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Tracking Vol III #2 - May 1977 - pg. 11

Alumni of the New Washington High School, taken from an annual.

Class of 1883
Louise Kibler
Tillie (Guiss) Carr
E. J. Moody
S. L. French
A. H. Schwemley
Henry Arras
J. R. Miller
D. L. Cummins
Class of 1888-89
(Four Year Course)
C. F. Vollmer
G. W. Sheetz
C. E. Kimerline
A. A. DeRoche
Class of 1884
Hattie (Wert) Helfrich
Edith (Spayth) Bloom
Katie (Lantz) Mader
Maggie (Donnenwirth) Skallenberger
M. 0. Guiss
L. D. Willford
A. F. High
Class of 1890
Kittie (Resh) Blanchard
Fannie Trego
Nellie (Powers) Rinninger
C. F. Hammer
J. I. Mahon
W. A. Leonhart
Fairy (Scott)(Kimerline) Rettig
Ethie (Guiss) Derr
Class of 1885
Myrtle (Sampson) Brisbane
Ida (Sampson) Quaintance
W. F. Buchman
Frank Derr
J. I. Smith
Class of 1891
Regina Alt
Kate (Aschbacher) Loyer
Daisy (Seitter) Brown
Regina (Bechtel) Sheibley
A. E. Loyer
C. F. Vollmer
Class of 1886
Amanda (High) Siefert
A. E. Guthrie
P. F. Studer
A. F. Sheibley
Class of 1892-93
Ella Lederer
Mayme (Donnenwirth) Hart
E. P. Strohm
John Partridge
L. P. Uhl
J. A. Arras
F. A. Kimerline
Class of 1887
Maud (Catlin) Craig
G. H. Seitter
I. H. Flickinger
Class 1894
Emma (Sheetz) Belser
Matilda Richner
Maud (Kimerline) Shea
Rozena (Whitcum) Vollmer
Sherman Scott
Fred Siefert
Martin Schiska
Edward Shell

(To Be Continued)

Tracking Vol. III #3 - August 1977 - pg.13

CORRECTION: The name Elmer Robison was not included in the list of graduates of New Washington High School (Vol. III #2, pg 11). Somehow his name was not listed in the High School Annual from which the information was taken. He is included in other annuals. D. E. Robison, son of Elmer Robison, has a copy of the Commencement Exercises, dated June 8, 1883.

Tracking Vol. III #4 - August 1977 - pg.18-19

New Washington High School Alumni

Class of 1895
Millie (Donnenwirth) Kibler
Lettie (Mahon) Bloom
Blanche (Pugh) Brown
Bertha (Sexauer) Cronenwith
Andrew Cramer
P. F. Lantz
Joseph Uhl
George Aschbacher
A.G. Kibler
E. H. Spillette?
Class of 1896
Lewis Smith
Dora Hoffman
David Peppard
Anna Crowe
Nellie Pocock
Grace Reed
Will Andrews
Percy Mabee
Glenna Hershiser
Pearl Clutter
Class of 1897
Minnie Hoffman
Albert Lovett
Jennie Smith
Elma Shade
Walter Snyder
Louisa Holcker
Laura Fisher
Ruby Beam
Edith Sweeley
Jesse Beall
Class of 1898
Nelle Culley
Grace Shepard
Clyde Baer
Daisy Mc Kinney
Adda Cover
Ada Henry
Otto Smith
Class of 1899
Lydia Guthlin
Harry Cassel
Neva White
Harriet Sprankle
Kate Altaffer
Josie Holcker
Carl Shepard
Mary Moorehead
Class of 1900
Rose Blackburn
Victor Wachs
Clara Babst
Will Marquart
Frank Smith
Anna Harkenrider
Hattie Colvin
J. Franklin Reed
Charles Cassel
Class of 1901
Erma Reed
Blanche VanNorman
Olive Stoner
Olla Culley
Ralph Hartman
Delano Channel
Joseph Stannah
Levonia West
Class of 1902
Carrie Miller
Carrie Sutz
Grace Lashels
Ethel Martin
Mary Frye
Ilene Martin
Arthur Neff
John Bennett
Class of 1903
Rosena Zellers
Margaret Shepard
Stella Morkel
Crover Becker
Harry Cox

(to be continued)

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