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sign photo The Carroll County, Ohio
Genealogical Society

courthouse photo

Harlem Springs Cemetery

Lee Township

Harlem Springs cemetery view view 2
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Page 1 Jennie Algeo,
John Algeo
Mary Algeo

Page 2 Loren and Doris Anders,
J. Roy and Jessie Boop
George E. and Ida  Boop

Page 3 Tom and Jetta Brandon
Joseph P.  Burrier
Samuel and Julia  Burrier
George and Ida  Cogsil
Page 4 Rebecca Drake
Clermont, Lois and Bess Drake
Doris Madeline Drake
William and Nancy A. Drake
Page 5 Elizabeth Atwell France
William Albert France
Rebecca Gamble
Jeanie and Wilbur George

Page 6 Homer L. George
Nora J. George
William George
Dallas and Luella Gotschall

Page 7 David E. Gruber
Guess monument
Hamlin Guess
Lillian M. Guess

Page 8 Oliver Guess
Warren and Grace Guess
Dewey and Jennie Gween
Bazel Harman

Page 9 Daniel Harman
Harold and Evelyn Harsh
Susan A. Haun
Sarah Haun
infant daughter Haun
Page 10 Nancy Hemming
Marie and William Hinton
Julia A. Howey
Huddleston monument
Page 11 Rev. George W. Huddleston
Mary P. Huddleston
Maude H. Huddleston
Jackman monument
Page 12 Adam Jackman
A. Clark Jackman
Clifford and Vera Jackman
Crissie Jackman
Page 13 Elmer P. Jackman
George T. Jackman
Henry and Helen Jackman
John Jackman

Page 14 Sadie Jackman
Sherden and Margaret Jackman
David and Sarah Jenkins
Eliza Johnson
Page 15 George and Jeanie Johnson
John Johnson
John and Laura Johnson
Mildred E. Johnson
Page 16 Myrtle Johnson
Oscar E.Johnson
Ross Johnson
Mary and Washington Johnson
Page 17 William T. Johnson
John J. Karn
Lawrence monument
Ann Lawrence

Page 18 David and Elizabeth Lawrence
Hazel and Homer Lawrence
James Lawrence
James A. Lawrence
Page 19 Jane Lawrence
Mary Lawrence
Lee monument
Frances M. Lee
Page 20 Joyce Lee
Mary G. Lee
Oscar and Golda Lucas
Clara B. Magee
Page 21 Ellsworth and Melvina Magee
Emma and John Magee
Maple infant
Ray and Mildred Maple
Page 22 Adaline McClain
John R. McClain
David McCullough
Pheba McCullough
Page 23 Frank and Bessie McIntire
Lydia and James McIntire
William F. Moore
Crawford Morehead
Page 24 Lewis A. Mutton
Isaac and Iva Newburn
Judith Nichols
Barzillai P. Noble
Page 25 Ethel Blanche Noble
David Noble
Grover and Addie Noble
James and Susan Noble

Page 26 Nora and James A. Noble
James P. and Florence Noble
Loren and Rachel Noble
Mary E. Noble

Page 27 Sarah Noble
William, Lula, Ida May and Florence Noble
Emma and David Noble
May and Edgar Noble
Page 28 Elihu and Elizabeth Noble
Ethel Blanche Noble
George and Thurza Noble
Iona Noble

Page 29 Jaenette (Jeanette?) Noble
James and Susan Noble
Marian Noble
Oliver R. Noble

Page 30 Oliver R. Noble
Savilla C. Noble
Walter Robert Noble
William I. Noble
Page 31 William T. Noble
Edwin K. Peterson
Joseph and Mabel Peterson
Naomi and James Potts
Page 32 Olive A. Potts
Rachel Potts
David and Daisy Rankin
Eleanor M. Rankin
Page 33 George C. Rankin
Rankin monument
Winona Rankin
Maria Rath
Page 34 Archie and Leona Ray
George and Sadie Reed
David and Lucinda Richards
Elizabeth Richards

Page 35 James L. Richards
John Richards
Maria Richards
Otho Richards

Page 36 Rankin monument
Rachel Richards
Minnie Santhany
John Scarlott
Page 37 Catharine Scarlott
Wesley and Jennie Scarlott
Elsie May Schroeder
Anna B. Shepherd

Page 38 Helen Shepherd
Herbert and Georgiana Shepherd
Howard Shepherd
John and Amy Shepherd
Page 39 Paul F. Shepherd
Ann and Isaiah Shepherd
Gertrude S. Stenger
Harvey and Carrie Stenger
Page 40 Christina Talbott
Elizabeth Talbot
Joseph Talbot
William S. Talbot

Page 41 James and Elizabeth Thomas
Anna B. Thompson
William H. Thompson
William and Margaret Thompson
Page 42 Elmer and Mary Tinlin
William and Ruth Walters
John C. Wentz
Homer and Gertrude Wheaton
Page 43 I.C. Wiggins
Sarah R. Wiggins
Abel Wiggins
Abel Wiggins

Page 44 George W. Wiggins
George W. Wiggins
J.R. and Jennie Wiggins
Wiggins monument

Page 45 Edward, Ann and Maggie Wilson
Peter Wilson
James H. Wilson
Mary Wilson
Page 46 Peter and Caroline Wilson
Leta Winters
Dean R. Yeager



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Submitted by Jean Scarlott