Cleveland City Cemetery Index Project Acknowledgments

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Cleveland City Cemetery Index Project Acknowledgments

East Cuyahoga Genealogical Society wishes to acknowledge the assistance of so many wonderful volunteers who have made this index possible. We thank the following people offered their time and expertise.

First, Vicki Vigil whose unending work created and made this project possible. She worked with the Society, City officials and genealogy volunteers, FamilySearch and the cemetery staff. She organized the project twice, under two different systems. She encouraged volunteers and proofread the bulk of the project. She electronically shuttled every page from its beginning to its completion from one volunteer to another. Vicki saw this project through to its completion, no small feat.

We thank Norman Henke for working with the hardware at the cemetery office where we began the project. Also a big thank you to Jerry Kliot who worked with software application used during the first phases of the work.

Herb Turk worked very hard for a very long time preparing all the pages indexed for presentation on the internet. His technical expertise and support of the project and his wife's work were much appreciated.

We thank the FamilySearch Indexing Team who made the images we worked from during the second system. The project will be made available to the FamilySearch system for free access with a different search system.

The following 75 volunteers helped with the typing and preparation of the index itself:
Abdul-Alim, ThelmaHlad, MarilynSchneider, Judy
Allen, BillHuskonen, WallySchramm, Nancy
Ananea, MaryHyslop, RuthShoemaker, Lee
Arn, SallyKliot, JerrySims, Robert,
Asher, MariaKuntz, AlSmiley, Linda
Baer, Laurel Long, JerrySouthern, Velma
Bates, Frank Lopez, EileenStachiw, Beth
Bergstrom, MargieLoria, JoanneSupinski, Kathie
Bregitzer, DaveMamone, KateTharpe, Della
Bregitzer, Mary LouMcMullen, JoyTurk, Cynthia
Cummings, BobbiMeneely, JimTurk, Herb
Day, MaggieMiller, ReneeTurk, Mary
Demay, ReenieMurray, DanielThompson, Mary
Doud, DebbyNorder, PaulTuro, Nancy
Emery, RichellePhipps, GraceValintino, Susan
Fischer, NancyPhipps Lees, SandraVigil, Ariana
Frank , MargaretPlain, NancyVigneulle, Carolyn
Gross, MaryPlacko, JudyVigneulle, Rick
Grisez, SandraRabe, AlanVon Reichbauer, Bill
Gould, KathyRand, PatriciaWard, Tom
Hanebary, ElizabethRocker, JudyWatkins, Doug
Harchar, PatRose, LisaWest, Hal
Harper, JeanetteSauer, MarilynVigil, Vicki
Henke, NormSchaefer, BarbWiley, Marianne
Hine, Laura Schempp, AlYourich, Mary

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