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CAGG-CA TMG User Group Page

The Master Genealogist User Group is led by Jean Hoffman

TMG Tips
Narrative Report

The Master Genealogist can format your story.

Tip   Select the Report
  • Go to the Menu: Report > Custom Report Writer
  • then select the big Wizard button, the easiest way to start a report
Custom Report Wizard
Tip   Follow the Wizard:
  • Pick Narratives to tell a story
  • Our example is The descendants of . . .
  • Format will be Genealogy Report (NGSQ), Modified Register
  • I'll generate a file in HTML to create web pages
    [without Word or WordPerfect this is the only way to get all the options, especially image exhibits like this signature]
  • Make choices for page numbering, memos, sources, index, etc.
  • Give this report format a descriptive name and you have saved your report definition!
image exhibit
Tip   Fine tune the Report Definition
  • Back in the Custom Report Writer Log, select the new report:
    • Give the file a name and select a folder
    • Most available Publication Tools options have been selected
      check for other options: I selected Sources: Unique
    • Under Layout, look at the HTML tab
    • Check the Type, Tags and Misc. tabs for other options.
      I've chosen to make this a custom format adding spouse events
      then all events plus witnessed and fewer place options, etc.

  • Click Generate!

Report Definition Window

Tip   Open the Genealogy Report
  • Open your web browser or word processing program and
    there open the new report file
  • Fine tuning will almost certainly be required - you may even want to modify your TMG data and create the report again (and again?)
  • An added benefit of making my report in HTML was that I could open the text and endnotes in MS Works and get narrative with images embedded plus at least a start on a surname index.
Image Exhibit
Tip   Web Links

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