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The Master Genealogist User Group is led by Jean Hoffman

TMG Tips
GEDCOM and more

Sharing data using The Master Genealogist

Tip   Anti-virus protection
  • First, protect your computer with anti-virus software.
  • Be sure to keep your program updated . . . and USE it !
use anti-virus software
Tip   Gedcom arrived - now what ?
  • Go to the Menu: File > Import from . . . > GEDCOM v4.0, v5.5
  • You will get a GEDCOM Import window.

    GEDCOM Import window

  • Click the top Search Button to tell TMG the location of your file (something.ged)
  • Either click the lower Search button if you have a directory (folder) ready, or
  • click Create Directory to set one up for this new data.
  • Click OK and TMG will generate a new database from the Gedcom giving you a report and immediate access of the new file.
  • That's it ! - well, for the bare bones anyway.
Cousin Ferdie actually sent you his data in a GEDCOM (on a floppy, as an email attachment or you downloaded it from the web.) Note the location and file name to import it into TMG.



For more information, search the TMG help file on GEDCOM Import, see the manual (index heading GEDCOM), or for a more complete discussion of options and common import questions.

Tip   Now to create your own GEDCOM
  • Creating a Gedcom from your TMG file, or part of your file, is easy.
    The tricky part is deciding what should be included and how it will appear.
  • Go to the Menu: Report > Custom Report Writer . . .
    then select the big Wizard button, the easiest way to start a Gedcom too.
  • From among the options, choose Utilities and click Next >
  • and next select the task Export a GEDCOM file again clicking Next >
  • Here are a variety of filters you can use to create just the file you want.
  • Our example will be for Those who are descendants of a certain person.
  • Select the option, go to the next frame, name this export definition and Finish.
Custom Report Wizard
Tip   Fine tune the GEDCOM export
  • Back in the Custom Report Writer Log, select the new GEDCOM export
    Give the output file a name and select its home folder
    Make any desired changes to the focus (we have descendant of),
    Check the manual or help for format questions,
    Under Options select what you want to let Aunt Tillie see.
  • Click Generate!
ID Number

To create our sample GEDCOM, Descendant of, we need to know the ID of our ancestor BEFORE we generate the file! TMG will not provide a search button in this case.

Report Definition - GEDCOM Export: Options Tab

GEDCOM Options available: many should be UNchecked before publishing your data.

Tip   Other Ways to Share the Data
  • TMG allows such complex information and sources that Gedcom files often do not translate it well unless you limit the output severely, though that may be a good idea anyway. But what to do when you want Cousin Ferdie to see the whole story and all the sources just the way you spent all those hours adjusting?
  • I recommend that you create a narrative report (ancestor or descendant genealogy report such as we created in June, see our web page, following the "Return" below, for help).
    1. Make your output an ASCII text file (*.txt) to paste in an email. This is a great method when sending info to someone who doesn't know you well enough to open your attachments.
    2. Create the report just as you want it and send it as an email attachment. (See Lorraine's "Sending Your GedCom as an Attachment" at
TMG Tips

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