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sign photo The Carroll County, Ohio
Genealogical Society

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Mount Olivet Cemetery

Washington Township

cemetery view cemetery
cemetery cemetery
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Page 1 Adams
Adams, Anne
Adams, Anne
Adams, Betsey
Page 2 Adams, C.C. and wife
Adams, C.C.
Adams, Ellen
Adams, Elva G.
Page 3 Adams, infant son
Adams, John
Adams, John K.
Adams, Margia A.
Page 4 Adams monument
Adams monument
Adams, Perry W.
Alexander, James
Page 5 Alexander, James
Allen, David and Pheba F.
Allen, John
Allen, Robert W.
Page 6 Allen,Robert W.
Allen, Robert W.
Allman, Harriet J.
Ballatine, James R. 
Page 7 Ballatine monument
Ballatine, Nancy  J.
Blazer infant
Brown, Algernon
Page 8 Brown, Algernon
Brown, Catherine
Brown, Catherine
Brown, William
Page 9 Buxton, Jacob
Buxton, Jacob
Buxton, Sarah
Buxton, Sarah
Page 10 Cline, John
Cline, John
Cline, John S. and    Catharine
Crawford, Catharine A.
Page 11 Crawford, Christina
Crawford, Dorab
Crawford, Dorab
Crawford, Dorab

Page 12 Crawford, Lewis
Crawford, Lewis
Crawford, Lewis .
Crawford, Mahlon and  Christina
Page 13 Crawford, Mahlon
Crawford, Melissa
Crawford, Melissa
Crawford, William 
Page 14 Crawford, Mary J.
Cummings, Elmer E.
Cummings, Franklin J.
Cummings, Melinda J. 
Page 15 Cummings Monument
Easterday, Lydia and James
Easterday,  Rosa May
Herrington, Malinda
Page 16 Hunter, Abraham L.
Hunter, Christiana G.
Hunter, Robert C.
Johnson, Daniel
Page 17 Johnson, Eady
Manfall monument
Maple,  Mary
Marshall, Eli
Page 18 Marshall, Clark
Marshall, Elizabeth
Marshall, Harry E.
Marshall, John L.
Page 19 Marshall, Joshua and  Melinda
Marshall, Joshua
Marshall, Joshua, Mary, and  Jane
Marshall, Melinda
Page 20 Marshall, Nancy
Marshall, Nancy
Marshall, Susan
Marshall, Thomas  Jefferson
Page 21 Marshall, Thomas  Jefferson
Marshall, William
Marshall, William
McComb, Rachel R.

Page 22 Moyer, Carl D.
Moyer, Donald W.
Moyer, Lonnie and Helen
Moyer, Lura B.
Page 23 Moyer, Tommy McC.
Mt. Olivet Church and Cemetery memorial
Myers, Infant
Page 24 Nelson, Hester
Randolph, John C.
Page 25 Randolph, Mellinda
Ray, Abraham
Ray, Abraham
Andrews, Ray
Page 26 Ray, Belle A.
Ray, Bessie
Ray, Catharine
Ray, Catharine
Page 27 Ray, Charles
Ray, Charles
Ray, Charles M.
Ray, Charles M.
Page 28 Ray, Charles children
Ray, Clayton E.
Ray, Daisy V.
Ray, Daisy V.
Page 29 Ray monument
Ray, Elmer E.
Ray, Flora Ann
Ray, Flora Ann
Page 30 Ray, Nova, Rosa and George
Ray, Hanna M.
Ray, Hanna M.
Ray, John and Huldah
Page 31 Ray, John J.
Ray, Joshua and Anna
Ray, Lillie D.
Ray, Lydia
Page 32 Ray, Mariah J.
Ray, Mary Ann
Ray, Mathias and Eva
Ray monument
Page 33 Ray, Neuttie
Ray, Neuttie
Ray, Rachel A.
Ray, Rachel A.
Page 34 Ray, Sarah E.
Ray, Thomas
Ray, Thomas V.
Ray, Vada Mercer
Page 35 Ray, William A. and Rachel A.
Ray, William A. and Sarah M.
Roudebush, Abraham
Roudebush, Abraham
Page 36 Roudebush, Abraham
Roudebush, Abraham, Margaret, and    Sophia
Roudebush, Abraham
Roudebush, Anna Eliza
Page 37 Roudebush, Anna M.
Roudebush, Gary D.
Roudebush, Glenn Le Roy
Roudebush, Harrison J.
Page 38 Roudebush, Helen F.
Roudebush, Henry M.
Roudebush, Hulda H.
Roudebush, infant daughter
Page 39 Roudebush, Jacob
Roudebush, Jehu, Mary and Lulic G.
Roudebush, Jennie N.
Jesse Roudebush
Page 40  Roudebush, Jesse A.
 Roudebush, Jesse A.
Roudebush, Jesse and Jane Ann
Roudebush, Jesse W.
Page 41 Roudebush, John R. and Sarah I.
Roudebush, John W.
Roudebush, Julie G.
Roudebush, Letha Mae
Page 42 Roudebush, Levi O.
Roudebush, Lizzie C.
Roudebush, Lizzie C.
Roudebush, Margaret J.
Page 43 Roudebush, Mary A.
Roudebush, Matthias, Mary, Malinda, and Hezekiah
Roudebush, Matthias A.
Roudebush, Matthias A.
Page 44 Roudebush, Melinda
Roudebush monument
 Roudebush, Phillip
Roudebush, Rachel
Page 45 Roudebush, Mary, Raymond,  Helen
Roudebush, Robert A.
Roudebush, Sarah M.
Roudebush, Sheridan
Page 46 Roudebush, Tobias and Margaret
Roudebush, Tobias
Roudebush, U. G.
Roudebush, Uriah and Mary
Page 47 Rutledge
Rutledge,Mary E.
Scarlott, Anna M.
Scarlott, Anna M.
Page 48 Scarlott, Clyde C.
Scarlott, Clyde C.
Scarlott, George
Stewart, James F., Dillie R. and John F.
Page 49 Talhart, Lydia
Tinlin, Sandra Lee

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Submitted by Jean Scarlott