Madison Township: Pages 609 - 611
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PHILLIPS, ELY, WARVEL (Madison Twp., p. 609)
Homer PHILLIPS, farmer, was born in Union, Montgomery County, Ohio, on the 1st of October, 1827. He is the son of Richard and Elizabeth PHILLIPS, the latter settling in Madison Township in 1808, coming with her parents. He settled in this county in 1853, and was married in Franklin, Warren County, August 26, 1860. His wife was born in that place August 30, 1831, her parents being James and Hannah ELY. The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. PHILLIPS was blessed with four children. Elizabeth was born August 24, 1861; James, March 13, 1863; Lincoln, November 28, 1867; Almeda, April 10, 1875. Mr. PHILLIPS was a private of Captain G. C. WARVEL's company E, One Hundred and Sixty-seventh Regiment of Ohio National Guard. He was enrolled on the second day of May, 1864, to serve one hundred days. He did guard duty in Kanawha Valley, West Virginia, Camp Loup Creek, Camp Reynolds, and Camp Gauley Bridge. At the expiration of his term of service he was discharged at Hamilton, on the eighth day of September, 1864.

William SCHENCK was born in Germantown, January 3, 1825. His parents are William B. SCHENCK and Mary CONOVER. He was married December 16, 1849, in Hamilton, to Margaret TRYER, daughter of John TRYER and Mary HECK. She was born in Madison Township, .May 28, 1829, and has borne him seven children. John W. WEBSTER was born January 21, 1852; Mary E., April 1, 1853; Celadon A., July 23, 1854; Levi B., November 13 3 1859; Newton E. in 1864; Cyrus G., January, 1868; and Eugene E., May 23, 1871. These are all dead but Cyrus. His grandfather, William B. SCHENCK, was in the Revolution, being a captain. His brothers, Norman and David P., were in the service for three years each.

John SINKEY was born at Amanda, in Lemon Township, and was the son of John SINKEY, a native of Pennsylvania, and Mary SHIELDS. The latter came from Ireland. He was first a distiller, but was afterwards a farmer, and has followed this occupation for thirty-nine years. He was married in Lemon Township to Rebecca HEDDING, daughter of William HEDDING and Mary BLACK, who came from Pennsylvania in 1838. She was born in 1823. They have had nine children. Mary Jane SNYDER was born April 15, 1839; Isabel COOPER, October 1841; James, May 23, 1844; William H., December 25, 1845; John W., May. 1, 1847; Daniel, December 27, 1849; Charlotte KEMP, 1852; Sarah E., July 12, 1857, and Charlotte, August 27, .1860. James SINKEY shouldered his musket and served in the last war.

SUTER, PIERCE, BANKER, MCDILL (Madison Twp., p. 609)
James SUTER was born in Frederick County, Virginia, September 2, 1818, and settled in this county in 1830. His parents were William SUTER and Margaret PIERCE.. He was married in Crawfordsville, Indiana, March 3, 1850, to Martha A. BANKER, born in Poasttown, Madison Township, December 7, 1823, whose parents -were David BANKER and Mary MCDILL. He has retired from business.

Jonathan SCHENCK was born in this township, July 22, 1835, being the son of William SCHENCK and Jane MARSHALL, who came to this county in 1822. He was married September 7, 1859, to Laura C. BRELSFORD, born. August 13, 1839, daughter of Pierson BRELSFORD and Mary HUTCHEN, and had by her seven children. Mary Ellen WEHR was born July 8, 1860; William P., October 30, 1862; Charles H., October 23, 1864; Frank, October 8, 1867; Louisa Jane, September 10, 1872; Ferdinand, July 7, 1876, and Ina, February 2, 1880. Mr. SCHENCK has been supervisor for several terms. He has a fine farm, situated about four miles from Middletown.

William SOUTHARD was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, November 21, 1799, and came to this county in 1802. His parents, who also came here at the same time, were Aaron SOUTHARD and Nancy HANKERSON. He was married December 5, 1822, to Ann VAN SICKLE, daughter of John VAN SICKLE and Rachel VAN VLIET. She was born the 18th of October, 1803, the same year that her parents came to this county. Mr. and Mrs. SOUTHARD have had six children, of whom the first four are dead. Their names are John, Nancy Isaac, Mary J., Ruth VORIS, and David. George SOUTHARD, an uncle, was in the War of 1812. Mr. SOUTHARD has always been a farmer. He owns a very pleasant home of forty-five acres, part in ,this :county and part in Montgomery County.

James M. SCHENCK was born in Montgomery County in 1844, and was married to Lucy S. FAUST October 12, 1865. His wife was born in Westchester, in this county, May 14, 1843, and is the daughter of Peter FAUST and Rebecca CUNNINGHAM. His parents were John L. SCHENCK and Hester MARSHALL, and he came to this county in 1846. His grandfather, John H. SCHENCK,. was in the War of 1812. James M. SCHENCK has four children. Robert was born March 28, 1867; John, L., October 11, 1868; Findlay S., December 9, 1869; and Briggs C., December 24, 1878. Findlay S. is dead. Mr. SCHENCK was in the hundred-days' service in Virginia, in the One Hundred and Sixty-seventh Regiment, Company G, from Middletown.

John SELBY, son of Middleton SELBY and Rachel SELBY, was born in Madison Township, March 28, 1831. He is a farmer and carpenter. He was married October 22, 1865, to Sarah D. CATROW, daughter of George E. and Mary Ann CATROW, who was born in Madison Township July 24, 1847. They have two children, Effie S., born October 10, 1866, and Mary Lee, July 24,1869. Middleton SELBY, the father of John SELBY, was born January 22, 1793, in the State of Maryland, moving to Ohio in 1802 with his parents, when about nine years of age. They settled in Madison Township, where he lived upon the homestead until his marriage. By his own industry he received a common education, which enabled him to teach school at that early day. In November, 1816, he was married to Rachel TEMPLE, and immediately afterwards settled on a farm near a small stream known as Brown's Run, where he lived until his death, September 15, 1877, being sixty-one years on the same farm.

In 1824 he was elected a justice of the peace, an office he held for the term of twenty-four years in succession to the full satisfaction of the people. He was then elected to the position of trustee of the township, in which office he served for sixteen years, afterwards declining re-election on account of age. He was a very marked man, of excellent habits, and was always a great advocate for the education of the rising generation. His word was as good as his bond. By his industry, energy, and high character he acquired considerable property, owning several farms at his death. He brought up a family of thirteen children, six girls and seven boys, all of whom are living, and all married and doing well. There are seventy grandchildren and forty-five great-grandchildren. Rachel SELBY, his wife, was born in the State of Kentucky, and in 1792 moved to Ohio with her parents. They located on a farm on the Great Miami River, near the State dam. After her marriage she became a member of the Baptist Church, and was an exemplary member all her life. She was highly esteemed by all who knew her. She died in 1869, at the age of seventy-seven.

Samuel SELBY was born in Madison Township, Butler County, September 28, 1828, and is a farmer. His parents were Middleton SELBY and Rachel COON. He was married February 2, 1854, to Amanda GEBHART, daughter of Daniel GEBHART and Christina LINGLE, who came here in 1804. She was born July 22, 1834, and has borne him six children. Alice was born March 8, 1855; George, January 11, 1857; Edgar, April 12, 1859; Rachel Flora, October 20, 1861; Charles, September 11, 1864; and Harry W., January 22, 1873. William DINE, his brother-in-law, was a soldier in the last war.

THOMAS, WOLF (Madison Twp., p. 610) Shem THOMAS was born in the north-west part of Warren County, April 21, 1808, being the son of Gabriel THOMAS, born in Maryland, and Christina THOMAS, formerly Christina WOLF. They came to this country in 1804, and settled near Franklin, Warren County, in that part of Warren which was ceded from Butler County, and then in Butler County. His father was born in Maryland some time in the neighborhood of the Revolutionary War. He came down the Ohio in flat-boats to Cincinnati and then, with teams, moved his family, consisting of his wife and six children, to a farm near Franklin. He cleared his own forests. He was an active, busy, hard-working pioneer, and being skilled as a blacksmith, did his own work and some for his neighbors. He lived on the farm he first settled, and on the one adjoining it, with his son Michael, until the time of his death, in 1857. Shem THOMAS had ten brothers and three sisters, two of the brothers dying in infancy and one when ten years old. The other brothers all grew up, and all lived with their father until they attained to manhood, and helped clear away the forests and prepare the way for approaching civilization. Four of them are now living within a few miles of each other.

Jacob TEMPLE, Senior, was born in Frederick County, Maryland, July 10, 1799. He is the son of Michael TEMPLE and Catherine HEFFNER, who emigrated to this county in 1804, coming in a covered wagon with a four-horse team. Mr. TEMPLE stayed with his parents until he was twenty-three years of age, when he was married to Catherine GEBHART, daughter of John and Catherine GEBHART, who came here in 1808. Twelve children were the fruits of this union. Ellen J. KIRCHER was born February 24, 1824; John, April 1, 1826; Charlotte KIRCHER, February 21, 1828; Catherine M., March 15, 1830; Michael, February 19, 1832; Henry G., January 9, 1834; Peter G., February 15, 1836; Sarah DAVIS, February 24, 1838; Elizabeth MEARS, December 14, 1840; Oliver P., December 22, 1842; Mary Ann LUCAS, September 12, 1845; and Theodore, May 3, 1848. His father, Michael TEMPLE, was in the Revolutionary War, and three brothers were in the War of 1812, Michael, Peter, and John.

WALTER, SCHENCK (Madison Twp.p. 610)
Tyler S. WALTER was born in Monmouth County, New Jersey, March 7, 1818. He is the son of John Schuyler WALTER and Anna SCHENCK, who came here in 1836. His great-great-grandfather was in the French and Indian War. One of his ancestors, Robert WALTER, was at one time mayor of New York City. Tyler S. WALTER has always been a farmer.

WILLIAMSON, HENDERSON (Madison Twp., p. 610)
Absalom WILLIAMSON, farmer, the son of Arthur WILLIAMSON and Caroline HENDERSON, was born near Lesourdsville, June 27, 1827. His parents were from near Freehold, New Jersey, and came here in 1819. His grandfather, Hendrick WILLIAMSON, served in the Revolutionary War, as did his great-grandfather on his mother's side, John HENDERSON. The latter was a captain, and participated in the battle of Monmouth. A brother of Captain HENDERSON was a colonel in the same engagement. Mr. WILLIAMSON's brother, H. V. WILLIAMSON, was in the one-hundred-day's service in the Kanawha Valley, West Virginia.

WEAVER, CRANE, CLARK, HATFIELD (Madison Twp. pp. 610-611)
William WEAVER was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, December 20, 1795, and settled in this county in the year 1800. He is probably the oldest native of Ohio now living in the limits of Butler County, and is one among a half dozen of the oldest living persons born in Ohio. His parents were Henry WEAVER and Susan R. CRANE. He was married December 19, 1822, to Elizabeth CLARK, daughter of John L. Clark and Sarah HATFIELD. She was born in Pennsylvania, August 10, 1803. They hae had eight children. Susan was born August 11, 1825; Ferdinand, July 12, 1829; Henry L., December 22, 1831; Mary, August 13, 1834; William, October 31, 1836; John C., December 9, 1838; Samuel D., April 20, 1841; and Sarah E., March 2, 1845. Mr. WEAVER was justice of the peace nine years, trustee of Madison Township nine years, trustee of school lands, captain of a militia company four years, and major five years. The WEAVER family contributed their full share towards putting down the late Rebellion. Henry L. WEAVER, George H. WEAVER, and Samuel WEAVER were out. William WEAVER fell at the battle of Arkansas Post. He was a captain of the Eighty-third Ohio Volunteers.

WEIKLE, SNYDER, FALL (Madison Twp. p. 611)
Jacob C. WEIKLE was born in Madison Township, and is the son of Jacob and Elizabeth WEIKLE. He is a farmer. He was married on the 21st of December, 1876, in Preble County, to Margaret A. SNYDER, daughter of Daniel D. SNYDER and Mary A. FALL. They have two children, Mary E. WEIKLE and Nathan WEIKLE.