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Tracking Vol. III #3 - August 1977 - Pg. 13

From a Souvenir book of the Quaker School, Holmes Tp.,
November 10, 1902-February 12, 1903:

M. R. Ackerman, Teacher
School Officers: Clarence Flickinger
William Brinkman
Eli Miller
Carrie Krauter
Clara Crock
Bessie Meck
Fern Meck
Nina Brinkman
Fannie Dininger
Esther Dininger
Lettie Derfler
Mary Derfler
Lenna Crock
Pauline Welty
Louisa Welty
Sophia Baerkircher
Elsie Izin
Mary Cheney
Blanche Starmer
Harvey Miller
Alfred Miller
Pursel Pfouts
Warren Dininger
Purso Dininger
Jay Dininger
Melvin Meister
Carl Meister
Otto Meister
Gustave Derfler
Harry Krauter
Willie Mitchell
Fred Baerkircher
Herman Baerkircher
Emanuel Miller
Clifford Miller
Harry Miller
Freddy Welty
Arthur Meck
Carl Dininger
Ray Dininger
Kinsel Crock
Otto Scheffler
Roscoe Starmer
Dale Flickinger
Willie Dininger
Mearl Dininger
Buell French
Lyle Bair
Clarence Brinkman
 Fillmore Grauer

(to be continued)

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