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Tracking Vol. V #1 pg. 1 - February 1979


Class of 1922
Ellen (Pry) Egner
Ruth Kaufman
Edna (Bender) Brown
Esther (Flegm) Lash
Ruth (Buskirk) Davis
Grace (Farrell) Wiley
Kathryn (Wiley) Lash
Cointon Lash
Earl Pry
Roland Frazee
Class of 1923
Geraldine (Morrison) Blumenstiel
Durline May
Berdena Flegm
Dorothy (Moore) Dewey
Dorothy (Wiley) Blair
Sarah (Hanna) May
Millie (Crum) Cole
Paul Winemiller
Class of 1924
Ava Pettit
Carrie (McClain) Bradley
Agnes Flegm
Miriam (Cahill) Butler
Helen (Sheely) Lash
Muriel (Hoover) Hirtz
Florence (Crum) Howell
Alma (Swartz ) Winn
Kathryn (Cahill) Easterday
Joseph Pohlman
Benton Lash

(to be continued)

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