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Tracking Vol VII #3 pg. 26-27 - April 1981

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Some Early Marriage Records of
First Methodist Church Galion, O.

These are of persons who lived out of the city.

Matthew Hilton of Ontario & Jane Appleton 12/23/1858
Stokes Smith & Mary Wiler, both of Marion Co. 3/ 1/1859
Josiah Worst of Bucyrus & Francina Hall 5/10/1859
Martin Pettys of Mich. & Susan Ekam 8/24/1859
W. G. Nichols of Lima & Mary C. Watt10/12/1864
C. M. Disman of Upper Sandusky & Mollie Washburn of Caledonia 3/17/1865
James Kerr & Lizzy Reynolds, both of Morrow Co.7/ 3/1865
Thos. C. Davis & Angeline Rhinehart, both of Morrow Co.3/18/1866
J. P. Mount of Richland Co. & Sarah Lewis4/30/1866
Geo. C. Wandle of N. Y. & Nona L. Pomeroy4/29//1866
C. Hoyt of Mich. & Mary McLain5/29/1866
John C. Crosby & Fanny Almond, both of Mt. Gilead7/23/1866
J. N. Maxfield of Sycumon, Ill. & Mrs. Rebecca Bowlby10/21/1866
James King of Chambersburg, Pa. & Eliz. Pagin10/21/1866
Benjamin Sheets of Delaware & Eliz. Perce10/22/1868
Lester D. Lyon & Mary C. Powell, both of Norwalk11/28/1868
Samuel Seigle & Mary R. Newman both of Mansfield12/  /1868
A. J. Piatt of Quincy, O. & Cinderella Berry (Perry?)11 / 4/1869
Daniel Spigle & Loretta Cummings, both Of Morrow Co.5/ 1/1870
J. F. Fleming & Lizzie Sherman, both of Huron Co.6/ /1870
S. A. Marshall & Eliz. Scrafield, both of Morrow Co.12/25/1870
J. Atwood of Bloomington Ill. & Senna Casey1/24/1871
Wm. J. Cook & Mary J. St. John, both of Cardington9/21/1871
Benjamin Little of Bedford, O. & Ida J. Berry of Republic9/28/1871
Richard Parsons of Plymouth & Eurebia Larason of Delaware10/ 3/1871
J. A. Hammond of Marion Co. & J. Morrison of Morrow Co.12/28/1871
M. C. Clarkson of Sandusky & Eliza Frankeberger of Mansfield1/16/1872
Abraham Lucas & Malinda Hedrick both of Morrow Co.2/ 4/1872
Teage Metcalf & Cecilia Flowers both of Morrow Co.12/15/1872
Clelan H. Dans & Sarah M. ? both of Morrow Co.    1873
Urinas Hensen of Fremont & Belle Avis6/26/1873
Z. H. Evans, MD of Lodi & Lillis S. Hickox11/25/1877
Silas Jones, MD & Jennie Mandville, both of Bloomingrove3/ 9/1880
James Alman, farmer, of Cass Co. Ia. & Eleanor Harding3/13/1880
Albert L. Wilson of Dayton, bookkeeper & Lu E. Dyer9/ /1880
B. G. Mitchell, farmer, & Augusta Potts, both of Williamsport10/27/1880
Herbert Patree & Elizabeth Thoman, both of Crestline3/24/1881
Isaac J. Shifley, tinner, & Lizzie Ross, both of Bucyrus3/24/1881
Albert Emmons of Ashland & M. E. Wentz of Mansfield9/10/1881
David Snodgrass, clerk, & Mary E. Temple, both of Columbus9/22/1881
Albert L. Hershey, farmer, of Ontario & Amanda J. Park9/28/1881
Michael Moyer, farmer, of Morrow Co. & Eunice Reece10/ 9/1881
M. F. Davis, telegraph operator of Ashtabula & Mary E. Morris1/ 3/1884
Robert J. Schweninger of Painesville & Rickey Herbolt5/29/1884
Samuel P. Ayres of Mansfield & Kate B. Atwood6/17/1886
A. A. Briggs of Cleveland & Cora E. Atwood6/17/1886
Charles A. Chambers of Harper's Ferry, Va. & Jessie May Lewis3/25/1890
A. S. Rogers & Rebecca Brownlee both of Morrow Co.4/10/1890
Harry W. Keil & Ida M. Roberts, both of Bucyrus4/ 1/1890
Wm. H. Truex of Climax & Lila Bowden11/19/1890
L. J. Danals of Ontario & Mattie Harding12/21/1890
Amos Needham of Chicago Junction & Mrs. Pearl Robinson2/ 3/1891
Fred C. Rowly of Fredricktown & Ella G. Tamblyn11/ 3/1892
James C. Henry of Pittsburg & - ? - Bernard 5/24/1893
Jason Garverick & Lerra Miller both of Morrow Co.9/20/1893
James Hellyer of Philadelphia & Belle Ridgway2/14/1894
Jacob Weaver & Alice Kitzell both of Edison6//14/1894
Wm. Moore of Ravenna & Mary Eason9/ 5/1894
John C. Fetter & Etta Snelling both of Leesville1/10/1895
V. E. Logan of Lexington & Florence Sprigle of Bloomingrove1/17/1895
David H. Hoover of Birmingham, Ala. & Myrtle Ullman3/14/1895

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