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sign photo The Carroll County, Ohio
Genealogical Society

courthouse photo

New Harrisburg Cemetery

New Harrisburg, Harrison Township, State Route 171

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Page 1 Cemetery views
Boggs, Orr & Mary
Page 2 Boggs, J. Wilbur
Burwell, Ella & Lewis
Crissinger, Margaret
Dongel, Martha
Page 3 Dunlap, John
D'Wire, Bhaphat
D'Wire, Isaac
Gregor, A.
Page 4 Harsh, Elizabeth
Maria Hoverstick
Highland, Nancy
Page 5 Kennedy, Mary Scott
Kennedy monument
Lewis, John
Lewis, Mary
Page 6 Lotz, Margaret
Maple, Margaret
Maple, Tunis
Mathison, Philip
Page 7 Mick, John
Mick, Margaret
Mick, Margaret & Scott
Need, David
Page 8 Need, David
Need, Elizabeth
Perry, Mary
Perry, Samuel
Page 9 Perry, Samuel
Scarlott, Albert
Scarlott, Elvina
Scarlott monument
Page 10 Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, Mathew
Taylor, Nancy
Page 11 Taylor, Rebecca
Taylor, Sarah
Taylor stones
Page 12 Wilcoxen, Jane
Wilcoxen, Parker
Woods, John
Page 13 Woods, John
Woods, Sarah
Woods monument

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Submitted by Jean Scarlott