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History of Butler County: WAYNE Township, continued

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John BRELSFORD was born in Wayne Township, August 9, 1822, being the son of John BRELSFORD and Nancy A. PAGE, who came to this country in 1803. He was married on the 5th of January, 1845, to Jane WOLVERTON, who was born in Hamilton County, January 1, 1825, and by her had three children. John C. BRELSFORD was born January 19, 1853; Catherine Ann BRELSFORD was born February 7, 1856, amd died Octobert 17, 1857, and Elizabeth J. PHARES was born January 16, 1858. Mrs. BRELSFORD died January 16, 1882. Mr. BRELSFORD was brought up o a farm, and has always followed the business. He was quarter master of a rifle regiment for six years, while he lived in Preble County, Governor BARTLETT giving him the appointment. Pierson BRELSFORD, son of John, was born June 24, 1831, and was married, in 1859, to Sarah Ann ANNSPAUGH, born April 3, 1840, in St. Paul, Indiana. Eight children were born to bless this union, seven of who survive. William S. was born January 29, 1861; James A. was born OCtober 17, 1862; Ida L., August 13, 1864; Elmer P., October 30, 1866; Samuel L., September3, 1868; John H., January 25, 1871; Frances M., March 21, 1873; and Clara M., May 4, 1875. Samuel L. died July 2, 1870. William S. was married July 3, 1881 to Anna HAIZMAN, born April 20, 1860, in Hamilton. He is living at home. Mr. Pierson BRELSFORD owns and farms two hundred and forty five acres, and has also managed a threshing machine for about sixteen years. He has been township trustee for seven years, and still holds the office. He was one of the party mustered and sent to Hamilton during the Morgan raid. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity. Allison B. CRIST was born in Franklin County, Indiana, in 1826, and was married, in 1848, to Mary DAVIS, who was born in the same county and State in 1824. By her he had four children. Elbert is married and lives in Illinois; Arbell is singel and lives in Preble County; Perry is married, and lives in Wayne Township; and Mary is the wife of James Merrill, who lives in Huntington County, Indiana. Mrs. Crist died in 1852, and Mr. Crist was married, in 1855, to Annie SMART, born in Franklin County, Indiana, in 1835, by whom he had one child, Marion, who is married, and lives in Middletown. His wife died in 1858, and he was married in 1858, to Phoebe MADDOCK, who was born in Butler Couty in 1837. By her he has had nine children. They are John, Luella, Francis, Ellwood, Retta, Mattie, Emma, Allison, and Eva. Mr. CRIST has held the various township offices---township supervisor, school director, and clerk of the schools. He emigrated from Indiana to Ohio in 1855, settling in Wayne Township on his present farm. He was in the One Hundred and Sexty Eighth Ohio, the hundred days service, and was first corporal of Company D. They were stationed in the Kanawha Valley, West Virginia. he owns and farms six hundred and seventy acres in Wayne Township. He and his wife are Orthodox Quakers. He has always followed farming and stock dealing, and is one of the most prominent farmers in the township. He had but about a thousand dollars when he commenced, and lost all that when he began farming in Ohio in 1855. He was then worse off than nothing, being in debt about three thousand dollars. Hiram GUDGEON, the son of William and Nacy GUDGEON, was born in Tyler County, West Virginia, October 12, 1821. He came to this county in 1869. On the 21st of December, 1851, he was married to Christine E. MCDONALD, born in Canada East, October 12, 1826 and the daughter of Patrick and Bridget MCDONALD. The parents of both are dead. Mr. and Mrs. GUDGEON have had the following children: Charles W., Caroline E. Peterman, John F., WIlliam H., Effie C., Hiram W.S., and Thomas J. He was postmaster in Jacksonburg for two years, beginning May 8, 1879, and served until July 1, 1881. He was also mayor at the same place beginning April 1, 1879 and served until April 1, 1881. His grandfather, and also father, served in the war of 1812. His brothers, James D. GUDGEON, William H. GUDGEON, Charles W. GUDGEON, and Franklin B. GUDGEON, were all in the war, and were all so fortunate as to come home without any serious wounds, excepting Charles W., who had his shoulder dislocated in the state service, at the time of the capture of John Morgan. He was also injured at the battle of Vicksburg, while he was in gunboat service, being at that time on the Pittsburgh. George W. HASLETT is the son of John HASLETT and Ann CUMMINS. He is a farmer. He was born the 4th of November, 1840, in this county. He was married on the 8th of November, 1864, to Catherine COOPER, daughter of John COOPER and Phenner DILL, who are now both dead. She was born on the 19th of January, 1842. They have had seven children. Ida May was born July 26, 1865; George M., July 10, 1867; Charles G., November 18, 1869; Maggie I., October 4, 1872; Mary J., April 30, 1875; Rosa Ann, March 28, 1877; and John E., October 22, 1879. Jacob INMAN was born in Monmouth County, New Jersey, about 1779, and married Rachel HARRITON, born in Monmouth County, New Jersey, about 1779. They had nine children, of whom only two survive. Jacob L., who is married, lives in Decatur County, Indiana, and Barzillai lives in Wayne. He emigrated from New Jersey to Ohio in 1818, and settled in Preble County, where he died in 1823. His wife survived him for many years, dying in 1863. He was a school-teacher and surveyor, and during his brief residence in Preble County was a prominent man. At the time of his settlement he purchased upwards of four hundred acres of land. Barzillai INMAN was born in 1820, in Preble County, and was married in 1843 to Rebecca Jones, daughter of William Jones and his wife Elizabeth, who was born in 1823, in Wayne Township. They have had six children, four of whom are living. Andrew C. INMAN born in 1844, is married, and lives in Wayne Township. Elizabeth, born in 1846, died in 1849. Jacob J., born in 1849, is married, and lives in Wayne Township. Mary Ann, born 1852, died in 1871. Harriet, born 1855, is the wife of Andrew WILSON, and lives in Wayne Township. William J., born in 1859, is married and lives in St.Clair. Mr. INMAN has held the offie of real estate appraiser. He was drafted in the war, sending a substitute. He owns and farms five hundred and fifty acres, and his wife owns five hundred acres, part of the old homestead of the JONES family. William JONES was the first member of the JONES family that settled in Wayne Township. He came in 1802, at the same time with his father, Henry JONES, who settled in Curtis Township, Preble County. William JONES was born in 1774, and died in 1851. He owned at one time twenty-three hundred acres of land. His wife was Elizabeth CULBERTSON. She was born about 1775 and died in 1846. They were both natives of North Carolina, and were buried together in Preble County. They had eight children, five of whom, all girls survive them. Andrew JONES his son, was born in North Carolina, in 1799, and was a mere infant when brought to Butler County. Susan was born in 1794, dying in Indiana, Keziah, in 1797; Amy, widow of John FOX, 1802, lives in Preble County; Jemima, 1805; John, 1808; Mary, 1810; Elizabeth, 1813; Sarah, 1820; and Rebecca, 1823. The last, the wife Barzillai INMAN, lives in Wayne Township.

Andrew JONES married, in 1822, Harriet SMITH, who was born in this county in 1803. They had six children, three of whom survive: John C., who is married, and lives in Seven-Mile; Andrew, living in Chicago; and Isabel, wife of John RAY, who lives in Arcola, Illinois. Mr. JONES died in 1833, and his wife died in 1877. John C. JONES, son of above, was born in 1828, and is married to Susan GREGG. She was born in 1839. They have had four children. James, Anna Maud, and William live at home; Charles is dead.

Mr.JONES is a large landed proprietor, owning two hundred and twelve acres of land in Indiana and some in his own township. He does not himself farm, but devotes his attention to dealing in stock and grain, being one of the larest stock dealers in the county. He is one of the leading citizens of the township. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

The JOHNS family, an important and wealthy one in this township, were orignally Quakers, coming to Pennsylvania about the year 1700, under the auspices of William PENN. They engaged largely in commerce, and were extensive ship owners. The War of the Revolution, however, ruined them. James JOHNS, the grandfather, came to this country about 1805, settling in Warren County, where he died. Five of his children settled in Ohio; Ellis, Isaac, Thomas, John, and Ruth. Thomas JOHNS was the first member of this family that came out. He was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, about 1776, and died in 1864, Union Township. About the year 1801 he married Elizabeth BARNES, who was born about 1783, near Hagerstown, Maryland and died in 1834 in Union Township. They had eleven children, of whom six are still living. Hannah, widow of Thomas COX, who lives in Warren County; Jemima, wife of James STEELE, now living in Darke County; Uriah, now living in Miami County; Nancy, wife of John DAWSON, living in Clarke County, Missouri; John, in Wayne Township, and Thomas B., who is married, and lives in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Mr. JOHNS first came to Ohio in 1800, buying land in Union Township, and in 1802 moved his family and settled there. He was drafted during the War of 1812, but owing to the sickness of his wife, he sent a substitute. He was a farmer, but did a good deal of carpenter work, building houses, barns, etc. John JOHNS was born in 1815, and married in 1837 Mary HESS, born in 1821, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They have had eleven children, of whom nine are still living. Franklin is married, and lives in Illinois; Susan is at home; Daniel is dead; Theodore is married and lives in Kansas; John and William are married, and live in Butler County; Alvadore lives in Terre Haute; Alpheus and Horace are married, and live in Butler County; Mary lives at home, and Ada is dead.

Mr. JOHNS has been a school director for more than twenty years. For over two years he owned a general store at Miltonville, which did a business of from twelve to fiteen thousand dollars per year. Ill health, however, interfered with his continuance in this business, and he abandonend it and took up farming. He now owns about seven hundred acres of land in the county, which he and his sons farm. Mr. JOHNS is one of the leading citizens of Wayne Township.

Henry JACOBY was born in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, about 1785. He was married t Sarah KERR, a native of Lehigh County, by whom he had three children. Charles is married, and lives in St. Clair Township; Susannah, widow of Charles WETZEL, lives in Hamilton; and Elizabeth is deceased. He married for his second wife Salome MACAN, born in Lehigh County, who died in 1837. He owned and farmed one hudnred and fifty-six acres of land in Wayne, and one hundred and sixty-eight acres in Lemon.

Henry JACOBY, his son, was born in 1824, in Wayne, and was married in 1846 to Craoline BARTCH,born in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania in 1828. They had ten children, of whom two died young. Barbara E. is the wife of Isaac BOATMAN. He was born in 1848, and lives in Seven-Mile. Jacob, born in 1850, lives in Lemon Township; Francis, born 1852, is married, living in Monroe; Melinda, born 1854, is the wife of Albert YUENGLING; Mary Alice, born in 1856, died in 1859; Edwin, born in 1859, is single and lives at home; Henry and Charles are twins, and were born in 1862, and David A. was born in 1864. One died as an infant. Mr. JACOBY led an upright and virtuous Christian life, and was an elder of the Reformed Church. He died in 1866.

Nathan JACOBY , born in 1812, in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, was married in 1838 to Sarah BARGER, born in 1821, in Berks County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Samuel and Mary BARGER. They had four children. Mary Ann, born in 1840, the wife of George Y. MECHLIN, lives in Hamilton. Emma, born in 1841, is the widow of Reuben FULMER, and lives in Hamilton. David Albert was born in 1852, and died in 1861, when but nine years old. Maria Alice, born in 1855, the wife of George N. CLAPP, lives in Wayne Township. Mr. JACOBY came to Ohio in 1820, and settled in Wayne Township, where his father had bought three hundred and twenty acres, and he owns and farms one hundred and fifty acres, part of the old homestead. Mr. JACOBY and his wife are members of the Reformed Church, of which he is an elder.

THE KUMLER family is one of the largest and best known in the county. Henry KUMLER, the ancestor of the family, was a bishop of the Church of the United Brethren. He was born January 3, 1775, in Lancaster, Penn., and died Janueary 8, 1854, in Hanover Township. He was a man of great religious gifts, and for more than half a century labored as a servant of the Lord. He was married September 7, 1797, to Susannah WINGART, born October 1, 1779, in Lancaster County, Penn. She died in 1874, on the 30th of November, in Hanover.

They had eleven children, who grew to maturity, and one that was drowned in a spring when five years old. Hannah, the widow of the Rev. Jacob FLICKINGER, born in 1798, lives in Seven-Mile. Henry KUMLER, born January 10, 1801, lives in Dayton, Ohio. He is an exbishop of the United Brethren Church, an office he held for twenty years. Susannah, the wife of the Rev. John ZELLER, born Janueary 3, 1804, died in 1875. Elizabeth, the widow of the Rev. A. HESS, born July 5, 1805, lives in Brazil, Indiana. Daniel C., born September 30, 1807, lives in Seven-Mile. Elias, born October 21, 1809, died in 1873. Jacob and Michael, twins, were born August 31, 1811, and are each married, and live near Millville, in this county. Joseph, born February 23, 1813, is married, and lives in Wayne Township, at Jacksonburg. John, born December 24, 1814, is married, and lives in Dayton. Catherine, widow of Henry WELTY, born April 6, 1817, lives in Oxford. Mary born in 1819, was drowned.

Bishop KUMER settled in Wayne Township when he first came to Ohio. H was a wealthy man for the times, and when he came to Ohio he purchased land in Wayne Township, increasing the quantity gradually until he owned about eleven hundred acres, besides other property. This was distributed amond his children, the boys each getting a farm of about one hundred and fity acres, and the girls receiving money. He was a very prominent man during his lifetime. He frequently crossed the Alleghanies upon Church business. He was noted for hospitality, keeping an open house for the ministry.

Of his sons, Daniel C. was born September 30, 1807, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was married, in 1827, to Catherine WALTER, also born in Lancaster County, February 11, 1807. She died June 27, 1876, in Seven-Mile. They had ten children, of whom nine are living. William E., born May 17, 1828, is married and lives in St. Clair. Amos D., born May 22, 1830, lives in Seven-Mile. Mary K., wife of Dr.A.H. LANDIS, lives in Logansport, Indiana. She was born August 27, 1832. Elizabeth R., widow of John MILLER, born February 1, 1835, lives in Seven-Mile. Jacob Henry, married, born April 14, 1838, lives in St. Clair. Charles J.S. born January 15, 1843, lives in Peru, Indiana. Hannah C., wife of B.F. OZIAS, lives in Arcanum, Darke County. She was born July 20, 1840. Susan M., wife of Professor George A. FUNKHOUSER, D.D., born October 26, 1845, lives in Dayton. Eunice, born about 1847, died while and infant. Luther M., born August, 1849, lives in Berwick, Pennsylvania, being a minister of the Presbyterian Church.

Mr. KUMLER was for some years miister of the United Brethren Church, and went to Africa as a missionary in 1854, but had to return after a few months, on account of illness. He studied medicine at Millville and practiced for about forty years, beginning about 1829, and one time had a very large business. He also owned a great deal of land, which was attended to by his children. He has distributed it among them. Four of his sons were out n the war, in the hundred-days service, being members of the One Hundred and Sixty-seventh Regiment Ohio National Guard. Charles was sergeant major; William, a private; Amos, a corporal; and Jacob H., a private in Company C. They were stationed in the Kanawha Valley.

Joseph KUMLER, son of the bishop, was born in 1813, in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, and married in 1835 to Margaret ZELLER, born in 1816 in Montgomery County, this state. They have had seven children. Mary Ann is the wife of Simon EMERICK, and lives in Montgomery County; Melinda E., is now dead; Jaun R. lives at home; Myra F., wife of Samuel BAIRD, lives in St.Clair Township; Belle J., Joseph Edwin, and Franklin A.Z. all live at home. Mr. KUMLER held the office of justice of the peace from 1853 to 1856, and has also been a member of the school board for nine years. He is the clerk of that body. He is a member of the United Brethren church, of which he is a trustee, holding this postition for twenty-five years. He is also a class-leasder, and has been superintendent for several terms of the Sunday School. By occupation he is a farmer, and has owned at one time three hurnded and ten acres, part of which he has given to his children. At present he owns and farms one hundred and sixty acres. He is the president of the recently incorporated society for taking charge of a new cemetery at Miltonville, in Madison Township.

John LESLIE was born in Loudon County, Virginia, and his wife, Hannah DAVIS, was born in Pennsylvania, the former in 1774, and the latter in 1779. They were united in 1799. Ten children were given to them, four of whom survive. Joseph, born in 1803, is married, and lives in Preble County. Reazin, born in 1813, is married and lives in Wayne Township. John, born in 1815, and Hannah, born in 1817, live in Wayne. Mr. LESLIE went to Pennsylvania about 1797, and emigrated to Ohio in 1805, settling in Preble County. He died in 1853 and his wife in 1855. By sucessive purchases he finally owned about two thousand two hundred acres of land, which he divided among his children. He first entered five quarters, his entire capital being $500. he served as a teamster in the War of 1812, hauling flour from Middletwon to Fort Meigs, Fort Defiance, and Fort Recovery. His father, Patrick LESLIE, was a soldier in the War of the Revolution, serving in the commissary department during the entire struggle. John, the son of John, moved to Butler County in 1854. He has been road commissioner.

John MOORE, farmer, was born in Likdare County, Ireland, in 1850. His father, John J. MOORE, lives in Ireland, and is a farmer. His mother, whose maiden name was KELLEY, is dead. Mr. MOORE was supervisor of Wayne Township for one term, being elected in 1862. he was one of the home guards that went out to capture John MORGAN. Mr. MOORE has been an extensive traveler in South America, Texas, Alabama and elsewhere.

George W. OBERFELL was born in Butler County, April 18, 1858, being the son of Gottlieb OBERFELL and Catherine BROOKS. He came to this county in 1833, and she in 1849. George W. OBERFELL was married September 15, 1878, to Louisa L. HOWE, daughter of Junius A. HOWE and Sarah A. SHERARD. The former came from New York, but the latter was a native of the county. Mrs. OBERFELL was born September 5, 1859, and has borne her husband three children. Harry and Clara OBERFELL were born September 6, 1879, and Charles A., November 24, 1881. In the last war Gottlieb OBERFELL served three years.

William C. PHARES was born in Butler County, May 11, 1829. he is the son of WIlliam W. and Anna C. PHARES. His father was a colonel of Militia in 1812, and went up to Fort Meigs to the assistance of our troops. The fighting, however, was over, and he returned. He came to this county in 1805, and his wife in 1809. William C. PHARES was married on the 29th of December, 1862, to Eliza M. PHARES, who was born in Evansville, Indiana, and the daughter of Joseph and Lucinda PHARES. She was born June 30, 1838. They have, as fruits of their union, Susan, born January 16, 1869, and Joseph, born Deember 23, 1866. Mr. PHARES was out in the war, serving under Colonel Thomas MOORE, in the One Hundred and Sixty-seventh Regiment. He follows the ocupation of a farmer.

Samuel A. PHARES, farmer, was born in this township December 20, 1830. His father was W.W.PHARES, the first postmaster of Jacksonburg, and his other was Anna Caroline PHARES. They came to this county in 1805. Samuel A. PHARES was a member of the One Hundred and Sixty-seventh Regiment, Colonel Thomas MOORE, in the rebellion, during the year 1864, serving in Company D., Captain BOOKWALTER. He was married August 15, 1878, in Hamilton, to Phebe A. PAGE, daughter of Benjamin A. and Sarah A. PAGE. To this union there has been born Grace C. PHARES, December 27, 1879, and they have adopted Edna M. PHARES, born October 31, 1867.

W.D. PHARES is a farmer. He is the son of George W. PHARES, who was born November 20, 1801, and Jane W. PHARES, who was born January 14, 1800. They came to this county in 1805. W.D. PHARES was born in Wayne Township the 16th of December, 1837, and was married November 23, 1860, to Hester F. POTCHNER. Her father and mother were Dennis and Elizabeth POTCHNER. She came to this county in 1810, but Mr. POTCHNER was born in Preble County. Their daughter Hester was born in Preble County, July 18, 1842. Mr. and Mrs. PHARES have two children, --Mary D., born July 29, 1866, and Harry C., September 28, 1872. He served in the Sixty-third Ohio Regiment three years, from 1862 to 1864, and was honorably discharged.

James R.C. PHARES, one of the sons of W.W. PHARES is a farmer. He was born in Wayne Township, January 13, 1819, and was married on the 19th of May at Keokuk, Iowa, to Maria OLDENBURG, daughter of Louis OLDENBURG and Mary CHURCH. She was born in Pennsylvania, April 10, 1807. Mr. OLDENBURG was a native of Germany. Mr. and Mrs. PHARES have had eight children, -- Edmund, born August 19, 1848; Andrew B., March 16, 1850; Lawrence T., March 30, 1853; Louis A., March 24, 1856; Samuel I., January 10, 1859; Bellamy S., September 22, 1860; Hubert A., October 8, 1864; Tessie May, July 29, 1872. Mr. PHARES was assessor in 1854, and member of the board of education from 1860-1877.

Jeremiah PAULIN, son of Jeremiah PAULIN and Elizabeth HAGERMAN, natives of New JErsey, was born in Wayne Township in 1808, and was married for the first time in 1843 to Elizabeth LESLIE, born in Butler County about 1817. She died in 1853. She had five children, now all dead. For his second marriage he took Sarah W. HAGAN, born in Butler County in 1829. The union was in 1863. They have had three children, two now living. Thomas was born in 1866, and Elizabeth in 1867. Mr. PAULIN is a self made man, beginning his life with nothing. He owns about six hundred acres of land, of which he farms about fifty acres, letting out the rest. He votes the Republican ticket.

Ezekiel SAMUELS was born in North Carolina in 1823, and moved from there with his parents to Indiana, when he was about ten years old. There he remained until the death of his father, which occurred in 1838, when his mother and family removed to Tennessee, wehre they remained until 1840, then coming to Ohio and settling in Butler County. Afterwards, Mr. SAMUELS lived for several years in Preble County, but since 1857 he has lived permanently in Wayne Township. He maried first, in 1844, Susan KINSEY, born in Preble County in 1821, who died in 1856. By her he had five children. Mary Catherine, wife of Thomas SAMUELS, lives in Seven-Mile; Martha Jane, wife of Reed BOATMAN, lives in Hamilton; Winnie, wife of Daniel W. PERRY, lives in Preble County; James, who is married, lives in Seven-Mile; Joel REED, married lives in Preble County.

By his second marriage he had one child, which died an infant. His wife is Elizabeth PUCH, widow of Washington PHARES. She was born in the county in 1818. Mr. SAMUELS was one of a family of thirteen, who were left, by their father's death, in poor cirumstances. He was early thrown upon his own ressoures, with no means, and a very limited education. By assiduous industry, however, he succeeded in educating himself in after life. He volunteered in the One Hundred and Sixty-third Ohio National Guard during the late war, and was sent to West Virginia. He has held several offices in this township, among others those of Justice of the peace for six years, treasurer of the corportation ever since it exsisted, and also township assessor, constable, etc. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, joining it in his eighteenth year. He was for several years a member of the Odd Fellows. Hs father was out in the War of 1812, captain of a company under Gernal Pinkton, seeing considerable servie, and remaining during the whole term. By industry and perseverance Mr.SAMUELS has succeeded in accumulating a good competency, now owning property. He at present follows butchering.

Samuel STOKES was born in Burlington, New Jersey, in 1794, and in 1814 married Amy MIDDLETON, born in Monmouth County, New Jersey, 1794. They had three children. Elizabeth and Sarah are deceased. James M. is married, and lives in Wayne Township. Samuel STOKES came to Warren County, Ohio in 1823, and resided there two years, when he removed to Butler County, first settling in Trenton. He lived there about four years, when he removed to Jacksonburg, staying there until the day of his death, which was the 10th of October, 1860. His wife survived him fourteen years, and died October 12, 1874.

Mr. STOKES held the office of township treaurere for two years. He was elected, about 27, a lieutenant of the local rifle company, then organized in Trenton. He was a self made man, for although he received some assistance from his father, he was unfortunate, and lost it all before he came West, so that when he arrived in this neighborhood he had to commence life afresh. He gave his children good educations, and was able to leave considerable means behind him. He was reared a Quaker, but married outside of that Church and never applied for readmission. He was a man of genial habits and temper, and a favorite with his friends and neighbors. He followed the occupation of a blacksmith, both in New Jersey and in Butler County.

His only son, James Middleton STOKES, is now a resident of the township. He was born in 1815, in Burlington, New Jersey, and was married in 1842 to Maria S. COX. She was born in 1817 in Wayne Township. They have had three children. Samuel is married and lives in Wayne Township. James lives at home, and William, the eldest is dead. He volunteered when the three years' men were called for, August 31, 1861, in the Thirty-fifth Regiment, and severd till the battle of Mission Ridge, where he was killed. He was in Company C at the time of his death, being third sergeant, and if he had lived would shortly have been promoted. His captain was John EARHART, and he had been in several engagements previously, including among others Perryville and Chickamauga. He was killed by a rifleball through the head.

Mr. STOKES has held several township offices. He was township clerk in 1838, and again in 1842 was elected to the same position, holding it for twenty-one years, or until 1863. In 1865, 1866, and 1867 he was township trustee, and in 1873 he was again elected clerk, which position he now holds. He followed the occupation of blacksmith, in Jacksonburg, for twenty-two years, learning his trade under his father, and remaing with him until 1855, when he moved to his present residence, going into farmer. He is one of the leading citizens of this township, and owns and farms three hundred acres, which were bought by his father and himself.

Clemence SHAFER, son of Emanuel and Eliza SHAFER, was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where both of his parents are now living, in 1830. He came permantently to reside in this county in 1875. He was married to Sarah Jane FOX, daughter of Thomas T. and Hannah FOX, on the 18th of March, 1858. She was born in Butler County in 1836, her parents coming here in 1812. Mr. and Mrs. SHAFER have had ten children: Charles D., Thomas E., Cala M., Flora A., Emanuel H., Hannah R., George W., Bertha C., Clara E., and Roland C. Mr. SHAFER is a farmer. He was out four months in the War of the Rebellion, and three of the other members of his family also served. B.F. SHAFER was out for three years, Dillar SHAFER for one year, and E.Card SHAFER four months.

William B. THOMAS was born in Hamilton, October 3, 1826, and is the son of John H. THOMAS and Eleanor C. CRAIG. The father came here in 1800, and the mother in 1801. He has been twice married. His first wife was Catherine ANDREWS, who was born in Wayne Township, February 9, 1829, and he was joined to her in marriege in 1848. By her he had three children. Mary E. SARIM, born October 28, 1848, Alfred A., October 7, 1850. He was married afterwards to Sarah A. SHAFER, daughter of Peter SHAFER and Lydia A. MILLS. She was born in Ohio, July 28, 1840. They have three children. Jackson P. THOMAS was born April 1, 1861; William I., August 22, 1871; and John J., May 2, 1877. Mr. THOMAS has been an assessor of Wayne Township one term, trustee of Jacksonburg several terms, clerk several terms, and school director six years. His grandfather CRAIG was all through th Revolutionary War, and his father, when a small boy, was a drummer. Mr. THOMAS was a leading merchant of this place for thirty years. At one time, when about forty years of age, he rode a horse from Cinncinati to Jacksonburg in two hours and fifteen minutes. He is a member of the Patriotic Order of America.

J.B. TAPSCOTT was born in Warren County, Ohio, November 28, 1838, and came to live in this county in 1843. He is the son of William TAPSCOTT and Margaret BAIRD, and is a manufacturer and dealer in post-augers. Mr. TAPSCOTT has been twice married. His first union was to Eliza J. CARTER, daughter of Albert CARTER and Mary SHANNON, and had by her the following children: Elizabeth FLETCHER, Mary M. BULTZ, and William. The last is dead. He was married for his second wife to Sarah Ann SARBER, daughter of THomas SARBER and Elizabeth LONG. By her he had issue Ellsworth, Samuel, and Harry (now dead). Mr. TAPSCOTT was brought up on a farm, and followed that occupation until he was twenty-five. In March, 1860, he moved to Indiana, where he remained until the Spring of 1864, when he moved back to Jacksonburg, where he still remains. His grandfather, John BAIRD, was in the War of 1812, and did good service.

William WOLVERTON, treasurer of Wayne Township, was born in Hamilton County, Ohio in 1820. He came to this county in 1827. He is the son of Isaac and Catherine WOLVERTON, who came to Hamilton County very early. Mr. WOLVERTON was married in Marion County, Indiana, 29th of May, 1851, to Melinda ALLEN, a native of Wayne Township. Her father was David ALLEN and her mother Susannah OVERPECK. Mr. and Mrs. WOLVERTON have had the following children: David, born March 14, 1852; Isiah, OCtober 20, 1853; Elizabeth Ann, November 29, 1855; Sarah C., August 14, 1858; Susannah, March 27, 1865; Mary J., May 9, 1861; and Edna, January 5, 1868. Isaiah died June 13, 1869, and Susannah died April 9, 1864. Mr. WOLVERTON is a farmer, and has been the treasurer of his township since the 1st of March, 1854.

Isaac WOLVERTON was an old settler, coming her in the beginning of the settlement of the country. He wa a native of Washington County, Pennsylvania, and was the son of Colonel Thomas WOLVERTON, who went out as a private in the Revolutionary War at the age of seventeen, and retired at the close of the contest as a colonel. Isaac WOLVERTON came to Hamilton County in 1812, settling in Wayne Township, in Butler County, in 1827. During his sojourn in Hamilton County he was married to Miss Catherine FRAZEE, a native of that county, by whom he had nine children, five of whom survive. All of them are married. William lives in Wayne Township; Thomas lives in Redwood County, Minnesota; Isaac, in Richland County, Illinois; Jane, wife of John BRELSFORD, lives in Wayne Township, and Elizabeth, wife of Jesse WEST, lives in Richland County, Illinois.

Mr. WOLVERTON was in the War of 1812, holding the rank of major under General WEBB, in General HARRISON's army and serving during the entire war. By industry he accumulated a large property, owning at the end five hundred and eighty acres, which he divided among his children. He and his wife are both dead.

William, the son, was born in Hamilton County in 1820, coming to Butler County with his father and mother in 1827. He married Melinda ALLEN in 1850. She was born in the township where she now lives in 1829. By her he has had seven children, five of them now living. Sarah is married to George PAULLIN, but the other children --David, Anne E., Mary Jane, and Etna--live at home. Mr. WOLVERTON has held several offices. He has been treasurer of Wayne Township for twenty six years, from 1854 to the present time. He had some help from his father when he began, but his present forutnate pecuniary condition is mainly the result of his own exertions. He now ownes about three hundred and seventy acres, and devotes his time chiefly to farming and stock raising.

John WITHROW was born in North Carolina in 1768, and was married in 1794 to Anna POTTENGER, born in 1773 in Maryland. He came to Butler County in 1799, and was in the War of 1812, in one of the engagements being wounded by one of his own men. He was afterwards engaged in fighting with the Indians. His father, John WITHROW, was all through the Revolutionary War.

James B. WITHROW, son of John WITHROW first mentioned, was born in Wayne Township in 1812. and in 1837 married Margaretta PHARES, who was also born in the same township in 1816. They had ten children. Mary Jane, the eldest, was born in 1838. She is the wife of Thomas SATER, and they live in Keokuk, Iowa. Dennis P. was born in 1839. Anna P. was born in 1841. She is the wife of Dr. Ben HARDIN, and lives in Keokuk, Iowa. Caroline A. was born in 1843. She is the wife of Samuel STOKES, and lives in Wayne Township. William P. was born in 1845; John S., in 1848; Georgetta, in 1850; and Winfield S., in 1852. Robert C., born in 1855, is married, and lives in Wayne Township. Arthur B., was born in 1861.

Mr. WITHROW has been township trustee for eleven years, also school director for twelve years. His son Dennis P. WITHROW was in the war. He enlisted August 20, 1861, and entered the field September 20, of the same year. He was at the seige of Corinth, and the battles of Perryville, Kentucky, Mission Ridge, and Chickamauga, and was wounded at the last place. He was mustered out September 24, 1864. Mr. WITHROW, Sen., owns and farms two hundred and forty acres of land in Wayne Township, where his wife also owns thirty acres.

Willaim WITHROW is a native of Wayne Township, where he was born, January 5, 1822. His parents, John and Sarah WITHROW, came to this county among the earliest settlers. The former arrived here in 1899. John MARK, the grandfather of William WITHROW, served in the second war with Great Britain. Mr. WITHROW follows the calling of a farmer. He was married, January 21, 1849, to Anna HOOFMAN, daughter of Jothan and Anna HOOFMAN. He came to this county in 1807, and she was born here, May 17, 1805. Mrs. WITHROW was born August 3, 1827, and they have been blessed with three children. James F. was born August 5, 1850. John D. was born May 20, 1856, and died October 21, 1877; and Mary P. WITHROW was born January 21, 1862. Mr. WITHROW has held the position of supervisor for two terms.

Burns WILSON was born in Wayne Township, August 11, 1823. His parents were Brown WILSON, who was born in England in 1774, and Mary BURNS, who was born in Pennsylvania, February 7, 1789. They came to this couty about 1800, where Mr. WILSON immediately began improving some ground, of which he left a sexteenth interest to his son upon his death, September 26, 1823. He has completed the improvements until it is now one of the finest farms in the county comprimising four hundred and twenty seven acres, much having been added to it. It now embraces the old homestead. He was married in Milford, March 24, 1853, To Melinda YOUNG, born in that township, February 3, 1830. Their children are: Richmond, William Edward, Mary Ann, Ella Irene, Samuel Brown, George Burns, Ada Melinda, and George Alvin.

Mrs. WILSON's father was Samuel YOUNG, born in Pennsylvania, October 9, 1792, and Ruhamah MCKANE, who was born in Warren County. Several of the faily have been i the service of the United States. John WILSON, his uncle, and Thomas BURNS were in the War of 1812, and Samuel Edgar his brother, was one of the hundred-days' men in the last war. Mr. WILSON himself furnished a substitute. His mother died June 22, 1865.

The WEAVER family came to Ohio in 1808, settling in Wayne Township. Philip WEAVER was the head of the family, and he had three children that arrived at maturity. He died at a very early date. His children were Henry, Catherine,and John. Catherine married Samuel SNIDER. They are now all dead. Henry was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on the 25th of February, 1890. He married Sarah AUNSPACH about 1814. She was also born in his native county in 1792, and died in Wayne Township in 1818, leaving two children, who are both dead. He then married, in 1819, Margaret SARVER, born in Pennsylvania in 1800, and dying in Wayne Township in 1845, leaving ten children, six of whom are living. Margaret, widwo of Edward LINGLE, was born March 16, 1824, and lives in Henry County; Elizabeth, wife of Owen ECKER, was born March 19, 1822, and lives in WHiteside County, Illinois; Magdalen, wife of samuel KROHN, was born July 22, 1837, and lives in Putnam County; Daniel, born August 1, 1825, is married, and lives in Minnesota; Thomas, born July 3, 1831, is married, and lives in Iowa; Henry Born September 23, 1835, is married, and lives in Jacksonburg.

Mr. WEAVER was married a third time in 1850. His wife was Catherine EMERICK, born in Ohio in 1813, and dying in 1864. By her he had one a child, a girl, who is now dead. He reveived about one hundred and twenty acres of land from his father, and being a skillful and persevering farmer, accumluated considerable property, finally owning about a thousand acres of land, which he divided among his children. He was a member of the German Lutheran Church, and held an office as elder. He died in 1875.

After the surrender of HULL the whole country was in commotion, and the necessary troops to keep up the defenses of the Western frontier were drafted. Among them was Henry WEAVER. His time was to be sexty days, but he was only out twenty six days, when he was rellieved. He went to Dayton, and was followed by his father to six miles avoce that place, where he overtook him. The father gave Henry six dollars in hard cash, a tin cup, and a few other little things. The money however, was of little use, as there were no stores and no inhabitants beyond there, and he could buy nothing, and he so told his father. Then they went on to Piqua, Troy, and Wapakoneta, and from that to the Little and then to the Grand Auglaize.

General WINCHESTER was in command of the army. Soon after arriving they were sent as a body on detached duty some distance, and through the negligence of the quarter-master they soon ran out of food. The officers had none to give them,and they were soon reduced to extremities. In this juncture they thought of any edible roots that ight be there, and for seven days they were reduced to live on the roots of the white hickory. This soon raised a spirit of insubordination, and duty could be expected of them. An order came on for the detachment, sixty strong, to march on to another place, where there was provisions, but just about the time that this order came they had discovered a number of racoons, and they determined to get them. When their order was delivered they refused to go, and said they might as well die there as anywhere else; they must have their racoons. It was a necessity of the case.

It was a lieutenant who brought the first order, and he went back and reported they would not move. A captain came next, and they refused obedience to him. Finally the major came, and, being a sensible man, and finding the troops obstitnate, he yielded to necessity, and waited till the racoons were all caught. There were a number of them, and enough of them were finally caught to give each a part of one of the animals.

Having got them, they were more tractable, and marched off, each with a quarter of the beast in his hand. Their route was to Otawa, leaving for that place about noon, and arriving about night. Here were large cornfields standing, full of ears at thier best eating condition. But as their orders forbid a fire to be built, they went into the fields and began eating them raw. Some men ate so many as to induce colic and death, and nearly all of them ate too much. One or two droped dead on the field. Henry WEAVER devouredeight ears. When undergoing starvation he had buckled up his belt from time to time; So much had he eaten of this unwholesome food that both his captain and colonel remonstrated with him. He afterwards never could bear the taste of corn. After this they camped in Defiance, and after a few days returned home, being relieved by other levies.

Henry WEAVER, his son, was born September 23, 1835, and was married in 1860 to Sarah Walters, born in Middletown in 1839, and dying in 1863. He was married in 1865 to Martha HARKRADER, born in Ohio in 1839. They have two children,--Joseph Henry, born October 1, 1869, and Thomas, born November 1, 1873. He is a member of the German Lutheran Church, in which he is a deacon, and owns and farms one hundred and seventeen acres.

Robert B. WITHROW, farmer, was born in the township in which he lives, January 27, 1824. His father was Samuel P. WITHROW and his mother Mary WITHROW. He was married to Angelina MORFE, daughter of Cornelius and Eleanora MORFE, April 12, 1853. She was born in Liberty Township, March 29, 1831. He has had the following children: Mary E., January 29, 1854; Eva Ann, April 28, 1855; Henrietta, November 19, 1856; Ida Marie, June 26, 1858; Roberta, Decemebr 23, 1859; Samuel B., December 26, 1860; Laura Kate, June 15, 1862; Cornelius, January 7, 1864; Peter M., december 20, 1864; Robert C., September 14, 1865; Laura, March 12, 1868; Walter C., August 30, 1864. Mr. WITHROW has been a member of the school board.

Henry A. YOST, farmer, was born in Morgan County, now West Virginia, January 18, 1848. His father, George Benjain YOST, was for many years a captain of the militia, and his mother was Mar C. SWAIN. Henry A. YOST was married February 28, 1877, at Warfordsburg, Fulton County, Pennsylvania to May H. WHISNER and Rebecca M. FLEECE. She was born December 23, 1853. They have one child, Arthur Benjamin YOST, born July 1, 1878. Mr. YOST came to this county on the 10th of July, 1874, and is a farmer. His brother, John H. YOST, was in the service about three years in the last war. Hist brother in law, G.W. WHISNER, was in the Southern army one year.