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Tracking Vol VII #5 pg52 * July 1981


Next we find an 1835 Transfer Book, sometimes land was transferred there then never recorded at Recorder's Office, so could be your only proof:

(to be continued)

From Tracking Vol. VII, #2 - March 1981 - pg. 15

LIST OF FORFEITED LANDS * 1838 - 1843 from Auditor's Office Crawford Co.

Jackson Twp. Sycamore Twp. Whetstone Twp. 1841
1839 owner's names Jacob Biebler Dexter Bacon
Peter Deckerhoff Eaven Hieit? H. & W. Ney
Andrew Udums? Miller Wm Jones Bucyrus Twp.
Adam Zehring Daniel Prat Wm. Early
Cranberry Twp Tymochtee Twp. John Shaw
Jacob Borker Frederick Arney Holmes Twp.
Abel Casto Jofseph Chaffee Scott & Lauch
Jofseph Udums Snider Horten Howart Lykins Twp.
Chatfield Twp. Jofseph Hart P. & J. Hums?
James Blake Jeremiah B Ludwig Tymochtee Twp.
David Clute John Ludwig James B. Anderson
Peter Fried Abel Ralson Crawford Twp.
Byron Kilborn? Crawford Twp. Wm. McDowell
Andrew Koonsey Anthony H. Arnold Mifflin Twp.
Peter Refsher Martin Smith Peter Hermes
John H. Scott Pitt Twp. John Hawkins
Wm. Vanduser Hesel P. Reinson? Timothy Bowden?
Liberty Twp. Forfeited Lands 1841 Annapolis    village?
John Andersen Cranberry Twp. Ovens William
John Cove Samuel Brown Henry Welch
Jonas George James Elliott Elmer Yocum
George Myers Peter Metzger John Wilson
Jacob Mice Peter Smith Joseph Wilson
Peter Stuckman Jr. Chatfield Twp.
William Stinson Lloyd Addy
Whetstone Twp. Frederich Ellen
Lyman Parcher Adam Breamer
Bucyrus Twp. Nancy Bunitz?
John J. Bowman Benjamin Coons
Wm. Blair Valentine Knell?
George Hiser Christopher Lutz
Abraham Holm James Stafford
Daniel McMichael Liberty Twp.
Holmes Twp. Cornelues Dorland
Samuel Dempsey Peter Sell
Casper Garrison
Truman Holmes
Daniel Henthorn
Nathen Henkins

Note from Mary: THIS COMPLETED THE ENTRIES. The names are spelled the way I found them, underlined when in question. One of the women who worked in the courthouse in the office for years, and could look right at these books didn't know they existed ! This often happens in court records.

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