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Simmons Ridge Cemetery

This church and cemetery are located on Bear Rd in Loudon Twp. Carroll Co.

Simmons Ridge church Simmons Ridge cemetery gate
cemetery viewfence sign
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Page 1 Aiken, Robert
Aiken, Robert
Albaugh, Caroline
Albaugh, Caroline
Page 2 Cottle, Mary
Detachon, Douglas
Elliott, George

Page 3 Finicum, Frances
Finicum, Lucinda
Finicum, William

Page 4 Finicum, William 2
Harman, Elizabeth
Harman, Hugh
Page 5 Harman, Martha
Harmon, Caroline
Hess, Charles
Page 6 Jackman, Catharine
Jackman, Robert
Kail, John
Page 7 Kail, Mariah
Kail, John
Lingenfelter, Samuel
Page 8 McCoy, daugher
McCoy, Elizabeth
McCoy, Thomas
Page 9 McGary, Thomas
McGary, Margaret
Noble, William and Jane
Page 10 Rogers, Wilmer and Katherine
Rutledge, James
Rutledge, John
Page 11 Rutledge, Sarah, John and Lydia
Rutledge, Sarah, John and Lydia
Scarlott, Eleanor
Page 12 Scarlott, Eleanor
Scarlott, Richard
Scarlott, William
Scarlott, William T.
Page 13 Scarlott, William T. and Alice
Infant Scarlot children
Slates, Uriah and Margaret
Springer, Edward
Page 14 Springer, Edward
Steinmetz, Effie
Taylor, Alice
Page 15 Taylor monument
Taylor, Alice
Taylor, Catherine
Taylor, Richard
Page 16 Warner, Elsworth and John
Warner, John
Warner, Rebecca

Page 17 Warner, William
Williams, Henderson and Mary

Page 18 Williams, Achsa
Williams, Hilda Grace
Williams, Ira
Williams, Mary Ruth

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Submitted by Jean Scarlott