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Dapper School pupils
(Photo contributed by Ken Striker)

Tracking Vol. IV #1 pg 2 - February 1978
Tracking Vol. IV #3 pg 12 - August 1978

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PUPILS OF DAPPER SCHOOL, Vernon Twp., Crawford County.
(Submitted by Ilene N. Hoover)

George F. Kaler Teacher
Boston BauerRobert Cole
John FisherEdward Emmer
John BeachAdam Hoover
Farence BeachJohn Klahn
Clair ColeMerle Hoover
Charles MinckLewis Cole
Lester FisherIvan Hoover
Clarence KlahnRobert Hoover
Delmar KlahnHarmon Emmer
Jacob KlahnHattie Beach
Jennie BeachGladys Cole
Hilda DapperLydia Dapper
Dorothy DinkleHazel Emmer
Johanna FisherLouise Dinkle
Violet FisherClara Feick
Fern HooverLavina Klahn
Muriel HooverMary Klahn
Charles Beach
Marguerite Sherer
Willie Wilhelmy

Tracking Vol. IV #4 pg 17 - November 1978

Dapper School - Vernon Twp. Crawford Co. 1913
Teacher - Anna Hoover
John FisherJohn Beach
William WilhelmyCharles Beach
Adam HooverCharles Minich
John KlahnEdward Emmer
Dorothy DinkleMary Bauer
Marquerite ShererViolet Fisher
Louise DinkleMary Klahn
Lavina KlahnClara Feick
Muriel HooverGladys Huber
Ester HuberBertha Klahn
Edna KlahnWilliam Emmer
Fern HooverJennie Beach
Lydia DapperJohanna Fisher
Hattie BeachHazel Emmer
Farence BeachOttis Stiefel
Robert ColeClarence Klahn
Merle HooverCharles Emmer
Jacob KlahnHarvey Beach
Albert FeickIvan Hoover
Harmon EmmerAlbert Bauer
Clair ColeDelmar Klahn
Lester Fisher
School Officers:
A.H. Sherer, Director
William C. Fisher

Submitted by Ilene N. Hoover

(to be continued)

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