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Crawford County, Ohio

Probate Records

Misc. Probate Records, 1826


source:  Reprinted from Tracking, Vol. VIII, #2, p. 17.  Originally copied by Mary Fox.

Information regarding Ohio's Early Probate Courts

From The Ohio Constitution, by Ruth Allen, page 202
The Ohio Genealogy Society From THE REPORT, Volume XXI, No. 4 - WINTER 1981

"There was no specific provision for a probate court in the (Ohio State) constitution of 1802. That first Constitution provided for a Supreme Court for the state and a court of common pleas for each county, and gave the General Assembly authority to set up such other courts as it might find necessary. The Constitution of 1851 provided for the probate court by name and likewise for a circuit court. When the revised constitution of state was adopted in 1912, the name of the circuit court was changed to the court of appeals."

"WHY SHOULD YOU KNOW THIS? Your editor, Mary Fox, thinks that when conducting research or receiving research in Ohio you should know what court record it came from, then you will be more likely able to judge if you have covered all the available records possible. ..... [The Probate Court] has the early Chancery Court, the Circuit Court books ..... To the best of my knowledge, the original file dockets are gone, ..... [T}he records I've abstracted are in full, in the aspect that I feel I have all the genealogical data abstracted, but there is usually a lengthy legal aspect that would be prohibitive to put in a newsletter."

This volume in Probate Court is called ADMINISTRATION DOCKET, Volume 1 - June 1826 - April 1840 Crawford County, Ohio (some of these cases were started in Common Pleas Court)

In the Court of Common Pleas held at Court House the town of Bucyrus for the County Crawford Ohio - 1 June 1826 -
Last Will and Testament, will written 28 March 1826, Timothy Kirk said he was sick in body, bequeat to my children,
1st $100.00 that is coming from William Sharon to be divided equally among them,
2nd his dear wife the remainder of personal property,
3rd wife, 1/3 of real estate,
4th 2/3 of real estate to my children to be sold when oldest child becomes of age and. divided equally amoung them,
5th my wife Susan Kirk, guardian for my children, that is, Wm., Joseph, Sarahann, Rachel, Mary Rebecca & Susannah Kirk,
6th Lewis Cary, exe. to this my last will & testament,
Witness: Conrad Roth & John S. George. (From your editor, send S.A.S.E. if you have questions)

Page 2 - ESTATE OF I shi (?) NORTON, deceased - 1 June 1826
Court ordered that Huldah Norton & Samuel Norton be appointed adm. of estate of Ishi Norton. (Noted the heirs were not named).

Page 4-5 - ESTATE OF HENRY BISHOP, DECEASED (copy) 1 June 1826
The Last Will & Testament of Henry Bishop was produced in open court, says Henry Bishop of the United Kingdom of Ireland and Briton born in England in the province of Sufsex (Sussex) now a resident of Crawford Co State of Ohio in America: - wife Lydia received all property, real & personal, she to do as she thinks best for maintenance of my children, - will written 25 Oct. 1825. Witness Herman Rowse, Jefse Jackson & Hiram Morse. (fs is the same as ss, as in Jesse).


(abstracted by Mary Fox) page [17]

ADMINISTRATION DOCKET, Vol l, June 1826 - April 1840 - continued
source:  Tracking, Vol. VIII, #2, p. 18 (March 1982)
In court l June 1826 the letters of executorship issued to LYDIA SAMMES late rife of Henry Bishop, deceased the executrix named in said will said letters reads in words & figures folio ing to wit: the Trill is proven and approved Lyd a Sammes late the :rife of the said Henry Bishop the executrix - it appears she remarried to Mr Sammes - editor's note - the ends on docket page six. Page 6 & 7 - estate of JACOB BIDW LL deceased (copy j 1 June 1826 ordered Michael Beadel & Hinman Bid: will be appointed. adm, on estate. og Jacob Bidw ll. late of Crawford Co., deceased, (the he its are not listed} Page 7 - proceedings on es rate of DE T ER BACON deceased, court ordered Icha- bod Smith be appointed adm on the estate of Dexter Bacon late of this County, deceased. Continues on page 8, then page 9 the appraisment of estate, full listing, ( I noted what the wi dow received} porn, potatoes, one hog, 1/ 3 bar- rel of pork, WIDOW NOT nam ED ends on page 10 Page 10 - proceedings on the estate Walters, Twp. of Sandusky, Crawford amoung Anthony, Jacob & Susan W « divided amongst my children t he lawful heirs of my estate. exe. ly & James Magee Sarah Walter si g ned her will with an X written no year, and the wi il was acknowledged in the presence of James She wills her, dau Bower a chaff bed and a feather cover* court 11 Dec. 1826, page 12 and 13 is appraisal & sale bill® LTER deceased - Will Sarah hio aska household furniture divided her chattel property, the land be Samuel Knise15 Iiov. _ S. Gurwell. Will went to Page 13 - proceedings of the estate of JEFSE GALE deceased. In court 15 Oct. 1827 Thoma Gale appointed adm. - page 1¢ - property was set off f or widow a children of Jefse Gale dec they are not named.i. Page 15 - proceeding on the ester to of GEORGE AURA NDT deceased. 16 March 1829 Court ordered letters of adm, issue to Susannah Aurandt and Adam Bair on the estate of George Aurandt late of said county - page 17 ° Susannah Aurand adm., & Adam Bair adm., signed by Susannah by an X - Page 18 - 19 - appraisment listed names what widow received . Page 19 - estate of WILLIAM STEP HENSON deceased 20 May 182 court ordered torn Marquis & Jane Stephenson adm, of the estate - page 20 - 2i - 22 app- raisers lists - page 23 (note of interest) sale lists ¢ vollumes goldsmith lists @ $6.00; 1 American Citison .25¢; l Geography @ .51c - 2 volumes of Dictionary On Bible @ $2,00; Walkers Dictionary $1.00; Atlas $2.00; Life of Christ $1.00; English Reader @ .25¢ sacred manual @ 31 @ ; Life of Washington .25¢; Confession of Faith @ ,372¢1 Pilgrims Progress @ 122¢; Rise & Pro- gress @ 122¢; Owen on the Spirit @ .372; Georgraphy, 622¢; Wiillisons Chat- achism, 62 1/2¢; Bible Questions, 122¢; Franklins corks, 372¢; Bible Questions, 122¢; Franklins Works, 37, 1/2¢ ; Arithmetic, 25¢; Young Mans Companion, 372¢; and English readers; 7 Testaments, $1.75 3 hymn books, 87 1/2c 2 do (?) 622¢; 2 pocket bibles, $1.00 (I wonder if we would remember to list our books in our will ? Jane Stephenson could rot write she used on X, I hope she could read, this must have been a real library far the home at that time, M.F, Estate of John B. FRENCH 19 Sept. 1829 he late of Crawford Co. 0,, page 2¢- 25 - 26 is inventory of estate among which were books with Titles given, page 27, 28 SALE LISTING. page [18]

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