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Some Old Madison Twp
(and possibly Wayne Twp)
transcribed by
Larry Helton

Photo taken
April 30, 2004
Vivian Moon
Henry Smith 1788-1872
John M. Yager d.3/11/1867 at 72
LUTHERAN cemetery:
Henry Berk died 1881 at 65
Barbara Berk d.4/23/1877 at 62
Henry Sellers d.2/23/1879 at 82
Catherine Sellars d.7/29/1871 at 76
Jacob Wickle d.1/23/1878 at 76
MENNONITE cemetery:
Jacob Augspurger d.11/2/1867 at 56
Catherine Augspurger d.10/2/1856
TRENTON cemetery:
Rev.Stephen Gard d.9/14/1839 at 62
Rachel Gard d.4/1/1816 at 36
Phoebe Gard d.1801
David Gard d.2/6/1807
Sarah Kerr d.6/15/1835 at 80
Mary Maxwell d.2/5/1813 at 62
Michael Pearce d.9/27/1838 at 88
Pheobe Pearce d.3/27/1832
Rhoda Tatlor d.4/2/1819 at 27
Henry Kumler 1775-1854
Susanna Kumler 1779-1874
ASTORIA cemetery:
John Deem d.9/29/1835 at 83
Mary Deem d.3/20/1845 at 91
Adam Deem d.9/2/1829 at 50
Jane Campbell Deem d.9/25/1847 at 63
Joseph Deem d.8/24/1818 at 7
John H. Deem d.2/12/1862 at 70
Elizabeth Deem d.3/29/1867 at 71
Joseph Hinkle, Sr. d.7/3/1881 at 94
David Banker d.1/25/1862 at 83
John Lucas, Sr. d.6/15/1836 at 75
Hannah Lucas d.9/25/1871 at 76
Samuel Lucas d.8/15/1870
John Lucas d.3/5/1873 at 79
Zachariah Selby d.7/14/1841 at 83
Jacob Gardener d.5/1881 at 97
Magdalena Good d.10/15/1863 at 87
George Gowker d.8/11/1858 at 82
Daniel Kemp d.8/29/1856 at 79
Elizabeth Kemp d.2/13/1859 at 75
Rev. John Kemp d.2/8/1875 at 85
Elizabeth Kemp d.10/22/1850 at 68
Rev. Jacob Kemp d.8/6/1851 at 68
Mary M. Kemp d.6/24/1843 at 57
John Stanley d.9/2/1864 at 98
? Warden, wife of James d.5/19/1834 at 50
ELK CREEK cemetery:
Adam Andrews d.6/10/1848 at 88
Catherine Andrews d.2/19/1840 at 71
John C. Buck d.1/10/1834 at 71
Elizabeth Buck d.8/19/1843 at 75
Rachel Kemp Camp d.4/26/1820 at 19
Samuel Dickey, Sr. d.12/1/1812 at 59
Catherine Dickey d.2/5/1812 at 56
Samuel Dickey d.6/23/1835 at 30
Ann E. Francis d.11/18/1843 at 85
John Mingle, Jr. d.1/22/1815 at 7
Jeremiah Miller d.9/9/1838 at 34
Mary Miller d.8/31/1830 at 28
Mary Muriller 12/23/1774-2/10/1844
Christopher Reed d.6/23/1824 at 71
John Sawyer d.12/27/1831 at 61
Solomon Snyder d.6/18/1833 at 69
Jacob Synder d.6/18/1833 at 69
David Williamson d.9/29/1855 at 75
Margaret Williamson 5/28/1775-9/29/1850
M.E.CHURCH cemetery OF JACKSONBURG (may be in Wayne Twp.):
More data on JACKSONBURGH CEMETERY burials
John Baird d.9/3/1855 at 69
Nancy Baird d.12/3/1862 at 74
Gilbert Cox d.11/22/? at 85
Anna Cox d.10/28/1862 at 76
James Craig d.3/31/1872 at 71
John Craig d.12/4/1840 at 78
Samuel Stokes d.10/11/1860 at 61
John Thomas d.4/4/1856 at 56
Eleanor Thomas d.3/24/1873 at 75
James Todd d.2/27/1850 at 61
SHILOH cemetery (possibly in Wayne Twp. as well):
Issac Allen d.8/1/1849 at 61
Elizabeth Allen d.12/4/1848 at 77
George Kelley d. 3/25/1880 at 61
Elizabeth Kelley d.10/16/1850 at 49
Joseph Kelley d.7/9/1857 at 88
Elizabeth Kelley d.7/9/1857 at 75
John Leslie d.5/5/1855 at 81
Issac Wolverton d.2/25/1859 at 71
Catherine Wolverton d.8/30/1849 at 56
BRELSFORD cemetery:
John Brelsford d.10/13/1833 at 42
Pierson Brelsford d.10/5/1848 at 65
Chloe Bates d.2/17/1833 at 15
William Hutchins d.3/18/1822 at 63
Catherine Hutchins d.8/2/1823 at 77
*not sure why many of these don't have the birth year upon the stones.

Transcribed by
Larry Helton

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