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Samuel M. DICKEY, son of George DICKEY and Margaret MILLER, was born on the farm where he now lives, March 16, 1818. He was for many years a lumber dealer, but is now a farmer. He has been twice married. His first marriage was December 30, 1840 in Preble County, to Elizabeth SHERER, daughter of Daniel SHERER and Catherine YAZEL, who was born March 24, 1821. By her he had nine children. George S. was born April 23, 1842; Mrs. Kate DE BOLT, October 8, 1843; Margaret A., February 27, 1845; Samuel L., February 21, 1847; Mrs. Mary E. HINKLE, February 12, 1849; Daniel J., September 10, 1851; Abraham, September l, 1853; Squier M. V., August 5, 1855, and Martha W., March 12, 1860. Abraham DICKEY is dead. In his second marriage, Mr. DICKEY was united to Mary E. MARTIN, who was born September 16, 1846, on the 19th of January, 1865. She is the daughter of Denis MARTIN and Gertrude A. WHITE. By this marriage he has six children. Charles V. was born October 30, 1865; Thomas Jefferson, July 18, 1868; Hume, November 2, 1870; Alfred, February 25, 1875; James E., April 1, 1876, and Sadie Marie, November 11, 1879.

Mr. DICKEY has been a member of the board of education for twenty-seven years, trustee of Madison Township four years, justice of the peace six years, and notary public for six years. His son George S. DICKEY was in the service three years, and his son-in-law, Thomas J. DE BOLT, was in the service three years. The grandfather of Mr. DICKEY, Samuel DICKEY, was in the Revolutionary War, and was once an Indian prisoner and twice a British prisoner. He settled on the bank of the Miami River in the year 1799, from Kentucky. Ague prevailed in the place they had chosen, and they took up their march for a new location. This was on Elk Creek, on Section 7. George DICKEY, his son, and the father of Samuel M. DICKEY, had no playmates for two years but Indian children. Tom KILLBUCK was the Indian chief. After two years three families came from Kentucky and settled on the adjoining sections, making too many white people for the red men. They then moved their wigwams three miles north-west, on a branch of Elk Creek, now called KILLBUCK Run, after the name of the Indian chief. George DICKEY was in the War of 1812, and is in his eighty-eighth year. He is a pensioner, and lives with S. M. DICKEY.

George DICKEY is the son of Samuel DICKEY and Catherine SEXTON, of Scottish descent, and was born in Franklin County, Kentucky, October 25, 1794. George DICKEY was engaged in mill-wrighting and manufacturing, and also in farming, but is now retired. He was twice married. His first wife was Margaret MILLER, to whom he was married in 1817. Her parents were Abraham MILLER and Mary YARNELL. His second wife was Saloma HARTMAN. By them he had six children. Samuel M. DICKEY was born March 16, 1818; Abraham DICKEY, April 21, 1820; George W. DICKEY, M. D., February 14, 1823; Mary DICKEY ,deceased, January 21, 1826;. Squier DICKEY, M. D., September 2, 1832; and John C. DICKEY, May 10, 1835.

Mrs. Saloma DICKEY was born in Brady Township, May 21, 1819. She has been twice married. Her first husband was John HARTMAN, and the next one was George DICKEY. The marriage with the first was May 23, 1839, and the second January 26, 1854. She has had five children. Benjamin F. HARTMAN was born August 10, 1840; Francis M. HARTMAN, June 10, 1843; Elizabeth Ann POST, November 9, 1847; Catherine J. EICHLER, October 8, 1855; and Mary Jane DICKEY, January 25, 1863. Elizabeth died November 9, 1850. Mrs. DICKEY's parents were John WEIDNER and Elizabeth SNYDER, who came from Pennsylvania in a four-horse wagon, about 1800. She was brought up on a farm. She has only moved once in her life, and that was from the farm on which she was born to her place in Astoria. When her first husband, who was a tailor, died, she was left with three small children. She learned her husband's trade, and took in work to support herself and family, succeeding better than most men do. She is a member of the Church of United Brethren, and has been for about thirty years. Her father was among the first settlers, having to clear his farm, which was completely covered with trees, and being surrounded with wild animals. He bought, when he first came, about one hundred and forty acres, and brought up a family of twelve children, marrying twice, and having six children by each wife. He was very highly esteemed. His death was a lingering one, being occasioned by dropsy of the heart.

EMERICK, KEMP, ZELLER, CHILDS, YOST (Madison Twp., p. 604)
Mrs. Christina EMERICK, whose maiden name was KEMP, was born in 1809, in this county. Her parents were John KEMP and Elizabeth ZELLER, who came in 1804. She was married December 28, 1827, and had the following children: Maria CHILDS, February, 1829; Catherine, December 10, 1830; Simon, April 5, 1833; and Elizabeth YOST, June 13, 1837. Andrew ZELLER was in the War of the Revolution.

Joseph P. ECKERT was born in Rockingham County, Virginia, September 22, 1808, and is the son of Jacob P. ECKERT and Elizabeth BARNHART, who came to this county in 1824. He was married December 6, 1832, to Eliza MOORE, daughter of Louis MOORE and Susan ENYART. She was born in St. Clair Township, December 17, 1809, and bore him seven children. Susannah ECKERT was born June 9, 1835, and died March 31, 1854; Mary J. was born October 26, 1837, and died March 5, 1851; Sarah E. SCUDDER was born March 28, 1843, and lives near Bethany; Minerva Ellen WEST was born September 2, 1845, and lives in Boston, Massachusetts; William Augustus ECKERT was born October 3, 1848, and died December 8, 1848; Laura Janette was born August 23, 1850, and died October 30, 1850, and George Albert was born October 28, 1853, and died August 12, 1854. Peter BARNHART, his grandfather, was in the Revolutionary War, as was his father-in-law, Mr. Lewis MOORE, who was also in the War of 1812. Mr. ECKERT learned the potter's trade at the age of thirteen, at which be continued for many years, or until be arrived at the age of sixty-eight. He has also followed the business of auctioneer from 1835 up to nearly the present time. He has now retired from all occupation.

Augustus ECKERT, M. D., of Trenton, is the son of Jacob Peter ECKERT, who was born near Mannheim, Germany, January 13, 1780. He emigrated to North America in 1804, embarking at Amsterdam, Holland, and after a stormy voyage of twenty-six weeks, landed at Norfolk, Virginia. In 1807 he married Miss Elizabeth BARNHART, of Rockingham County, Virginia, the daughter of Peter BARNHART, a Revolutionary soldier.

The fruit of their marriage was eight sons and three daughters. One son and one daughter died in infancy, and one daughter, the wife of Rev. G. L. GILBERT, at the age of thirty-two years. With his family, consisting of a wife and four sons, he emigrated from Rockingham County, Virginia, to Jefferson County, Kentucky, twelve miles east of Louisville, in 1816, and in 1822 to the Tunker Neighborhood, two miles west of Dayton, Ohio, near where the National Soldiers' Home is now situated. In 1825 he moved to Miltonville, in this county, where he resided until his death, which occurred at the age of seventy-nine years. Mrs ECKERT survived her husband seven years, and died at the age of eighty-four. Three of the sons reside in this county, two in the State of Illinois, and two in Indiana, and the surviving sister, Mary M., is the wife of J. S. WEINLAND, M. D., of West Elkton, Ohio.

Augustus ECKERT, being the fourth son, was apprenticed to the tailor's trade at the age of fourteen, and followed it until he was twenty-five. At that time his health began to fail, in consequence of his close confinement to business, and he was compelled to seek some other way of procuring a living. He was troubled with indigestion, and was under the necessity of undergoing medical treatment. He procured some medical books, and by combining several remedies made a restorative, which relieved him of that malady. Mr. ECKERT then resolved to read medicine, and bought books for that purpose, and studied a part of the time, working a portion of each day to defray expenses. This course he followed for three years. He then attended medical lectures in Cincinnati, and in June, 1844, began the practice of his profession in Butler County, where he had resided for fourteen years. One year was spent in Dayton, Ohio.

He married Miss Elizabeth MCKEAN, of Montgomery County, Ohio, October 12, 1844. The fruits of their union were four sons and two daughters. Three sons died in childhood. His elder daughter, Sarah Jane, married Mr. A. A. HUNT, December 15, 1863, by whom she had one daughter, who is now in her seventeenth year. Mr. HUNT died at Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio, November 6, 1880, and his family still reside at that place. His younger daughter, Mary Ann, married Mr. John V. GOOD, son of Henry GOOD, March 4, 1873, to whom she has borne two children, a son and a daughter, aged respectively seven and five years. Mr. J. V. GOOD is engaged in the grain and stock business at Trenton, Ohio. Dr. ECKERT's son, Charles Albert, attended the dental department of the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, and graduated in March, 1882.

Dr. ECKERT's wife died November 14, 1874, at the age of forty-eight years, and on September 5, 1879, he married Mrs. Keturah A., widow of Levi SCHENCK and daughter of the Rev. J. ANTRIM. She is a native of Butler County His life has been an up-grade, having started on his own muscle and earned all that he possesses. His practice has been eclectic in the true sense of that word, using all that is good of all systems, and rejecting the bad. In his practice he has been successful. He is and has been a member of the Miami Medical Association ever since its organization and has been identified with the Christian or Disciples' Church for over forty-five years.

John W. FINKBONE was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania, May 22, 1832, and came to this county in 1842. He is the son of John FINKBONE, who was born in Wirtemberg, Germany, and was seventy-seven years of age at his death, and Susannah SMITH. John W. FINKBONE was married, November 24, 1853, to Elizabeth LONG, daughter of John B. LONG and Delilah Ann MCNEALY. George MCNEALY, the grandfather, was in the War of 1812, and was drowned in Lake Erie. Mr. and Mrs. FINKBONE have had ten children. John W. was born March 19, 1850; Mary E., February 2, 1858; Tobias L., February 26, 1860; Ezra A., July 6, 1862; Sarah Jane, January 3, 1865; George W., February 22, 1867; Jacob E., September 15, 1869; Susannah, January 6, 1873; Mattie E., June 25, 1877; Amanda E., July 22, 1878. Mary E. and Jacob E. are dead. Mr. FINKBONE served as school director some nine years consecutively. Ransom FREEMAN, his brother-in-law, was in the Eleventh Illinois Regiment, and was at the battle of Fort Donelson, where he received eighteen bullet-holes in his cap and clothes without drawing blood. He was never in a hospital. Mrs. FINKBONE's brother, William B. LONG,, served three years and eight months in the Ninety-third Ohio, acting as teamster over two years.

Samuel FOUTS, farmer and dealer in farm implements, was born in Montgomery County, July 24, 1840. He is the son of John FOUTS and Mary JUDY, and settled in this county in the year 1862. He was married, October 10, 1861, to Mary Jane WILLIAMSON, who was born in this county December 1, 1843, and was the daughter of William WILLIAMSON and Ann E. FRANCIS. They have one child, Calvin C. FOUTS, born January 18, 1863. Mr. FOUTS was in the hundred-days' service at Baltimore, Maryland.

Frederick FEATHERLING, son of George and Susan FEATHERLING, was born in Virginia in 1793, coming to this county with his parents in 1812. Mr. FEATHERLING settled close to what is now called Busenbark's Station, and lived to the extreme old age of ninety-one. He was in the War of 1812. He had three daughters and two sons, who still survive. Sally FLENNER was born in 1807; David FEATHERLING, June 4, 1809; Michael FEATHERLING, May 12, 1816; Elizabeth WEARE, about 1820; and Lovina GOUGOR. who was born in 1825. The two sons still own the farm which their father formerly possessed. Mr. FEATHERLING's wife was Rhoda MORRIS, daughter Of Jacob and Sarah MORRIS, who came to this county in 1804. She was born in Pennsylvania in 1777.

David FEATHERLING was born in Pennsylvania, and came to this county with his parents, Frederick and Rhoda FEATHERLING, in the year 1812. He was married in 1858 to Rachel MCGELLIN, daughter of Matthew and Mary MCGELLIN, who was born in Oxford, February 14, 1840. Her parents came to this county in 1812. They have had four children. Mary Ellis MORROW was born May 1, 1859; David, April 4, 1868; Anna BELL, May 17, 1871 ; and William, June 2, 1878. Mrs. FEATHERLING's. grandfather, Enoch GOLONAY, fought in the War of 1812. Mr. FEATHERLING is a farmer.

Jacob FRANCIS was born November 25, 1793, in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. His father, George H. FRANCIS, was a soldier, and served during the entire Revolutionary War. Jacob FRANCIS himself was a soldier in the War of 1812, and was in the service about eight months. He was commanded by Brigadier-General John S. GANO, and is the last survivor in this county of those heroic men. His mother's name was Elizabeth SHAWK. He has been twice married, the first time to Lydia FORD, who was born in New Jersey, December 1, 1798. He was united to her September 14, 1817, and had by her eight children. Samuel was born June 27, 1819; Ann Eliza, May 19, 1822; Jacob, May 10, 1824; George, January 19, 1826; Mary, September 20, 1827; John, July 5, 1829; Rachel, November 30, 1831; and Charles, December 2, 1833. Samuel, George, Mary, and Charles are dead. Mr. FRANCIS's second wife, to whom he was united June 17, 1834, was Maria YOUNG. She was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, August 28, 1811. By her he has had eight children. Lewis was born March 28, 1835; Maria, June 15, 1837; Joseph H., November 5, 1839; Daniel, January 21, 1842; Rebecca, July 31, 1845; William H., January 31, 1848; Elizabeth, January 30, 1850; and Margaret, June 8, 1853. Joseph H., Rebecca, and Margaret are now dead. Mrs. FRANCIS's parents were John YOUNG and Rebecca BRIGHTON, both natives of Pennsylvania. Mr. FRANCIS came out to this country in 1806, and has always followed the occupation of a farmer.

O. F. FLEMING was born in Lemon Township, May 11, 1837. He is the son of John FLEMING and Catherine HOAGLAND. He learned the trade of shoemaker when he was eighteen, and has followed it all the time since, with the exception of about six years, when he was employed at farming. He was constable in Lemon Township, being elected in the Spring of 1864, for one term. He is now school director, and has been for six years. During the war he was in the hundred-days' service. He was married August 17, 1859, to Susan MCCRAY, daughter of Jesse MCCRAY and Elizabeth GEBHART, and they have one child, John H., born July 22, 1860.

GOEBEL, SCHUL (Madison Twp., p. 605-606)
Martin GOEBEL was born in Pfordt, in the circle of Lauterbach, Hesse-Darmstadt, December 8, 1834, settling in this county August 16, 1856. His parents were Johannes GOEBEL and Eva Katharina GOEBEL, the latter now being dead. He is a farmer. He was married in Trenton, September 3, 1861, to Anna Elisabetha SCHUL, daughter of Heinrich and Anna Elisabetha SCHUL. She was born at Fraurombach, in the circle of Lauterbach, Hesse-Darmstadt, on the 28th of August, 1840., They have ten children., Katharina Elisabetha was born June 21, 1862; Heinrich, February 11, 1864; Anna Elisabetha, September 3, 1865; George, April 1, 1867; Eva Katharina, August 16, 1869; Emma Elisabetha, July 11, 1871; Maria Friederika, September. 20, 1873; Leonhart, August 9, 1875; Edna Paulina, January 3, 1877; and Wilhelmina Christina, December 25, 1879. Heinrich died May 30, 1875. Mr. GOEBEL was road supervisor in 1877, 1878, and 1879.