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sign photo The Carroll County, Ohio
Genealogical Society

courthouse photo

Grandview Cemetery

Located in Center Township

cemetery entrance
Cemetery Entrance
mausoleum door
Mausoleum Door
cemetery view
View of Cemetery
Photos by Jean Scarlott, Hallie Smeltz Martinson, and John Wallace

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Page 1 Abel, John
Abel, Mary
Albaugh, Isadora and Lafayette
Anderson, John

Page 2 Barnhouse, Nancy 
Baxter, Carrie W.
Baxter, George W.
Baxter, John M.

Page 3 Mary E. Baxter
William Odis Baxter
John Beadle
Linnie Beadle
Levi Beadle
Beatty, John
Page 4 Best
Elizabeth Blasenhauer
John Blasenhauer
Blazer, Laura
Page 5 Phillip Blazer
Morris Blazer
Rebecca Blazer
Nancy Bohart
Page 6 Peter Bohart
Francis Brooks
Rebecca Brooks
Eva Bushong
Jacob Bushong
Page 7 Samuel Bushong
Jonathan Busler
George J. Butler
George Butler
Page 8 Elizabeth Butler
John Cameron
James Cellars
George Butler
Page 9 Elizabeth Cellars
Eli Couch
Nancy Couch
Wm. and Maggie Corwin (see page 38)
Dedford Mausoleum
Page 10 John Donaldson
Lydia Donaldson
John Ebersole
David Ebersole
Elisabeth Ebersole
Page 11 Jane Ebersole
Edelman stone
Ann Elson
John, Rose Ann, and Jane    Fawcett
Page 12 John J. Fawcett
Alex Fawcett
Jennie Fawcett
Fawcett stone
Page 13 John Gearhart
Eva Gregory
James Greagory
Page 14 Olive Gregory
Peter Hagerman
Olive Hardesty
Oliver Harding
Page 15 Nancy Harkless
Enoch and Catherine Harsh
Tobias Harsh
James Harvey
Page 16 Rachel Harvey
Addison Hawk
Lizzie Hawk
F. Hemming
Page 17 J. Hemming
Wm. David Hemming
Charles Hemming
Lydia Hemming
Page 18 Hemming monument
Richard Hemming
Thomas Hemming
William Hemming
Page 19 William Herron
Eli Herron
Emerson Herron
Margeret Herron
Page 20 Carena Jackman
Edna Jackman
Samuel Jackman
Samuel Jackman 2
Page 21 Ann Jackson
Kendall Jackson
Jackson monument
Absalom Karn
Page 22 Sarah Karn
Karn monument
Eli and Anna Kintner
Robert Knestrick
Page 23 H. Arvine and Jennie Long
Catherine Lotz
Henry Lotz
Lewis Lotz
Page 24 J.J. Maffett
Lucinda Maffett
Eileen Magee
Catharine McBurney
Page 25 Eliza McBurney
McBurney monument
Martha MaCauland
George McCausland
Page 26 George McCausland
James McCausland
James McCausland 2
Mildred McGrew
Page 27 Robert and Sarah McLaughlin
Enoch and Catherine Harsh
Tobias Harsh
James Harvey
Page 28 John Miller
Susanna Miller
Moore monument
Arilla M. and Edna M. Patterson
Page 29 Joseph Patterson
Joseph Patterson 2
Mary Patterson
James Cree Patton
Page 30 Mary Pugh
Emma and Ellen Purcell
Charles Ray
Pvt. John Roudebush
Page 31 Mry Runion
Maggie Russell
Mary Shober
Shober monument
Page 32 Scarlott children
Francis Scarlott
Kenneth Scarlott
Myrtle Scarlott
Page 33 Semple and Boggs
James Sinclair
Sinclair monument
Sinclair mother
Page 34 Major David Skeeles
Alice Smeltz
Georgianna Smeltz
John Smeltz
Page 35 John Richard Smeltz
Margaret Smeltz
Ann Smith
Ann Smith 2
Page 36 Lorenzo Smithyman
Steen sculpture (close up)
Steen Sculpture
Steen monument
Page 37 Stockon mausoleum
Stockon mausoleum (close up)
Ida Stockon
John and MargaretThompson
Page 38 Stookesberry
Wm. and Maggie Corwin
Wm. and Maggie Corwin 2
Isaac Taylor
Mary Taylor
Page 39 Tripp Lodge
Tripp Lodge 2
Mary Umbaugh
Page 40 Eliza Van Horn
Van Horn monument
Isaac, Ida and Mary Wagner
Page 41 Isaac Wagner monument
Alfred Wenner
Wright monument
David Wiar
Page 42 Westfall, Elisabeth
Jacob Westfall
Lucy Westfall
Westfall monument
Page 43 Edwin Wettach
Everilla Wettach
Harry Wettach
Shel Wettach
Page 44 Theodore Wettach
Wettach monument

Page 45 Norris, Bisy
Norris, Ziba
Smeltz, Alice Faye
Smeltz, Catherine Mary Harple
Page 46 Smeltz, Georgianna
Smelt, James T.
Smeltz, John
Smeltz, Bertha and John

Page 47 Smeltz, Richard
Smeltz, Lewis F.
Smeltz, Margaret
Smeltz, William L.
Page 48
Smeltz, Wm. L. and Mary
Wallace, John