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Eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company A

Tracking Vol III #2 - May 1977 - page 12

Captain, Marquis A. CharltonMusicians: Charles W. Deardorff
1st Lieut. John W. Birk                  Charles Raub
2nd Lieut. Guy D. Swingly 
Sgt. Idward RodeyArtificer:      Edgar A. Burroughs
Quarter Master, Lewis S. Nedele 
       "          "      Alva S HumistonPrivates: Beelman, Harry T.
       "          "      John C. Cramer              Beer, W. C.
       "          "      Charley Thomas              Belzner, Charley
       "          "      Milton W. Stailey              Bland, Ebbie N.
               Breymier, William
Corporals: William Reber              Brown, Fay
                 Frederick T. Beer              Brown, John
                 George L. Kinninger              Bryant, Charles F.
                 Robert W. Kerr               Burwell, William M.
                 Joe Wert              Bittikofer, Charles L.
                 Henry E. Volk               Christie, Robert L.
                 Fred W. Bacon               Coleman, George 0.
                 Samuel Raymond              Coulter, Jay F.
                 Frank H. Hill              Charlton, Wilber J.
                 Guy E. Monnett              Deam, Will C.
                 John B. Crim              Donnenwirth, Frederick C.
                 Christopher Dinkel              Emerson, Guy P.
American stars & bars

Tracking Vol. III #3 - August 1977 - pg. 13-14

Crawford County Men in the Spanish-American War,
Eighth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Co. A
(cont'd. from Vol. III, No. 2, p. 12.)

Volunteers under Second Call,
Fisher, Cyrus H.
May 25, 1898
Foreman, Charles W.Altaffer, Rufus
Foreman, Homer A.Bloodhart, Albert C.
Foreman, Homer A.Bauer, Ulrich
Ferrall, CharleyBerry, Thomas
Hill, James P.Becker, Arthur
Hillis, EmerCallaghan, Peter
Hillis, WilliamCarle, Christ
Hayman, RoyCummins, William
Holland, Harry W.Couts, Harry
Hubble, Walter _?Fidler, Charles
Hubell, JacobHieronimus, Joseph
Jones, Charles V.Hipp, Michael
Keplinger, CharlieHaffner, Luther
Leitz, Harry W.Heintz, Albert
McCracken, Jay C.Kahler, Samuel
Minick, Jesse H.Kehrer, George
Moore, John J.Kerr, Harry E.
Morrow, Harry W.Koons, Glenn
Nelson, SamuelMcKeenen, Flenn
Orr, Benjamin L.Mollenkopf, Louis
Rettig, EdwardMunz, Frank
Rice, Orlando C.Nail, Charles
Stahl, Fred
Orr, William R.
Stanley, EdgarPlummer, Thomas
Shanks, Charley E.Rayel, T. P.
Taylor, Roscoe A.Reminger, Theodore
Trumbull, Roscoe A.Reynolds, Frank
Warden, AlbertRodgers, Birt
Winner, Harry R.Rettig, John
Wise, EdwardSampsel, Sherman
Sandhammer, Otto
Spade, Daniel
Stewart, Ralph J.
Teeterick, Albert
Trautman, Frank
Ullon, Bert
Curtis V. Hard, Colonel Commanding
Organized at Bucyrus, Ohio
Mustered into the United States Service at
Columbus Ohio - May 13, 1893
American stars & bars

(to be continued)

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