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sign photo The Carroll County, Ohio
Genealogical Society

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Hardesty Cemetery

Brown Township

hardesty memorial

Located in a private field high above the village of Malvern, it is one of the earliest cemeteries in Brown Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio
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Page 1 Amos, Meline
Amos, Lizzie
Amos, Lizzie bottom stone
Amos, Lizzie footstone
Page 2 Amos, Mordecai
Brandon. W.P.
Hardesty, George & Ruth
Hardesty, Hannah
Page 3 Hardesty, Louisa
Hardesty, Rev. George
Hardesty, Rev. George footstone
Hardesty, Ruth
Page 4 Hardesty, Susannah
Hardesty, William
Hardesty, William Francis footstone
Hardesty, William Francis
Page 5 Hardesty, William
Hardesty, William & Louisa
Hilgerman, William
Hillerman, Infant
Page 6 Hillerman, George J.
Hilleerman, Hannah
Hillerman monument
Hillerman, W.J.
Page 7 Hoss, Infant
H. & C. Lower
Maby, Ida
Maby, Ida footstone
Page 8 Paessler, Arthur
Paessler, Arthur footstone
Paessler monument
Pellon, Charles
Page 9 Pellon, Charles & Julia
Pellon, Julia
Richard & Francis F footstone
Spotts, Emma
Page 10 T.L. footstone
Triple, Emma
Triple, Josephine A.
Triple stone
Page 11 Triple, unknown
Wayne, Elizabeth
Wayne, Elizabeth footstone

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Photos by Linda Gernert Houyouse