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Galion Family Bible on ebay/Cronenwett-Johns Sunday, July 7, 2002

The following item was contributed by Cheryl Jordan of Clinton county, Ohio. It was listed in MISSING LINKS, Vol. 7, No. 27, 7 July 2002 as an item for sale at that time on ebay. "I just thought that I would pass this on to anyone in Galion on the chance that it is of interest to someone." (NOTE: Auction ended: Jul-10-02, so obviously it is no longer listed but is quoted here for information only.)

CRONENWETT-JOHNS Family Bible - Galion, Ohio

Bible published by Samuel D. Burlock & Co., Philadelphia. It has no publication date but was purchased just after July 13, 1872, when Charles Emery CRONENWETT died in Galion, Crawford County, Ohio. The seller based this on the fact that this and all the entries preceding it in date were written in the same hand with the same ink, which has faded uniformly.

  • This information includes the births of who may be Charles Emery CRONENWETT's son, Charles F., in 1846 in Galion; his wife, Ida C. STENTZ, in 1849 in Plymouth, Richland County, Ohio; their marriage in 1868 in Galion; and the births of their daughter, Adda, in 1870; and son, C. E., in 1872.

  • Then, in a darker ink, but the same hand, are recorded the death of Mina Bertha CRONENWETT in 1873 and the births of M. B. CRONENWETT in 1873, Jennette in 1874, Homer K. in 1877 and Clera Ida in 1883.
  • Added later, in different hands, were the birth of Henry Le-Roy CRONENWETT in 1888;

  • the marriages of John Stillman JOHNS and Jennette CRONENWETT in 1896 and Homer K. CRONENWETT and Flossie SMALL in 1899; and

  • the deaths of Addie CRONENWETT in 1885, Jennette CRONENWETT JOHNS in 1901, Charles F. CRONENWETT in 1906, and Ida C. CRONENWETT in 1928.

  • All dates are complete in the entries with locations. All this information is written on the center four family records pages. A newspaper clipping was also found loose in the Bible, the obituary of Stillman JOHNS, undated but indicating he was survived by his wife but no children.


    A badly worn Bible was retrieved from an auction sale recently with the following information inside:

  • The Front and Back Covers were embossed with the names John Bookwalter and Abigail Bookwalter.

  • Inside was a Wedding Certificate for John Bookwalter of Richland Co. Ohio and Abagail Crosthwaite of Richland Co. Ohio on Aug. 30 A.D. 1849 at Samuel Taylors by Elder William Gass, witnessed by Simon Bookwalter and Catharine Bookwalter.

  • There is a Confirmation certificate with very faded handwriting for what looks like Marie Elisabeth Morgel written in German.

  • Also inside were separate pieces of paper with the following entries using ditto marks exactly as written:
  • John B - Born Sep 16, 1826
  • Alex " - " July 6, 1850
  • Elvira B - " May 26, 1852
  • Sam (T or F) - " Dec 12, 1853
  • John 2 - " Sep 14, 1859
  • W S L (T or F) - " Nov 26, 1862
  • Eva - " May 6, 1868

  • Samuel (?) - Died Oct 2, 1855
  • John B - " Sep 17, 1872
  • Alex - " Nov 2, 1889
  • Eva - July 29, 1894
  • Abigail Crosthwaite Born March 24, 1823

  • Page #2

  • John - " Book.'t (as spelled) - Died May 24, 1874 Aged 73 y. 5 mo.
  • Catherine, Wife of John B. - Died Sept. 27, 1883 Aged 79 ys, 9 Mo. 6 days
  • Catherine Howell, Daughgter of J. C. Book. Died Aug. 31, 1871 Aged, 29 Yrs. 2 Mo, 25 Ds.
  • David Book. Died. Oct. 3, 1861 Aged 40 Yr. 2 Mo. 19 da's.
  • Page #3

  • Samuel Book, "Son of (- - - ) & A Book."
  • John Book. Died Sept. 17, 1872 (Notation: "Copied")
    Aged. 46 Yr. 1 Day.
  • A. M. Book. (Abigail Mary) 1823-1910 * 3/24/23 - 1/9/10
  • There were quite a few family portraits in the back, some identified, some not.

    This Bible was published by The National Publishing Company, Ziegler & McCurdy, Jones, Junkin & Co., "entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1870, by J. R. Jones, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, District of Columbia"

    The person who purchased this Bible wants to return it to someone in the Bookwalter family for the amount he paid for it. If you wish to claim this Bible, please e-mail a href="" will put you in touch.

    (To be continued)

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