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sign photo The Carroll County, Ohio
Genealogical Society

courthouse photo

Green Hill Cemetery

In Lee Township, off state route 43 near Harlem Springs

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Page 1 Cemetery view
Cemetery view
Cemetery view
Stone base
Page 2 Stone base
Broken stone
Broken stone
Page 3 Buried stones
Page 4 Buried stones
Page 5 Crayton, Charles
Crayton, William T.
Page 6 Duel, Benjamin
Duel, Elisabeth
Dunlap, Samuel R.
Eckley, Jane
Page 7 E. G.
Eisnawgle, L.
Page 8 Eisnawgle L.
Foster, Elisabeth
Page 9 Forster, Elisabeth 2
Forster, George
Page 10 Forster, Simeon
Forster, William
Gotschall, Samantha
Gotschall, Eliza
Page 11 Greer, George
Page 12 Guyer, broken
Guyer, Daniel
Guyer, Henry
Page 13 Guyer, Margaret
Guyer, Rebecca
Page 14 Guyer, Samuel
Holder, Margaret
I. T.
Page 15 Johnson, David M.
Jolly, John
Page 16 Lee, Asbury P. Cummings
Lee David
Lee, David, Jr.
Page 17 Lee, David, Sr.
Lee, Julia A.
Lee, Kennedy
Page 18 Lee, Morton
Lee, Sarah Ellen
Lee, Thomas
Page 19 Lee, Thomas
Page 20 Maple
R. G.
Rider, Infant
Rider, George
Page 21 Sluts, George
S. M. G.
Thomas, Isabel
Page 22 Thomas, Isabel
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, William
Page 23 Thomas, William
Unreadable 1
Unreadable 2
Unreadable 3
Page 24 VanHorn, Ann
VanHorn, Hariet
VanHorn, Susana
Page 25 Wilson, Annie L.
W. T.

Submitted by Jean Scarlott