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sign photo The Carroll County, Ohio
Genealogical Society

courthouse photo

Arabia Cemetery

Perry Township

Former Lutheran Church Cemetery on Saint Road off of Aster Road
cemetery sign
Submitted by Jean Scarlott

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Page 1 Albaugh, William & Telida
Albaugh, Augusta F.
Amos, Hulda
Page 2 Amos, Joishua
Amos, Luella May
Amos, Robert W.
Page 3 Angel, Juliann
Arbaugh, Ann
Arbaugh, Catherine
Arbaugh children
Page 4 Arbaugh, Harvey
Arbaugh, Jacob
Arbaugh, Margaret A.
Arbaugh, Martha
Page 5 Arnold, W.W.
Barber, Sarah E.
Barber, Christena
Page 6 Barber, Christena
Barr, Anna Catherine
Benedick, Washington
Page 7 Busby, Deborah
Busby, Mary
Busler, Andrew
Busler, Barbara
Page 8 Busler, Barbara
Busler, Jacob
Busler, Maggie F.

Page 9 Busler, Priscilla
Busler, William J.
Busler, William James
Busler, Willie A.
Page 10 Clark, Mary
Davis, George
Gilmore, Hiram J.
Gilmore, James
Page 11 Harding, William
Harmon stone
Harmon, Jacob
Harmon, Louisa
Page 12 Heidy, Ann
Heidy, Anna
Heidy, Monument
Page 13 Heidy, Thomas
Hendricks, Charity
Hendricks, Charity Lucy
Hendricks daughters
Page 14 Hendricks, Elizabeth
Hendricks, Lucy
Hendricks, Martha E.

Page 15 Hendricks, Philip
Hess, David M.
Hess, Elsey
Hidey, John
Page 16 Hidey monument
Hidey, Nancy
James, Amanda
Kail, George
Page 17 Kail, George
Kail, George Sr.
Kail, Mary
Page 18 Kail, Richard
Karn, David
Page 19 Karn, David
Karn, Jane
Page 20 Knee, George
Knee, Mary
Long, David
Long, Francis and Mary
Page 21 Long, Francis and Mary
Long, Jacob
Long, Nancy
Page 22 Long, Oliver
Lowmiller, Sarah
Miller, Acel
Page 23 Miller, Acel
Miller, Catherine
Miller infant

Riegle, John H.
Page 24 Riegle, Mary
Riegle monument
Page 25 Riegle, Steven F.
Saltgiver, Lavina
Saltgiver, Maria
Page 26 Sell, Anthony
Page 27 Sell, Anthony R. and Catherine
Sell, Catherine
Sell, Gabriel
Sell, Lucinda
Page 28 Sell, Mary G.
Sell monument
Sell, Nancy J.
Sell, Ora
Page 29 Simmons, Adam
Simmons, John
Slates, Frederick
Page 30 Slates, Frederick
Slates, Jane
Page 31 Slates monument
Slates, Rebecca
Slates, Susanna
Page 32 Smith
Smith, Anna
Smith, Christina
Smith, David
Page 33 Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Henry
Smith, Hiram
Page 34 Smith, Jacob
Smith, Jonas
Smith, Lucinda
Smith monument
Page 35 Smith, Samuel
Stillans, Samuel
Stillans, Samuel
Stillans, Sarah D.
Page 36 Wagner, Amos
Wagner, Amos
Wagner, Barbary
Wagner, Chastina
Page 37 Wagner, Daniel
Wagner, Daniel
Wagner, Eliza
Wagner, Henry
Page 38 Wagner, Henry
Wagner, Hiram
Wagner, Ida C.
Wagner, Jeremiah
Page 39 Wagner, John.
Wagner, Malankton
Wagner, Margaret
Wagner, Margaret A.
Page 40 Wagner, Margaret A.
Wagner, Mary E.
Wagner monument
Wagner, Samuel

Page 41 Wagner, Samuel
Wagner, Samuel
Wagner, Suanna
Wagner, Thomas

Page 42 Wallace, George and Anna
Wallace, George and Anna
Walters, Catherine
Walters, Catherine

Page 43 Walters, Grover
Walters, Hiram and Jerusha C.
Walters, Hiram and Jerusha C.
Walters, John
Page 44 Walters, Mary A.
Walters monument
Walters, Olive
West, Jesse
Page 45 Zastrow, Augusta

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