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Abstracts from Some Early Crawford County Chancery Records

(All items as copied and printed in our newsletter, Tracking -
Please check original records for accuracy or additional information)

Tracking Vol. VII #4, pg 38-40 - May 1981

GOODIES FROM MARY'S CORNER - "I have discovered that not enough people researching Probate Court records remember to check the Clerk of Courts for Chancery records. They are the records that contain wills, estates, partition of land, divorce etc. before the Probate Court came into being as we know it today. There are 5 volumes of Chancery Court records and I talked with (Probate Court) Judge Baerkircher, our member, and he said he felt those records came about as a result of a new county system not being totally stabilized then. He will call if he finds further information, and I advise you not to write to Clerk of Courts here in our county, because the judge of that court is not in a position to work with those old records. I just received another call from Judge Baerkircher and he says: prior to the establishment of the constitutional Probate Court in 1851, it's functions were carried out by the Common Pleas Court, probably by circuit riders representing more than one county. Crawford County Probate Court records begin in 1831 and include records of wills and adms. etc, The Judge felt it may have been in Chancery records, partly because of the division of the counties and he will be watching for any information on this, Thank you Judge Baerkircher. I tried to check the index for names our members are researching - here is what I found:"

Tracking Vol VII #5 pg 52 * July 1981


The last volume #5 - as I said, about 1/2 full goes to about 1855.

Tracking Vol VII #3 pg 51 * July 1981

MARY'S NOTES:The last time I wrote about the 5 volumes in Common Pleas Court called Chancery records. I abstracted material as I found it for our members and in the letter from Betty Walker, she said it did prove what they had thought to be true on the Parcher line. If you must have a copy of these records, contact me, not the Court house, they are not in a position to copy the records. I went thru the last of the 5 volumes, the 5th is about 1/2 full and dates around 1854. PLEASE NOTE: Due to family and health concerns, Mary is no longer able to do court house research.

This record gives original Kibler spelling, Iseli is aka as lsaly, names widow, gives account of 2 yr. old only child (where would you find age in 1846, plus name if this record did not survive or a bible record)? If a Chancery record can be found, they are often in great detail.

(to be continued)

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