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(All items as copied and printed in our newsletter, Tracking -
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Tracking Vol. III #4 - August 1977 - pg.18

From the Crestline, Ohio 1907 Annual, THE VOICE,
comes a list of the members of the Class of 1871

Class of 1871
Joe Snodgrass
Emma McKean
Maggie Snodgrass
Eugene McKean
Cynthia Gee

Tracking Vol. IV #1 - February 1978 - pg. 3-4

From the Crestline, Ohio 1907 Annual, THE VOICE, the alumni (continued)

Class of 1904
Estella Cassel
Grace Peppard
Tillie Schaaf
Julia Cover
Mabel Jones
Bertha Neff
Rosa Ellis
Lura Castner
Rosemary Gosser
Bessie Altaffer
Lillie Carlisle
Ida Blum
Sam Fitzsimmons
Fred Stuck
Chester Easterday
Carl Schaber(?)
Class of 1905
Minnie Webster
Enid Brown
Kathryn Meyer
Emma Winters
Alma Stephan
Jeanette Stannah
Emma Steiert
Grace Scott
Alma Speelman
Blanche Henry
Myrtle Shumaker
Joseph Geiger
Roy Christman
Class of 1906
Flora Speelman
Nellie Hesser
Hazel Musselman
Erma McBride
Fanchon Snyder
John Firoved
Jennie Bennett
George Woodworth
Levonia Adams
Frank Speelman
Florence Henry
Theodore Neff
Albert Eckstein
Blanche Bailey
Ernest Keyser
Flossie Welshons
John Warden
Class of 1907
Charles Miller
Clara Bennett
Arthur Zimmermann
Sidney Grey
Albert Kroegel
Zoa Bower
William Miller
Frank Pocock
Zona Bower
Class of 1907
Ida Schaaf
Minnie Fisher
ElRito Wachs
Inez Umberger
Alice Arter
Clarence Christman
Harold Chambers
Celeste Stoll
Augusta Eckstine
Grace Patton
Gertrude Shepard

(submitted by Mrs. Charles Landers)

Tracking Vol VI #4 pg 30 - November 1980

The following items were taken from a copy of the Crestline Advocate, dated May 6, 1897.

(Contributed by Phyllis Landers)

The following named young ladies and gentlemen composed the graduating class this year from the high school: Edith Sweeley, Jennie Smith, Laura Fisher, Ruby Beam, Jesse Beall, Minnie Hoffman, Louise Holcher, Elma Schaad, Albert Lovett, Walter Snyder.

Tracking Vol II #1 pg.3 - Feb 1976

The following information about the Crestline Public Schools comes from THE TEACHERS "BLUE BOOK" FOR THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS OF OHIO 1885-86.

School Board:
President, D. Babst, Jr;
Clerk, G. W. Zint;
Treasurer, Lewis Holcker.
Principal: J.J. Bliss
High School Teacher: H.C. Fickell
Other teachers: Nannie McWhirter, Belle Lovejoy, Emma Scott, Laura Stahle, Lillie Kuhn, Ina A. Royer, Anna Etsinger, Mattie Schafer, Jennie Dunn.
German Teacher: Katie Bauer

(to be continued)

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