer. Mrs. BELCH has conducted the place successfully and given her children good educations. She is a member of the Presbyterian church.

John BLOCK was born in Holstein, Germany, Jun 24, 1832, and was the son of Henry BLOCK and Margaret KRUSE. He came to America in the fall of 1853 and soon after was in Cincinnati. He remained one year in Hamilton County, engaged in farming, coming to Butler County in 1854. He worked at farming a year and a half in Liberty Township. He was married Feb 22, 1859 to Fanny BROWN, born in Baden, Germany, Dec 30, 1833. Mr. and Mrs. BLOCK are the parents of 8 children, of whom 7 are living. Caroline Elizabeth was born May 15, 1860; Henry, Nov 13, 1861; Mary Ellen, Mar 1, 1863; John Adam, Dec 10, 1864; Charles Matthew Nov 10, 1867; Anna Kate, Dec 21, 1870; Frank, Jul 7, 1873 and George William, May 19, 1879. Frank died May 8, 1876.

After 1859 Mr. BLOCK conducted the MUCHMORE farm 2 years the ROGERS farm 4 years, the GERARD place 1 year and various other places in Union township. He was on the STILES farm and the Hiram SMITH farm, and managed the James PATCHELL farm for 6 years. He located on the Samuel SPELLMAN farm, where he still resides. It consists of 208 acres of finely improved bottom lands. He is a prosperous farmer and stock-raiser. He has been a school director, and is a member of the Lutheran church. Mrs. BLOCK is a member of the Roman Catholic church.

Henry DIMMICK was born in this County, Feb 5, 1832 and is the son of Nathan DIMMICK And Sarah ARGENDINE, both natives of Ohio and of English descent. Mr. DIMMICK was early placed in charge of the late Norman McMAKEN. He was a pupil at the common schools, where he received a fair education. He was brought up a farmer and remained with Mr. McMAKEN until of age. Mr DIMMICK was married Feb 17, 1853 to Armena SWALLOW, born in Hamilton in 1835. She was the daughter of Benjamin SWALLOW, an early settler in Hamilton County. She is the mother of 9 children. Norman M. was born May 1, 1854; Benjamin W., Mar 8, 1856; Sarah E., Mar 4, 1858; Alice, May 21, 1860; Bertha, Nov 1, 1862; Fanny, Mar 9, 1866; Katy, Oct 4, 1868; Lida A., Apr 1, 1870; and Daisy, Feb 22, 1873. Sarah E., a most estimable young lady, was married to Ennis VOORHEES, dying Feb 2, 1881.

After marriage, Mr. DIMMICK conducted the BECKETT farm for some 2 years, then returning to the McMAKEN homestead about 1856, where he has since resided. Before the death of Mr. McMAKEN, Mr. DIMMICK had bought a portion of the farm and after that event inherited the remainder. He now owns 204.5 acres in a good state of cultivation. It has a handsome family residence with fine surroundings. He has been a school director for the past 15 years. Mrs. DIMMICK and the younger members of the family are members of the Presbyterian church at Westchester.

Michael DEEMER was born in Bavaria Nov 22 1838 and was the son of Jacob and Magdalena (MILLER) DEEMER. He attended the government school until he was 13 years of age, receiving a fair education, in the common branches, and then learning the trade of shoemaker from this father, completing his term at 21. He went to Paris in 1859 where he worked at his trade for 2 years and in May 1861, emigrated to the US, coming direct to Cincinnati and from there going to Monroe in this County, where he was employed by Ulrich SIEK for 2 and years.

May 25, 1865, Mr. DEEMER was united in marriage with Anna TOOHEY, born in Ireland in 1838. Mr. and Mrs. DEEMER are the parents of 7 children, of whom but one is living. Frank was born Mar 1, 1874. Mrs. DEEMER died Mar 23, 1874. Since that time Mr. DEEMER has been again married. His present wife, to whom he was united Jun 10, 1875, was Margaret ERNEST, born in Nassau, Germany Jul 13, 1846. They have been given, in this union, 3 daughters. Mary was born Mar 25, 1876; Eliza, Oct 23, 1877, and Louisa, Sep 20, 1879. After marriage, Mr. DEEMER, in June, 1875, came to Union township and rented a shop from Henry STICKELS, opening a shoe shop. In the spring of 1876, he commenced to build the house where he now lives, which he completed and moved into in Aug. It is intended for a hotel and private dwelling. It is a large building, costing about $8000. He still carries on the boot and shoe business, and owns a saloon. He is a prosperous man, although when he first came to this County he had nothing. Mr. and Mrs. DEEMER are members of the Roman Catholic church.

David GORSUCH was born in Baltimore County, MD, Feb 24, 1835; being the oldest son of Elliston GORSUCH and Ruth SAMPSON. In 1854, with his father and family, he came to OH, locating in Hancock County. Mr. GORSUCH came to Butler County in the fall of 1854, taking up his residence in Liberty township. He was united in marriage, Dec 28, 1857, to Miss Martha Jane STICKELS, born in Hamilton County, Sep 5, 1839. They are the parents of 7 children of whom 6 are living. Calvin W. was born Feb. 19, 1859; Carey E., Dec 12, 1861; Lily Bell, May 22, 1864; Mary Rena, Jan 7, 1867; Willie C., Feb 7, 1868 and Elisha, Apr 18, 1870.

After his marriage he lived in Liberty township some 2 years, and was a resident of Warren County 2 years, then returning to Liberty township. He again went to Warren County for 2 years, then purchasing a farm near Bethany in 1866, which he still owns, and upon which he lived for 10 years. In the winter of 1877 Mr. GORSUCH came to Maud*s, where he still resides. He has a pleasant residence, which is finely situated. He has filled the various school offices in his township. He and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church at Bethany.

William GRAY was born in York County, PA, Feb. 4, 1804. He is the son of Charles GRAY and Sarah ORSON, natives of that state, of Scotch and English descent. Both of his grandfathers were Revolutionary soldiers. The family came to Hamilton County in this state in 1818. He was brought up to farm work, but at 17 began learning the trade of a cooper, and afterward did business in Sycamore township. Jun 8, 1837, he was married to Amanda FAUST, born in Wheeling, VA in 1816. Mrs and Mrs. GRAY were the parents of 13 children, of whom 9 survive. Jane, wife of Anthony SALSMAN, is a resident of this County; Susan in the widow of Jacob BRUTE, of Union township; James is a well-known farmer of Union township; Stephen is at home; Matilda is the wife of Philip SALSMAN, of Jackson County, MO. Mr. GRAY has always taken a warm interest in military affairs.

William W. GRAHAM was born in the state of DE on Jun 9, 1841. He was the son of Philip GRAHAM and Ann SHORT, of English descent. When he was 23 years of age he came to OH. That was in the spring of 1863. He remained in Fairfield for some years in farming pursuits. Jan 3, 1864, Mr. GRAHAM was married to Mrs. Sarah C. MORRIS, daughter of John BOBENMEYER. Her birth occurred on Nov 25, 1841. They are the parents of 4 (sic) children. William Albert was born Oct 15, 1865; John S., Dec 28, 1866; Sarah Ann, Jun 20, 1869; Maud Elmore, Feb 22, 1871; Henry L., Oct 10, 1873; Charles F. died in infancy; Clara M., Jul 30, 1880. Mrs. GRAHAM, at the time of her marriage with Mr. GRAHAM was the mother of one son, James W. MORRIS, born Apr 6, 1862, now residing with her. After marriage, Mr. GRAHAM located in Fairfield township until the spring of 1873, when he purchased a place in Union, his present home. In the spring of 1880 he purchased the place known as the STILES farm, a handsome and desirable place of 140 acres.

Nicholas GORSUCH was born in MD, Jan 12, 1812, being the son of Elisha GORSUCH and Susannah MILLER, of English and German descent. He was married in 1832 to Catherine CURTIS and had 9 children, of whom 4 are living. Joseph A. is a well-known farmer of the township; Lewis is a resident of Liberty township; Edward is now in Hamilton County; and Susan is the wife of Colonel Daniel HINDS, of Liberty township. Mrs. GORSUCH died about 1850, and Mr. GORSUCH was united, in 1853, to Catherine TRUDE, who was born in PA. They are the parents of 12 children, of whom 10 are living. Israel is now of Union township; Annie is the wife of John CARSON of Kansas, John is at home; Jennie is the wife of Pennel BECHTOL, and is a resident of Cleveland; and there are also Nicholas E., Elizabeth P., George B., Leroy, Anna Catharine, and Julia Lulabella. Mr. GORSUCH remained in MD until the spring of 1855, when he came to OH. He first located in Liberty township, staying there 12 years. In the spring of 1867 he settled upon the place where he still lives, formerly the ROSE homestead. It consists of 98 acres, and has convenient modern buildings. Mr. and Mrs. GORSUCH are members of the Methodist Episcopal church at Bethany.

Mrs. Loretta L. HOWARD was born in Union township, in Butler County, on Mar 29, 1834, being the youngest child of Louis KROUSKOPF and Catherine MESSER, natives of Germany. She was educated at the common schools and at home, remaining there until Nov 11, 1853, when she was married to George W. HOWARD, daughter (sic) of John and Mary HOWARD, early settlers of this County. George W. HOWARD was born Jul 4, 1827, in the house where his widow now lives. He was a successful farmer and a well-known citizen. He never held any office. He was killed by the fall of the limb of a tree on Jan 17, 1877. Mr. and Mrs. HOWARD were the parents of 5 sons. John Lewis was born Oct 12, 1854; Benjamin F., Sep 11, 1856; Stephen Otto, Jun 3, 1860; William Henry, May 3, 1864; Walter Wesley, Nov 26, 1870. Mrs. HOWARD has continued the farm in the most successful manner, and has prospered. She is an industrious woman. She owns 189 acres of land, in a good state of culture.

David L. IRWIN was born in this township, Apr 27, 1841, being the youngest son of David S. IRWIN and Nancy MOORE, natives of OH and NJ respectively. He is the grandson of James IRWIN, one of the earliest settlers in this region. David S. IRWIN was born in 1800, and lived upon the home place during his lifetime. He was township trustee for many years, and a prominent and successful farmer. He died in 1840, and his wife in Feb 1879. She was born in 1805. David L. IRWIN was a pupil at the common school at Pisgah, and early became acquainted with the management of a farm. Jan 1, 1867, he was married to Miss Martha KROUSKOPF, daughter of Charles KROUSKOPF. She was born in 1845. Mr. IRWIN owns and occupies 160 acres of good land, with a fine residence upon it, built about 1838. He owns the James L. ROMAN farm, upon the Lebanon Pike, having 74 acres, with a good substantial house upon it, in which he soon intends to reside. He is a supporter of all Christian and benevolent objects.

Josiah JEFFERS was born in Union Township, Butler Co., Oct 14, 1814. He was the son of Thomas JEFFERS and Nancy REYNOLDS, natives of Ireland, of Scotch-Irish descent. Thomas JEFFERS was born about 1777. His father was killed at the battle of Brandywine. Thomas came to OH in 1801, and settled in Liberty Township, coming upon the farm now owned by his son Josiah about 1808 and clearing up the land. Here he spent the remainder of his days. He brought up a family of 5 daughters and 3 sons, all of whom are living, with the exception of 2 daughters. He died Dec 24, 1851. Josiah was a pupil a the common schools in Union Township, attending in a log school-house with paper windows and puncheon floors and seats. He received a limited education, and helped around the farm at home. Feb 2, 1842, he was married to Rebecca Jane HULSE, daughter of William HULSE, one of the pioneers of the County. Mrs. JEFFERS was born in Butler Co in 1826. To their marriage were granted 4 children. James Silas JEFFERS was born in 1842 and is a resident of Shelbyville, IN. Hannah Matilda, wife of Calvin T. WILLIAMSON, was born in 1850 and died Apr 1877. She was the mother of 2 sons, now living.

Mrs JEFFERS died in 1852 and Mr. JEFFERS has again married. He was united to Mary Jane HULSE, daughter of Daniel HULSE, also an early settler here, in the latter part of 1852. She was born in 1826. After his marriage Mr. JEFFERS settled on the place now occupied by William HORTON, improving the place and building the house now there. He resided there 10 years, until 1852, then returning to the family homestead and to the place where he now lives, where he erected a handsome family residence in 1860. He owns 109 acres. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church and is an old Sunday-school worker. He was superintendent for several years. He was an original Whig and Republican and took an active part in getting volunteers to put down the Rebellion.

Francis KROUSKOPF was born at Sharonville, Hamilton County, and is the son of Louis KROUSKOPF and Catherine MESSER. He was a pupil of the common schools in Pisgah, where his parents had come during his infancy. He has always been a farmer and began his labor thus at a very early age. He was married Nov 17, 1852, to Elizabeth AYERS, daughter of Samuel AYERS, an early settler in Butler County. Mrs. KROUSKOPF was a native of Union Township. Mr. and Mrs. KROUSKOPF are the parents of one son, Lewis, born Sep 4, 1853, who resides upon the farm and assists his father in its management. He was married Aug 3, 1880 to Carrie A. HARRIS, born in Delaware County, OH, 1861. Mr. Francis KROUSKOPF, after the war, was a resident of Hamilton County 4 years, owning and controlling a farm there. In the fall of 1850 he returned to Butler County, settling upon the old homestead of Samuel AYERS, and occupying a handsome family residence. It includes 125 and a half acres, fully improved. He has never held or desired office, and is an active Republican. Mrs. KROUSKOPF inherited considerable property, which has been added to materially by her husband in later years. She is a member of the Presbyterian church.

Charles J. KROUSKOPF, the oldest son of Louis KROUSKOPF and Catherine MESSER, was born in Germany, Mr 12, 1819. He was brought to this country by his parents in 1819. He was a pupil at a select school in Cincinnati for 1 year, completing his education at the common schools in Union Township. He was brought up a farmer, remaining at home until his marriage, Aug 13, 1843, to Huldah DALRYMPLE. She is the daughter of James DALRYMPLE, an early settler in Union Township, and was born Jun 16, 1826. Mr. and Mrs. KROUSKOPF are the parents of 3 children. Abbie C. Was born Oct 28, 1844, and is now the wife of Ellison VOORHEES, a resident of Warren County; Martha M., wife of David L. IRWIN, a farmer, resides on the home place; and Loretta A., wife of James N. CONNOR, of Warren County. Mr. KROUSKOPF settled upon the farm where he now resides in 1843. He found upon it a log-house, which he occupied until building his present handsome residence, in 1854. The farm consists of 110 acres, under a good state of tillage, with ample buildings and conveniences. Mrs. KROUSKOPF is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church.

Lorenz LINTNER was born in Bavaria, Jun 10, 1824, and is the son of Nicholas and Mary LINTNER. He was educated in the government schools, and was employed upon his father's farm until coming to America in Jul 1849. He came directly to Cincinnati, and from there went to Hamilton. He was employed in Ross Township for some 3 months, going to St. Clair, IN, where he bought a farm. Mr. LINTNER was united in marriage with Barbara SHAUMLINGER, in Aug 1849. She is also a native of Bavaria, where she was born in 1828. Mr. and Mrs. LINTNER were the parents of 9 children, of whom 4 are now living. Four died when very small. Mary Kate was born in 1851. Barbara was born in 1857, dying Dec, 1877; John, Sep 14, 1863; William J., Jan 21, 1865; Anna L., May 8, 1869. Mrs. LINTNER died in Feb 1878. She was a member of the Lutheran church at Hamilton.

After marriage Mr. LINTNER lived in Fairfield Township until going to Union Township, in the spring of 1865, where he settled upon the farm he still occupies. Something had previously been done to the land, and there was a small house upon the place. It looked very unpromising then, but it has since been attended to and improved, so that it is second to no farm in the country. He has put up a barn and a handsome brick residence, the latter being erected in 1869. He had some little start in life, and has improved it. He is a member of the Lutheran church at Hamilton. His place consists of 141 acres of fine bottom land. Kate, his daughter, was married to David NIEDERMAN, born in 1847, and they have had 2 children. Mr. NIEDERMAN's father, Jacob, still resides in Ross and is a well-known farmer. He was an early settler.

Frederick MIDDLECAMP was born in Germany, Aug 17, 1843, being the son of Christopher H. MIDDLECAMP and Mary C. BRINKERHOFF. Frederick was educated in the schools of his native country, receiving a fair education. He was brought up to farming, being occupied at home until 1861, when he emigrated to America. He first went to Franklin County, IN, where he learned the trade of wagon and carriage maker. He was employed at journey-work for 2 years, then commencing business in Glendale, Hamilton County. This was about 1869. He was there for 3 years, coming to Port Union in the spring of 1872, and immediately beginning business in carriage-making. Mr. MIDDLECAMP was united in matrimony on the 26th of Feb 1873 to Elizabeth DIFFLEY, a native of Ireland. Mr. an Mrs. MIDDLECAMP are the parents of 4 children, as follows: Jennie, born Jan 12, 1874; Mark, Oct 12, 1875; Elizabeth Ellen, Mar 20, 1878; Frances Euphemia, Jan 25, 1880. He and his family are members of the Roman Catholic church at Glendale.

S.C. MILLER, the only son of John MILLER and Sarah CROUCH, was born in Washington County, PA, Mar 6 1816. His parents were from PA and MD and of Irish and German descent. His parents removed to Brookville, Franklin County, IN, about 1818, remaining there some 8 years. They afterwards removed to Liberty, Union County, IN where he went to the common schools. The house where he attended was of rude logs, paper windows, and puncheon seats, with fewer desks than scholars. Liberty was a very small town and was not yet the County seat. Mr. MILLER was apprenticed to the carpenter's trade, in which he served 7 years and came with his employer, who had a contract here, to Butler County in 1832. During 1837 and 1838 he was a resident of Mason, Warren County, doing a prosperous business.

Dec 11, 1839 he was married to Drusilla BURCH, daughter of Ebenezer and Clarissa BURCH, early settlers of Warren County. She was born Jun 23, 1821. Mr. and Mrs. MILLER are the parents of 13 children, of whom 7 are living, 3 daughters and 4 sons. James A. Was born Nov 2, 1839 and is now engaged in business with his father. Jared P. was born Jul 24, 1842. He was a member of the 69th Volunteers, enlisting in 1861, and participating in all the battles of the regiment and making the march to the sea under Sherman. He was mustered out at Savannah, GA in Dec 1864. He is now a farmer of Union Township. George W., the third son, was born Dec 9, 1847 and lives at home. William A. was born Oct 1, 1849. He is at home. Phebe Cordelia was born Oct 31, 1851, and is now the wife of S.C. RHOADS, a resident of Kansas, IL. Mary J. was born Oct 16, 1853 and Ella D., Apr 21, 1862. Both are at home.

In the spring of 1840 Mr. MILLER built the present family residence, a handsome and commodious house. He is yet engaged in the business of carpenter and joiner, for the past 8 or 10 years conducting it in partnership with his son. He is a successful business man, and has erected more of the fine residences in Union Township than any other man. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church at Westchester. In 1861 Mr. MILLER enlisted in the 69th Ohio Volunteers, and with that regiment participated in numerous engagements. At Stone River he was wounded and taken prisoner, going to Libby Prison and after a short experience there was paroled. From there he went to the hospital at Annapolis, MD and after his health was sufficiently recruited returned to this regiment at Murfreesboro. He was at Chattanooga, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain and Mission Ridge and was then transferred to the 19th Regiment Veteran Reserve Corps and sent to Elmira, NY where he was mustered out. Returning from the war, he resumed his former occupation. He had suffered many privations during the early days of enlistment, as they were often cut off from supplies. His health became permanently injured by standing on picket on the night of Dec 31, 1864, near Chattanooga. It was a terribly cold night.

William MAUD was born in Yorkshire, England, Apr 8, 1828 and is the oldest living son of John MAUD and Anna YOUNG. John MAUD emigrated to America in 1833, coming to Butler County Feb, 1834. He settled upon the place where Maud's station is now built, in the north edge of the township, buying 106 acres and improving it, and there spending the remainder of his days. He was a successful farmer and well-known citizen. He died in Oct, 1874. Mrs. MAUD is still living, and in a vigorous state of health. She is a resident of Liberty Township.

William MAUD came to America with his parents in 1833, and was a pupil at the common schools in Union Township. He was brought up to the occupation of a farmer, remaining at home until his marriage. He was active in raising the quota of his township. On the 26th of Dec 1865, he was married to Emeline BENHAM, daughter of John and Fanny BENHAM, early settlers in Butler County, where Mrs. MAUD was born, Aug 33, (sic) 1838. They have one child, an adopted daughter, Anna C., born Feb 2, 1871. Mr. MAUD was a resident of Liberty Township for some 2 years after 1865, then settling upon the farm now owned by Hannah MAUD, near Maud's Station, and remaining there 12 years. In Mar 1880, he purchased the Jerry Caldwell farm, occupying the old mansion, built about 1812. He owns 128 acres of fine land.